Monday, July 26, 2010

And it's pronounced....


Keep Calm and Carry On was the first to get the right answer, but kudos also to Amazing Life, Tridentine Wife, Hebrews, Second Chances, Cathy and JellyBelly! Good job. (And great song... I like the unplugged version best!)

Most people tend to want to say "Leela" (and Megan, I have a second cousin who spells it my way and pronounces it "Leela"). That's probably how I would say it if I didn't know my name. 

I like that some of you did the phonetic rules.... The rule that applies is the one that Cathy said! So it's the "ei" is "ay" as in neighbor and weigh.

It would have been easier if my parents had spelled it "Layla" or "Laila". It's an Arabic name, though, so there is no "right way" to spell it in English from the Arabic.

Actually, if my parents had named me Audrey like they had first intended, we would not be having this discussion!!

Thanks for playing, and those of you who got it right have the "prize" of knowing you guessed correctly! Isn't that satisfying? ;)

Thanks for reading what may be the most boring post I've ever written!


  1. Ok, I missed the quiz, but I've always wondered about your name's pronunciation so thanks for clarifying! I always thought of you as "LAY-LA" in my head, but wasn't 100% sure.

    Love your song BTW! :D

  2. Darn! I missed the quiz. Buuuutttt...I have always thought of you as Lay-La! Woohoo!

  3. I will totally have to re-learn your name! I've always said LEELA in my head! Duh!

  4. No, not boring! Was just talking with my stepsis the other day about name pronunciations and spellings and "rules."

  5. I am so glad I know how to say your (beautiful) name now!

  6. Mr. JB and I walked into our wedding reception to the instrumental part of "Layla" (the album version, not the unplugged).

    Thought you'd find that interesting!!! ;)

  7. Good to know! :) I will adjust my mental pronunciation!


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