Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doctrinal Quiz Show! Not much soap left, so this one's crucial....

So many post ideas, so little time!  Here we are at a new Doctrinal Quiz Show! Let's make it short and sweet, because my hair is in a towel and my laundry is piled high:

Name the two Judgements every soul will receive, and describe them.

Good luck! (Both on the Quiz Show and when God judges you, ha ha!)


  1. General and particular. The 1st happens when we die and the outcome is Heaven or Hell. *A stop in Purgatory is still heaven, as everyone in Purgatory will eventually enter Heaven. The second judgement will happen when Christ comes back - the 2nd coming and we will each see how our charity (or lack thereof) impacted others.

    (Okay, I think I may have mixed them up - but I hope this makes some sort of coherent thought.)

  2. Ok, let's give it a go (and I read the WHOLE question this time, so I won't miss parts)!

    There's the particular judgment where the state of that soul is judged according to it's actions and sins. This is in direct response to being in the presence of God's goodness and the soul instantly realizes it's shortcomings.

    And there's the general judgment, which I think is where the soul sees, like a ripple effect, the consequences of it's actions on others.

    I'll feel silly if my memory is failing me and I'm making this stuff up. It's been a while...

  3. I don't know the names - but one is when we die and the other is at the end of time (Final Judgement?). The first judgement is a judgement of all the things you did/did not do during your lifetime. Final judgement is a judgement on the effects of all those things you did in your life for the rest of time.

    I'm glad I heard this on Catholic Answers the other day otherwise I would have thought there was only one! :)

  4. FIRST and SECOND!!!

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    Primary and secondary? :)

    OK- I can't recall the name, but I think the first is judgement to Heaven or Hell. The second being what "level" of Heaven or Hell.

    I get giddy when I see Doctrinal Quiz Show on my feed. I love these things!!!!!

  5. General and Particular!!! I SOOOOOO KNEW THAT!!!!!

    Well at least I won't forget it now. Thanks, Doc! :)

  6. Ekk, I have no clue! I probably should whip out my catechism and reread so I can at least have a chance at this game! :)

  7. I'm with you, Gracie! I definitely need to whip out the catechism too. Thankfully for me (a bit of sarcasm here) I have an incentive. I sort of got roped into teaching catechism classes at church and the parish priest has made it a requirement that all the teachers read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church by the end of the year. Gulp!

  8. Hi Leila,

    I can't participate in your quiz (for obvious reasons-no idea what any answer would be). But I wanted to say hi and come out of the mysterious, ambiguous cloud I've been covered by while reading and responding on your blog.

  9. No clue, but I'm screwed on judgement day! hahahahaha

  10. I think I know...Judgement when you die, and judgement at the end of time. Do I lose points because I didn't know the actual names?

    I'm dying for some holey soap...can I win the "if you want it bad enough" award?? :)

  11. PS--I think you should aware Sew the "blunt honesty" award. :)

  12. No clue! But I think my judgment will go a little something like this:

    God: "Did you know and live out your Catholic faith?"
    Jenny: "I did my very best."
    God: "Hmmm.... I don't know about that. I only show you receiving two bubble awards! And you never won the bar of holey soap!!!"
    Jenny: "I can explain..."
    God: "Go to the back of the line Jenny..."

    Yep... Bubble awards and that soap are that important! Hehehe!!!!

    Miss G... You have a blog now???!!!! Yay! :)

  13. The two judgments are general and particular.

    The particular judgment occurs immediately after death and determines the eternal destiny of each soul.

    The general judgment will take place at the end of time when the actions of all and their repercussions will be known by all and nothing will be hidden.

    (I think.)

  14. Oooohhh! I totally know this one but several others have beat me to it--and besides, I already gots me my soap so I'll gladly step aside.

    Particular--right after death, a soul will discover where he/she will spend eternity: heaven or hell

    General--at the end of time...all the good and bad stuff you did in life will be known to all. This one makes me sweat a little.

  15. Why am I blanking on the terms? Well, something like this I think:

    Err "individual" judgment: This is the kind of judgment where you stand before God after you die and account for your life. You go to either purgatory for a bit, directly to heaven, or hell.

