Little Teachings

I am excited to offer this page of "Little Teachings"! As I've stated elsewhere, I want this to be a teaching blog, primarily for Catholics. I want Catholics to see that our Faith is cohesive, consistent and reasonable, and I want them to be able to teach it in their own homes and communities, and defend it in the world. I want to help make up for the catechesis deficit we've had for the past two generations.

I also want to make the Faith easy to understand for Protestants and non-Christians as well.

Here you'll find links to my past posts that explain basic teachings of the Catholic Faith. I will add to this page whenever I write a new teaching post.

In no particular order:

Knowing God's will and Catholic freedom

The Immaculate Conception of Mary

Mary's Perpetual Virginity

The difference between Church Doctrine (unchanging truth) and Church Discipline (changeable rules)

Mortal Sin and Venial Sin

Dissenting Catholics and the question of conscience

Suffering, Catholic style! (The meaning of redemptive suffering)

The Pope is not as powerful as you think

The distinction between a person and his actions

Indulgences: No need to freak out

Beatification and Canonization: How does it happen?

Subsidiarity: Why haven't I heard this before?

Can non-Catholics be saved?

One more IVF post (thank you, Fr. Tad, the brainiac!)

Scrupulosity, a little bit of hell

Simple Christian principle: We serve the good, not effect* the good

Pope fact: Infallible does not mean sinless

Purgatory is…

Dear Protestant: Where did you get your New Testament?

Halloween, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day

Development of Doctrine made easy, plus a word on Theologians

Gay "Marriage" Round-up and Resources (to bookmark)

Doctrinal Quiz Show answers 
(also in no particular order)

Marriage and the Eucharist

Amazing Grace: What kinds of grace are there?

Communion of Saints

Humans never become angels

Why was Mary immaculately conceived (sinless)?

How many doctrines of the Church are taught infallibly?


The three stages of holiness

The two types of judgements

Moral Reasoning 101: The Ends Don't Justify the Means

Moral Reasoning 101: The Principle of Double Effect

Sacraments vs. Sacramentals

Church Councils

Salvation History Made Simple
(Or, What I Never Learned in 1970s and 1980s CCD)