Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can I just say...

... I am so impressed by all of your comments on my last post. Seriously, as I read each one I kept thinking, I wish I had thought of that! and I'm going to use that next time! I wanted to respond to each of your thoughts, but instead I am doing a collective "thank you" right here!

Most of you guys are youngsters compared to me, and the quality, depth and thoughtfulness of your comments fills me with great hope and gratitude!

Now on to other matters, I have a certain soap burning a hole in my pocket (or rather, a certain soap has a hole in it), and I feel the urge to bestow it on yet another lucky soul who needs a good, green wash. So, start brushing up on your doctrine, and get prepared for another Doctrinal Quiz Show -- coming soon!

PS: Still accepting faith stories, hint hint!


  1. I'm gettin' desperate, Leila! Add me to your "Peeps in the Bubble!" I need to worm my way in! And I need holey soap. Or holy soap, if it washes away sins (can you imagine if priests started handing out "holey/holy soap" after Confession??).

  2. haha great idea Lisa - did you see my comment on the holey soap post? That's exactly what I thought it was - a play on the word "holy"...I missed the post about the soap, so I went back to read it, and unfortunately it's just "environmentally friendly soap." Darn... I still REALLY want one! My faith story isn't very exciting, hopefully that won't hurt my odds ;(
    So excited for my first Doctrinal Quiz Show!

  3. I'm excited for the next quiz show! :)

  4. AM going to write my faith story... promise :)

    also, you still haven't answered my question: how many of these soaps do you have??? did you buy stock in the company??? :)

  5. Shannon, ha ha! Let's just say.... I'm running a little low.


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