    Final judgment: This is the judgment at the end of time when all that is just and true is revealed to everyone. It doesn't change where you "ended up" but reveals God's perfect justice.

  16. Am I the only one who reads all the other posts before giving my answer?! No one else seems to do that. Is that cheating?! Whoops. I didn't mean to cheat. I'm unfamiliar with the rules!! Ack!!

    I can't even answer now, because I've already seen the answer in a few other posts. So that would be very wrong.
    Darn it, I really did want that soap. I told my husbands parents all about it at the dinner table last night.
    Ah well. Maybe next time I'll blindfold myself and type in the answer. ;)

    Yikes does anyone else think of his/her parents when talking about the day EVERYONE finds out EVERYTHING you did?! I'm going to be grounded!

  17. Ha ha, yes, Mary, that's cheating! But, you are new to the rules, and you are forgiven.... I thank you for taking yourself out of the running. :)

    Oh yes, I think about that from time to time! Shiver....

  18. Sigh... I really had hope for soap, but I don't think I have a chance!

    My guess would be temporally and eternally...

    Eternally would be first since we would be judged on our life and whether or not we are going to heaven or hell.
    And then I'm thinking temporally would be for how much time we have to spend in purgatory if we get to go to heaven. We would be judged on the venial sins and the residual sludge on our souls that still remains even after we go to confession unless of course we have been granted an indulgence or worked off some of the sludge through our sufferings here on earth.

    Yeah, I think that sounds good. I have that feeling I used to get on essay tests in college. The initial question stumped me a little bit, but then I would whip up something that was probably wrong but sounded good. :) haha, and I felt content that at least I didn't leave it blank! :)

  19. Is there a prize for being up really late at night and e-mailing with you, Leila? Because that was fun, and probably a prize in itself! I looked up the answers since I didn't know them, so clearly I'm not in the running. Perhaps you absconded with some of the soap holes?? I promise I'd use every last "green" bit of it!

  20. The judgement when you die and then at the end of time....I'm sure they have a fancy name but I'm not fancy:)

    I guess the first is what escalator you have to take and the final is....not coming to me.

    I just hope the Pearly Gates don't burst into flames when I walk up to them. Oy.

  21. Hm. Well. At least I won one of these. The rest put me to shame.

    My answer: A Fair Judgement and an Unfair Judgement. The Fair Judgement will come from God at the end of days, and the Unfair Judgement will come from the anti-Catholics here on earth who like to post comments on people's blogs about how hypocritical, biased, strict, and judgemental Catholics are.

  22. LOL at TCIE.

    Geez. I better break out the old catechism, since I'm supposed to be the primary educator of these kids. They're pretty much screwed, I think.

  23. I didn't know and so I went on to reading others' comments right away...and I literally laughed out loud at Lauren's comment (1st and 2nd...)!!! :):)

    I didn't know before but I do now!!

  24. Oh my gravy, I have no idea!!! I'm hoping that having a BIL that's a priest is going to get me into heaven. Oops!

  25. No idea, but I love learning from you Leila!

  26. I think the first one is called particular or initial. I can't remember. But it the one that happens when you die. Heaven or Hell?

    The second one is general. It is the one that happens at the second coming where we will see our sins and the impact they had.

    I think... :)

  27. I knew that the two judgements were the particular and general and that the particular judgement happens just after death and is judges whether you are going to heaven (with a possible stop in purgatory if needed) or hell. I really didn't know about what the general entails.

    Is there a way to moderate comments for a single post so that you can hide everyone's answers until the DSQ is over?

  28. i know its never a good sign when i don't understand the question! and yes, i'm writing this to practice humility.

  29. Number 30 to comment = slim to no chance I can win the soap! Shucks! It's been answered very well many times over already. Such smart followers, such firm in the faith catholics :)

  30. Oh my gosh, Mrs. Blondies, what an excellent idea!!! This will change the course of DQS!!! Thank you, and we will begin that next time, if I can figure out how to do it....


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