Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 Quick Pet Peeves: Remotes, misrepresentation, and toilet paper

1. I really don't understand why I have eight remote controls for three TVs? Shouldn't technology simplify things?? And, since I don't know how to use most of the features on the remotes or the TVs, the whole situation becomes even more absurd.

2. It troubles me when people misrepresent the Catholic Faith after they have been informed that they are wrong about Catholic teaching. I mean, if I tell you (and even show you) that my home is painted blue, and yet you continue to tell me that my home is painted yellow, then we can't even talk about house paint can we? I get it that you may not like blue, but that still won't make my house yellow!

3. It's an old argument I know, but the toilet paper should come up over the top of the roll, and no one should ever have to reach up from the bottom near the wall and pull it down that way. All of you bottom pullers can try to defend your position, but deep in your hearts you know you are wrong.

And that's as controversial as I will get today, ha ha!! (But I feel some more controversy coming up soon, so stay tuned...)


  1. 1. AMEN!!!! (Though I am pretty lucky and our cable box remote matches our TV, so I only ever usually need one. Now if I could get the PS3 controller to work the TV and cable box, well, that won't happen on Earth!)

    2. I too agree. While I don't necessarily like everything I'm learning - that's not coming out right - while I am challenged by some of what I'm learning, once I learn it, I certainly don't speak the opposite :(.

    3. I totally agree. I even change people's toilet paper around for them when we are visiting. Hmm, maybe I need to see someone about this....

  2. Rebecca, we are kindred souls, apparently! Ha!

  3. Agree. Agree. Agree. I, too, always want to change the TP roll so it comes off from the top! haha!!!

  4. #1: Not a huge problem here in the Nest, but it is still aggravating. If they can put a man on the moon, surely they can come up with a single device to control the entertainment center.

    #2: Don't get me started. I do not understand all other faiths and won't pretend like I do (let alone go out and misrepresent those faiths).

    #3: I hate to be a rebel, but we'll just have to disagree on this. Any other rebels out there? At least this gives me an idea of something fun to do when I come to visit (hehe)

  5. Ann, I'm so going to change your tp rolls when I visit you someday!! And yes, I'm adding this to the long list of things I need help for! Ha!

  6. 1-we actually only have two remotes: one for the tv and for the dvd player. It works quite nicely in my house so I can't relate on this.

    2-you said it PERFECTLY! Blue is blue.

    3-I've switched it in other people's houses too. Ann-watch out!

  7. Ann, you appear to be outnumbered here. I don't want you to feel unwelcome, as you are always welcome here. But, if you could state your reasons for your position, or rather, the position of your toilet paper, I would be appreciative. I just really want to understand, because it truly does not make sense to me.

  8. And ladies, as much as we would like to have people see our toilet paper position as correct, we should refrain from converting others by force. That is not the way to change hearts. We propose, we don't impose. I've seen a lot of converts on this issue. Most people respond to love.

  9. If Sew thought the butterfly post was boring, she’s really going to rip into you about the great toilet paper debate. If I were you, I’d come up with another post – PRONTO!

    1 - Neatness: The squares tend to tear perfectly from the under position. With the over position, they always tear uneven. Really, that’s no way to live. Life just doesn’t make sense unless every thing is in perfect strait lines – am I right?

    2 -Overuse: I’ve noticed more than necessary is used when in the over position. It's just too easy to take a little bit more than you need.

    3 - ‘Cuz I said so. :)

    Oh, make no mistake. I won’t be trying to convert. Just annoy. Now that’s love – blog style! :)

  10. Ann-you make an excellent point. I appreciate your clear, concise explanation.

  11. Ann, I agree with Kaitlin. Your point was clear and concise. I don't agree with you (meaning, I will not change my position), but I now understand. I never had anyone give a reason before, or answer the question directly, so I feel good about this. Like I say, I prefer clarity to agreement, and I feel like I have clarity now.

  12. PS: I will make sure Sew gets her red meat soon, as more controversy is on the horizon!! And, I am so stinking jealous about the meet up!!

  13. 1. Totally agree! We have 3 remotes for one tv and it drives me nuts! I only know how to work one of them.

    2. YES! This is seriously frustrating! I work with a man who loves to talk about how he was raised Catholic, went to Catholic Elementary School, a Jesuit High School, and a Jesuit College and then in the same sentence absolute absurdities will come out of his mouth. I've tried to politely disagree with him but he will then remind me of all of the above things. Seriously gets under my skin.

