Monday, September 13, 2010

Not for a prize, but still...

This little tidbit of information was soooo interesting to me when I read about it several years ago, and I want to see if anyone else knows. So, for no prize, but just for fun, do any of you know what Barabbas' first name was? Yep, Barabbas, the criminal that the crowd told Pilate to set free instead of Jesus.

Don't look it up!!! I really want to know if anyone already knew, and also if that person could explain the significance of the name.


  1. Wasn't his name also Jesus? It has something to do with the anticipated Messiah. What mom wouldn't want her mom to be the deliverer of the Jews? It was a popular name.

    (Totally guessing here. How did I do?)

  2. My husband says: Enrique Iglesias.

    I say I have no. earthly. idea.

  3. I think I remember hearing awhile back that his name was also Jesus...but I could just be making that up. :)

  4. I totally forgot about Enrique Iglesias! *off to youtube to watch old music videos from my college days*

    ok, I'm back, but I forgot the question.

  5. not.a.clue

    but if we were voting, I'd vote for TCIE's suggestion.

  6. I don't remember his first name. But I think his name means son of the father. We learned this in our Jeff Cavins Bible study of Matthew last year. I'm probably wrong now I have to look it up and I was getting ready for bed.

  7. Come on, everyone knows it was Bubba.

    If it was really Jesus, that is crazy.

    I guess I didn't think anyone else was named Jesus before Him. Wonder if that was a common name?

  8. Oh... I think bible trivia might just be another great feature for the bubble!!

    And I too, have no clue.


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