Friday, September 10, 2010

Answer to Doctrinal Quiz Show.... Judgements (in the form of Bubble Awards) to follow!

My oh my!  Such Catholic smarty-pants we have in the Bubble!  Before I get to the part you all really care about (Bubble Awards, duh!), let's repeat the challenge and answer it:

Name the two Judgements every soul will receive, and describe them.

The two Judgements are:

The Particular Judgement -- This judgement occurs at the moment of our death. Each individual soul will learn at that time whether his eternal destiny is Heaven or hell. Those who are going to Heaven will usually undergo a purification (Purgatory) first, but those going to hell will just go straight to hell.

The General Judgement -- This judgement occurs at the end of time, at the Second Coming of Christ. You know that part in the Creed which says, "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead"? That's the General Judgement. Everyone who is still alive on earth will be judged, and everyone who has already died will be judged. But this time the judgement will be public, and all of our sins will be laid bare before all other souls. Nothing hidden will remain hidden. 
     Yes, it makes me shiver to think of it, but if we are among the saved, it won't be as horrible as it sounds. Here's why: We will clearly see how everything we've ever done, good or bad, has affected others, and how it has all ultimately been ordered to the glory of God. We will be awestruck at His perfect justice and His perfect mercy, and we will rejoice in it. All will finally make sense. 
     Christ will publicly separate the sheep from the goats, and both the saved and the damned will be reunited with their physical bodies before they take their places in Heaven or hell. Purgatory will cease to be. 

Well, on that light note, let's get to the Bubble Awards!

And it looks like we have some ties!

The Please Don't Give Up Hope! Award goes to the two dejected contestants who used the word "screwed" in their answers about Judgement: Sew and Beth!!

The Catholic Jay Leno Award For Comedy goes to Lauren and This Cross I Embrace!! Thanks for making the discussion of an eternity burning in hell just a little more fun!

The Best Dialogue (Or Prophecy?) Award goes to Jenny, with extra points for stroking my always-inflated ego by putting Bubble judgements on par with God's judgements!!

The Darn, You Almost Won the Grand Prize But Yes, You Did Mix Them Up and I Don't Think I Can in Good Conscience Overlook That Fact Award goes to Joy Beyond the Cross!!

And.... drum roll... the Grand Prize Winner of the HOLEY SOAP is....................


Yes, others had the right answer, but she said it the best! Picking a winner is sometimes a Solomonic decision, but the decision of the judge is final (hey, kinda like the decision of the Judge is final!). The Mom, you will be receiving a rare bar of green and holey soap. I trust you will use it well. You have no idea how many people would kill for a chance to lather up with this beauty:

By the way, a special shout-out to Brenda's fanciful and colorful images of celestial escalators and Pearly Gates bursting into flame. That was kinda cool.

And to Gwen, our favorite liberal, thanks for joining us and showing your very pretty face! You likely won't win an environmentally friendly exfoliating cleansing bar in any Doctrinal Quiz Show, but you've got connections in the liberal world that you can access if need be. ;) Congrats on your new blog!!

All right everybody, thanks for playing along, and join us next time for another exciting episode of DQS!!


  1. Ah, Leila... once again I'm up late when your post comes in. Maybe I should study up on my Catechism during these late feeds!

  2. WHOOP!!! Someone thinks I'm funny! Besides my Mom! :) TCIE's answer was hilarious!!!


    WAIT!!! GWEN was there??? Is that Miss G???? She's gogeous!!!! (You're gorgeous, Miss G!) (and Leila- your comment regarding soap for Gwen was hilarious, too!!)

  3. It's pretty pathetic that my early Faith Formation came from Bugs Bunny cartoons. Great job, Mom!

  4. As always, I feel like I have been educated by the DQS! Thanks, Leila!

  5. My life is complete, I won a Bubble Award! :) Deo Gratias, Deo Gratias, Deo Gratias! (Oh, and that always going with your 1st thought - this must have been the exception to the rule. Shoot...I should have changed them around.) Oh well, I am grateful for being a runner-up! Thanks Leila!

  6. JBTC, you never won a Bubble Award before? I am shocked! You must always lose by a hair, because I always love your answers!

    You still have ONE more chance the win the soap, and the playing field will be even....Stay tuned.

    (Even though you think your life is complete now, I think the soap would be the crowning achievement.)

  7. Nope, this is my 1st Bubble Award and I think you should have some sort of certificate that we can print off to proudly display to all our friends and relatives. You could save it as a Google Doc or something.

    Oh, wait never mind, that would be too much work. Seriously, a new kitten and a bubble award - all in 1 week. GOD IS SO GOOD!!

    And yes, I do agree, winning the actual soap would be something to strive for! God Bless and thank you for the fun (and the opportunity to learn more about the faith). Also, in regards to not seeing the answers until the quiz is over - could you just set your comment responses to private and then not approve them until when you disclose the answer? I think they would all get published them. Just a thought, there are probably easier ways out there of doing it.

  8. I can't believe I won! Admit it, Leila, it's really because I friended you on Facebook, isn't it?

    I would like to thank all the little people who have made this possible. By that I mean my children who have forced me to learn Catholic theology in order to be able to grade their religion papers, and Mother of Divine Grace curriculum for assigning those papers. It's too bad they don't aasign more grammar or I wouldn't have written that run-on sentence.

  9. Judgement & Sew = Screwed even if you say it's going to be the greatest thing ever! hahahahah Taking my bow with B as I receive the bubble award....

    So the dead people, as in the people in purgatory will be judged the 2nd time around or the people in heaven too? Man I'd be freaking out if I were in heaven.

    However, I'm consoled to know that everyone around me will be just as screwed as I am and they might be too worried about themselves to think about what I did....hahahahaha Thank God I have the memory of a gnat!

    I hope I don't get fireballed for this...But I think it might be unnecessary to shut off comments for the DQS. If you know the answer you know the answer, if you don't, you don't.

    I really think the comments are hilarious and I love to read them as they are posted. But then most of the time I dont' know the answer and I don't even try to act like I do! hahahahaha

  10. Woohoo! My mom and dad will be so proud! I should have told you That I've already been judged in college. These radical maniacs would stand on the main drag quoting obscure Scripture while I was walking to class. They seemed to think all college students were going to hell, and told me so when I walked past. I said, "at least all my friends will be there!"
    I guess I've already had my particular judgment. Screwed.

  11. Yay!! I LOVE bubble awards!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Beth and Sew... If you two are screwed, I don't have a prayer! And I HATE the heat!! Since my DH has been teaching middle school for almost 20 years... I'm thinking he might have earned some brownie points with the big guy. Maybe he will let me tag along with him! ;)

  12. Haha, well at least my answer sounded good! When I read the part in the Creed, I thought, yep, I say those words every week... ::head:desk::

    Also, Leila, since you have now been tagged by at least 5 bloggers for the 10 things meme, I think you should just bite the bullet!
    No one could possibly think you are a heel when we are obviously clamoring for you to grace us with your list! :) Come on... we wrote our faith stories for you! haha ;)

  13. Megan, you have shamed me into it! I will do it! :)


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