    3. Leila, I never thought I would say this, but I'm going to have to disagree with you. Ann, I'm so on your side and for the same reasons!

  14. Leila-your jealousy is totally warranted. It was a grand time :)

  15. Ann you talk too much now! Really we are splitting hairs now. I do like my TP like Leila, but you are right, I'm bored to tears. :)

  16. I'm always thankful we haven't run out of TP. over, under or sitting on the counter I'm just glad it is there.
    Anyone else remember outhouses? Sears catalogs for TP? Or have I just aged myself?

  17. Have to say I was with Sew on the Butterfly post but this one I love!

    1. We have an OLD fashioned Savard music system in our house hooked up to an OLD cd payer, I got it in High Schhol, the Savard is even older. So NO remotes for those. Our only remote operated devices are the tv, vcr, dvd and Dish, We rarely use the vcr and dvd and our dish remote also works the tv, therefore we get by most of the time by using only ONE remote. Old stuff is useful in this no?

    2.Agree. period.

    3. I'm with the majority. Over is better. Sorry Ann, I love you but disagree totally. I do love your reasons though, how long did it take you to come up with those? hehe

  18. HAHA...I completely agree on all counts.

    The TP one is great. My parents do it the wrong way and everytime I'm at their house I switch it. It goes OVER the top!!! I'm soo sneaky! BWAHAHAHAH

  19. Is it bad that I don't have a preference when it comes to TP??? What kind of person does that make me? An alien? Shoot...I'm going to spend the day figuring out which I prefer...since I've been going to the bathroom 50,000 times a day!!

  20. PW & Barbie – It isn’t crazy to not care. What is crazy is that I didn’t have to think about my answers b/c DH and I have had this conversation before and demonstrated to see who was right. I’d love to tell you whose points all won, but that would seem like bragging ;-) I had 2 points, he had 1 – it was no competition. In the end, I decided that I am apparently the only one who knows how to actually change the rolls (DH swears he knows how, but I have no proof of this skill; it's cool, though, he can cook) so #3 (‘cuz I said so) entered the picture and definitely wins.

    TW: The world needs a little crazy :)

    Karen: You rock, girl!

  21. Ann you are hysterical! My dh has no idea how to change it either, but when he remembers (maybe once in a year) he does it backwards so I have to change it.

    And Of course you won, you're a lawyer, you guys can win any argument, even when you're wrong. hehe

  22. 1. I miss the remote we had as kids with a big red "ON/OFF" button. It was glorious. I've been confused by other remotes since that Zenit remote became obsolete.

    2. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. It's one thing to not understand or know, it's another to just willfully insist your way is "right" when the information to the contrary is staring you in the face. Fine if you disagree. But don't claim your perspective is Catholic.

    3. Haha... the worst are those public restroom ones where they have plastic covers and you literally cannot reach the edge. Nothin' like being stuck in the stall with a huge roll of toilet paper and no way to access it.

  23. Girls, I have laughed out loud at your comments, and that is rare for me! You are hilarious! Bonnie, I think my grandma used an outhouse and Sears catalog, ha ha! Did you actually use that? I am about the same age as you and we can't be that old, can we?

    Barbie, ha ha on the Ann stuff!

    Ann, you and dh tested this? That is hard core! I love it!

    MTA, good for you, ha!

    Sarah, when I was a kid, there were NO remotes! And, for #3, I agree totally!! Frustration at getting tiny scraps of TP when clawing my way to that elusive, big roll! The guy who designed those dispensers probably designed the round shoelaces that don't work, too!

    PW and TW, I never knew that one could NOT have a preference? You guys are laid back. I want to be you!

  24. What's worse than pulling it out from the bottom is when a certain man who lives in a certain house thinks its fine to just leave the roll of tp on the back of the toilet.

    And we only have one TV and one DVD player with one remote for each. ;)

  25. I don't care if the toilet paper rolls from the top or the bottom. You-know-who used to get royally ticked off at me because I rolled it from the top. It's not worth fighing over, believe me. The way I see it, whoever hangs it can roll it however they want it. If I didn't hang it, I don't complain!

    Ditto on #1.......and MEGA-DITTOS on #2.

  26. I read Ann's explanation and NOW I KNOW WHY he complained! He was such a penny pincher.

    Sarah, I'm with you on the caged and huge roll in public restrooms. That is a pet peeve of mine. I've thought about whether or not it's legal to carry plastic explosives when we're traveling. We bring extra TP but never seem to have it at those times so I doubt we'd have the plastic explosives at the right time, either. Sigh.

