Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bible in the Bubble, First Edition! Play along!

So, I am sitting around thinking of the topic for my next Doctrinal Quiz Show, and I get this great idea for it. I start to type out a post, and then I realize that the topic is not so much about doctrine as it is about the Bible (Bible trivia). I think of a few more topics that fit that bill, and suddenly I realize: I need a new feature in the Bubble!

Thus, Bible in the Bubble was born this day.

Remember, noooooooooooooo peeking in the Bible, googling, asking Father, running to the concordance, or otherwise cheating! No cheats in the Bubble!

You do not need to know or cite the book, chapter or verse in your answer (though you might get bonus points if you do, but then again I also might suspect that you are cheating, ha ha), but you do need to provide the specific circumstances or events which apply.

Here is your first question:

There are only TWO times in the entire Bible when God breathes on man. Name them. (And, if you can tell why the events are significant, extra points for you!)

The winner will receive a lovely prize, to be revealed with the correct answer.

Go on now, impress me!!

Hint: More likely than not, all my Bible trivia will have specifically Catholic overtones.


  1. If anyone starts spouting the chapter and verse, I'm going to cry Protestant:)

    No, really, my actual Bible verse knowledge is horrific. I need a good Protestant to whip up some learnin' on me:)

    I just know the one in Genesis when God breathes life into Adam. But....does he do that to Eve as well or did she get jipped? OH heck, I'll say Adam and Eve were the 2 times.

  2. Genesis 1 breathing life into Adam and post-Resurrection Jesus breaths upon the apostles.

    We received life in the first example, and the Church received life in the second!

  3. Hmmm, I think when God created Adam, he breathed on him.
    The second time? I can't for the life of me think of anything.
    I had 11 years in a Protestant school...I should be ashamed of myself :).

  4. Ooh I think I know this! I know one is Adam, and if my memory from The Lamb's Supper serves me correctly, wasn't it someone in Revelation? A prophet or something... hmmm. I don't remember this from my degree in Religious Studies, a hell of a lot of good THAT did me ;)

  5. I have no idea.

    (Surely there will be an award for honesty, right? LOL)

  6. Ok, I only know one right off the top of my head and that is the one from Genesis. It is the one when God is finished forming Adam and he breathes life into him!! Very curious on the second one, how in the world do I not know this??

    Love that you keep coming up with these great challenges :)

  7. When He breathed life into Adam is one and the other one is that one time He breathed life into that one person because of that one thing....

    Yeah, I wish I could say both times with bible verses but I guess I'll learn about it soon enough!! :)

  8. Technically, I think there are more than two. 1) God breathed on Adam; 2) Jesus breathed on his disciples in John after his resurrection ("receive the Holy Spirit"); and 3) at Pentecost is the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples in a "mighty rushing wind" (i.e. "breath").

    Kinda nice and tidy: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

  9. I know the first one! God breathes life into Adam.
    Do I get half a point for this one, b/c I have no idea what the second one is! :)

  10. crap, signing up for email follwo up

  11. Ken stole my answer! He's cheating!

    I was so excited to know this one and he beat me to it. Ah well, bring on the next quiz!

  12. Come on everyone... Has no one read Tobit 8:7-8??? God totally breathes on everyone!

    Ok... Just kidding! But made you look... Or at least go, huh?!! :)

    Adam is the only one I know... And I was thinking Pentecost too.

    P.S. That Tobit verse is one of my favorites.

  13. Let's see if I can remember...

    In Genesis when he created man and woman.

    In the Gospels after his Ressurection... I believe specifically on the 12.

    Significance... breathe symbolizes spirit and life. The first breathe resulted in life for humanity... not just animal life but souls, a spiritual life. The second breathing has to do with the apostles' role as ministers, specifically in administering the Sacrament of Confession? (I could be way off here but I believe this is after he tells the apostles they have the power to bind and loose... ugh why does my brain not WORK!?). If that's the case... it symbolizes the new spiritual life we receive being reconciled to God. Or something. Yeah. :)

  14. Yeah Ken's answer sounds pretty sharp, and he can spell better than me too... and I forgot to sign up for follow-up... AND... if "wind" is "breathe" than I think it may even be more than three times?

  15. I'm not reading others answers AND this is my first time answering your questions. Usually they are too hard for me. This one is NO EXCEPTION...but might as well show my ignorance.

    I believe one time is Adam (from The Garden) a/k/a creation of life, that's in Genesis.

    The other... I have no flippin' idea?!?!?! I would assume crucifiction/resurrection.

    My dad always said "better for people to think you're a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"...well I just removed all doubt! Please don't kick me out! :)

    Now I'm gonna go read everyone elses answers.

  16. Ann's husband here taking a shot because she always wants me to post a comment:

    In Genesis God breathed on Adam and breathed life into him, therefore Adam was not only created in the image of God, but received God's life itself. After this, man lives his life with the goal of returning to God.

    The next time was when Jesus (i.e. God a/k/a the Second Person of the Holy Trinity) breathed on the apostles and said "received the holy spirit, whose sins you shall forgive shall be forgive, whose sins you shall retain shall be retained." (Matthew) This was the actual institution of the Sacrament of Reconcilation and therefore the channel to draw us back to God when we err.

    By this, we accomplish the goal realized by Adam when he received the breath of God in the beginning and the desire to return to God.

  17. Thanks, R. I bet I get some nagging wife award for that ;)

  18. Okay I attempted to answer using my phone from my hospital bed last night, but I couldn't get it to publish my comments!
    So, the only time that comes to mind is when God breathes life into Adam in Genesis. I believe that this is significant since it demonstrates that we are created in the image and likeness of God which is the basis for human dignity. Right?
    My guess for the second time would be Pentecost...

  19. I think the first instance is when he breathes life into Adam & then the second time doesn't He breathe on the Apostles to give them the Holy Spirit? I could definitely be wrong. I desperately need to read & study the Bible more!

  20. How come I feel like I am going answer, oh this time and that time then later find out it was a trick question!?

  21. I'm super late on this-but I would have guessed Adam and Pentecost. Now I'm going to check my answer!


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