Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Quick Pet Peeves (and a renaming)

1. Before I tell you this first pet peeve (which is not "quick"), please make sure you read it all the way through. 

My first pet peeve is the proliferation of "7 Quick Takes" on the blogs. WAIT! Before you get offended, it's really not the posts themselves which make me peeved, but the problem of commenting. I'm thinking of my subsequent confusion and distress over how to respond. 

I sit paralyzed, wondering: Should I comment on all the Takes? Or just four-sevenths? Or half (and what would responding to "half" of seven look like anyway)? What if I comment on only one? Would that be rude and make her think that I don't care about the other six? But if I comment on three, then what does that say about the other four? By the time I am done pondering, I don't even care about the 7 Takes anymore, and I just want to go outside and stand in the warm wind in a field of tall grass, or maybe take a long, hot bubble bath. 

Perhaps the inventor of 7 Takes could have understood that I am not a multi-tasker, and I don't know how to process so many (usually) unrelated subjects at one sitting. Perhaps it could have been stipulated that each Take was to be only one sentence long (though that would not end the problem of how many Takes on which one should comment). Perhaps 3 or 4 Takes would have been sufficient? Sigh.

So, while I love reading the 7 Takes, please understand and have mercy if I only comment on one Take per post. Otherwise, I may have to give up reading 7 Takes altogether, and I don't want to do something that drastic. Maybe there is a 7 Takes Anxiety support group or something.

2. I am peeved that Barbie does not post twenty new pictures of that baby girl every day.  (Just kidding!!!)  sort of

3. I get annoyed when people sit around griping and complaining about every little thing, you know, like talking all about their pet peeves. Soooooooooo, I decided to do something about it. I am renaming the 3 Pet Peeves, to something a little more... Catholic:

 What do you all think? ;)


  1. My pet peeve is when my post comments are dirtied up with someone's pet peeve gripes about word verification.

    And, I have NO PROBLEM just commenting on 1 quick take, or not commenting at all. You must be a Phlegmatic ;)

  2. TCIE, ha ha! I just checked your blog (and Sew's) and that is funny!

    Not a phlegmatic (wish I were!!), just an impatient melancholic/choleric (if that's a legit combo) with a touch of ADD?

  3. I feel the same way - which to comment on? Lol, which is the correct way you pronounce your name? I obviously didn't win, but am curious!

  4. I just wrote my first set and I am expecting a comment on each one from you. How's that for clarity? he he he

  5. 1. Never thought about this. Just went with it and commented on whatever struck me. But feel free to comment on all 7 of mine when I do quick takes.

    2. I agree one hundred percent!!!!

    3. HA HA HA!

    4. Like how I responded to each pet peeve? Oh, I mean opportunity for sanctification? :)

  6. Love the new title! I usually only comment on one or a couple of the seven takes, just like I might not necessarily comment on every point in a post. You are so funny.

  7. You're funny (and so are your commenters)!
    I usually just comment on whichever of the 7 things I can identify with, or I think is funny/cool/different/whatever. Sometimes there are two such things...but I don't think anyone expects a certain type of comment, so don't stress about it. Just letting them know you're there and reading is enough :).

  8. 1, 2, 7-it doesn't matter to me!

    And yes, why are there not videos documenting every single little smile and diaper change???

  9. Leila, you can definitely be melancholic/choleric! I love the temperaments! :)
    I have had similar thoughts about the quick takes, but I enjoy writing them because it gives me a place to write the small things that wouldn't really stand alone in a single post!
    When I comment on quick takes, I never go down the line of all seven, I usually just comment on one or two that stand out to me. :)
    So with the name change, does that mean you are going to be citing your pet peeve and then discussing ways to overcome your annoyance? ;)

  10. I love reading quick takes and have no problem commenting on one or two topics that strike me. Now I'm wondering, "Am I too laid back? Should this bother me? Are the writers irritated that I'm not commenting on all 7?" Thanks, Leila, now I'll be up all night! J/K!

  11. You guys are hilarious! And Megan and SC, ha ha ha!

    Megan, I am so glad my combo is legit. I was wondering!

  12. I have the same issue with quick takes (hence me not partaking) because you know me . . . I want to comment on EVERYTHING. I’m trying to get a bit more laid back about it, but you’re not alone on that.

    I like the new name ;)

  13. Yes, you put too much thought into it. ;) hahahaha Just don't comment at all! ;)

    TCIE- WV is impolite to the readers. :) It's a PITA to comment, then spend more minutes trying to type in the "correct" WV then waiting to see if it went through. :P

  14. Comment? Who has time to comment? Everyone things I'm a stalker because I barely ever comment on posts. I hardly have time to write my own posts, for Pete's sake! But I have plenty of time to pray for everyone and I do, every day!

  15. I have never really thought about it...I just comment on what comes to mind from what I read. But, thanks a lot bc now I'm going to start thinking about it! hahaha.

  16. Whatever, comment on all 7? Who has the time?


  17. I had to laugh at SC's comment because I had a similar thought... what, this bothers people? Wait... should it bother me????

    Honestly, I think it's totally fine to comment on whatever you want (my sanguine apparently beat up my melancholic on this one).

    Same with WV... wait, this bothers people? LOL. I never mind typing it in and get spam without it. Again, the sanguine is coming out of it's usual hiding spot. Huh.

  18. Oh the new name is great!! :)

  19. Sarah, I totally agree on the WV thing!

    And Leila, we are kindred spirits- I'm a Choleric/Melancholic :) It's good to have found my other half :) (Isn't it funny that DH is a Phlegmatic/Sanguine?? Not sure which he is more of...)

    Sew. Fine, call me impolite. I've been called worse on these blogs, and I will continue the WV 'til the cows come home (or until I become pg, same difference).

  20. 1) I was totally just thinking this earlier-them I decided to just comment on the ones I wanted to and hope that they wouldn't think I simply skipped the others! ;)
    3) nicely done!! :)

  21. Go away for a week and see what you miss? I like the new title - very "Catholicesque" - is that a word? As far as commenting goes - I don't care what you comment on, I appreciate all your comments. God Bless you Leila and have a great weekend!

  22. TCIE - Ah!!! My Fiance and I have all four temperaments too, haha (Me: M-S, him: P-C). I sometimes wonder how that will play out, haha. I did take the WV off my blog to see how it goes, but... I do think it serves a good purpose! :)

  23. LOVE this post!

    Seriously though? Don't sweat the small stuff and only comment on that which speaks to you.

    LOVE your re-naming of pet-peeves/7 takes!


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