Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten Surprising Things About Me....

Since I am a closet narcissist, and since Megan shamed me into it, I will talk.

Surprising things.... hmmmm.....

1.  I grew up surrounded by animals, was part of 4-H (raised sheep and rabbits; we also raised horses), and at one point in my childhood we had 33 animals (including fish and birds, cats, dogs, etc.). No, I did not live on a farm or a ranch, but we did have a couple of acres on a top of a hill, next to some gorgeous mountains.

2.  I don't really like animals.

3.  In 1992, I registered as a Democrat and I {deep breath} voted for Bill Clinton.

4.  My father is an Arab immigrant (Christian Arab) and my mother is a direct descendant of two Mayflower passengers.

5.  I love country music!

6.  I saw Elvis Presley in concert, shortly before his death (I was a child, and yes, I know that was before you were born).

7.  I have been inside of King Tut's tomb.

8.  I was very, very skinny as a child, but I ate like a grizzly bear (still do).

9.  Do not give me hard candy, just give me dark chocolate and we will all be happy.

10.  I was once held at gunpoint for several minutes by the Phoenix police, with the weapon pointed straight at my heart and her finger on the trigger.

Okay....I think everyone has been tagged, but if not, I'm tagging you now!!


  1. #10 - Huh? We're gonna need a little more detail!

  2. Um...I'm going to need you to elaborate on #10! K? Thanks!

  3. Hey maybe We're related! I have 4 direct descendants who were on the Mayflower! I had a dream about you I'm going to blog about ;)

  4. Really???? Or are you pulling a Beth? If not, you are the most interesting and surprising person I have never met:)

    Because you still seem too young to have seen EP as a child and I am dying to know what in the world you were doing in number 10.

  5. Um, yeah. We're going to need more details.

  6. You seriously thought you could just put #10 out there and nobody would ask any questions? PULEEEESSSSEEE! Get to talkin'.

    That's an order. :)

    #2 cracked me after #1.
    COOL for #6 and #7!
    I'm with you on #5 and #9!!!

    Yea for Megan for talking you into it. This was fun!

  7. I loved reading your list! I love country music too!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I ditto everyone else....what the heck happened in number 10??? You can't leave us in suspense like this!

  9. #10-You and my husband would have something to talk about; he had the same experience but with the Yakima police. His is a GREAT story, and I'm sure yours is too, so let's hear it! :)

  10. #1 and #2 - I don't think I would like animals either if I'd been surrounded by that many of them. Moderation is always a good option.

    #5 ME TOO!

    #7 and #10 More details, NOW, er, please?

    #9 no thank-you on the dark chocolate, but milk chocolate, yes please!

  11. Ha, okay! I'm on the run, but I will post soon. :)

  12. #10 - goes without saying that I am interested (but then again I guess I just did say something).

    #1 - I loved 4-H and was in as a child. But I didn't show animals. Well, I tried to convince my parents to show my cat Bandit, but they ruled that out because they didn't think her anti-social ways would work at the fair! Ha!

  13. Totally LOL at #2 after reading #1. You must elaborate on #10 - what caused you to get in a mess like that?!

  14. So I’m guessing you created a ruckus when you were on vacation with your Arab Christian mother, dressed in an Elvis t-shirt with a Bill Clinton campaign button while exploring King Tut’s tomb filled with animals when your she took your dark chocolate from you and you started belting out the country song “Choc’late Ice-Cream Cone”? .....just my first best guess....:)

  15. I knew everything but #6 and #10 and I am SHOCKED by #10!!! I think I'm going to have a heart attack, Leila!

    Wow. I love you.

  16. Oh, except.... I totally did not know you're a closet narcissist. ;-)

  17. Love this! Thanks for doing it. :) And just for the record, I love reading everyone's faith stories so thanks for dragging them out of us!
    I love country music too, and dark chocolate has been growing on me the past couple of years! :)
    Can't wait to hear about #10!

  18. Haha, #2 cracked me up after #1. Were you forced into the 4H stuff as a kid?

    And my, how very brave of you to admit you voted for Bill Clinton! At least you didn't admit voting for Hillary...THAT would have been a shock to your readers :).

  19. I'm just now catching up on Leila's life and I think you're amazing. I love you too....Karen W.


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