  27. I completely agree about the remotes :)

    I had to have my husband teach me one day how to operate the tv/satellite remotes because I was going to be home alone for the weekend and new I wanted to watch tv over the weekend!!! I was never a big tv person, so it was never a real priority! I could go all day with no tv. Yet, the roles are reversed when it comes to the internet. I help him :)

  28. Can I just say WOW that you have 30 comments from this post?! :)

    (And're wrong. Hee hee!)

  29. I just read your reversion story for the first time and man, am I impressed. You are so articulate! I completely relate to the "being robbed" part and am sad it took what it took for you and I and so many other. I am also sad for those that didn't have that opportunity. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  30. Agree, agree, and neutral.

    I was raised a bottom-puller. And I see nothing wrong with it. But I mostly put it as over top in my home these days to "be green" (I am probably falsely convinced that it saves a sheet per wipe when it's a top-pull.) But sometimes for reminiscing sakes I leave it bottom.
    If any of you ever came to my home and tried to switch it on me, I'd leave poo on the first sheet... that'd teach you to re-arrange other peoples' tp!!

  31. Ah, I just went back and read Ann's "reasons" and I see that I am in stark contrast to her theory on saving paper the "under" way.

    But I do think it's more eco-friendly to do it OVER not under, because when it's under, and you make a quick tear motion, you tear all the sheets UP TO the top, even if holding the front of the roll while doing so.
    If you make a quick tear when it's over while holding the front, you only tear UP TO the bottom of the roll. Hence, you save paper with the OVER roll.

    And now that I've saved the earth and made it a greener place, I must go and pop me some pills.

  32. TW, that would be fabulous, a west coast meet-up! And yes, Annie is betrothed. ;)

    Lisa, I get why you didn't want to argue the issue! My hubs is on board with the over the top, so it's a non-issue in the home.

    Lauren, I agree that the comment number is crazy! Wow!

    WR, thank you! I was thinking it is waaaay too wordy, but I am going to leave it as is.

    TCIE, with that threat, you won't get anyone switching your tp!!! You also make a good point rebutting Ann's point. I think there needs to be some sort of empirical study to get to the truth of it.

  33. Leila - Your biased. My way has been tested in clinical studies (well just one . . . and it was in my powder room so I'm not sure how accurate it was), but I still had actual experience to back up my point).

  34. You know me, Ann, I am all about truth. I will concede the point for environmental/economic concerns if it turns out to be true. I think a university study should be conducted with our tax money. I think then we could get to the bottom of this (pun intended?).

    However, ultimately my preference is not based on any enviromental or economic concerns, but on the ergonomics of my hand, and the easiest, most convenient flow of the paper. So, even should the study come out in your favor, my tp position will remain the same. Unless the feds make it illegal. And even then, I might engage in some civil disobedience (peaceful, never violent) and continue to spin from the top.

  35. Ann, in the interest of getting to the REAL underlying truth of which way is more Green, I do believe I can safely say I have used more tp than you in the past 4 1/2 years, solely because I chart CREIGHTON and you do not ;) Using tp BEFORE and after using the bathroom, before and after showers and baths and swimming... well, let's just say I have a ton of experience in the area of tp-rippage.

    That being said... I do think as a non-Creightoner, you have actually saved more paper than I have. But knowing how much tp I use has only made me that much more of an advocate for saving a sheet here and there with my OVER pull :P

    I can see that me and my beliefs are not welcome here, though, so I will no longer voice my opinion on this blog. You are all so judgemental!!

  36. TCIE, we never mean to judge, we only want to love, and you are always welcome here!! ;)

  37. LOL!! my DH used to get irritated when I put the tp on wrong (ie under instead of over) and now I laugh to myself almost everytime I change it out!

  38. Alright-I know most (all) of you have moved on from the famous toilet paper debate, but I just couldn't let it go. I decided to give Ann's reasoning a try and placed the role UNDER this time. I told myself I would try it for an ENTIRE role before making a judgement.

    My first impression was that it IS neater and easier to tear (Ann was right!) but that I ended up getting more tissue than I needed (Ann was wrong). I also discovered the annoying conundrum of not being able to locate the point of tearing because it was hidden in the back. I had to roll the toilet paper around to find the beginning. Not cool.

    But I kept trying to keep an open mind.

    Until today. I just went to the bathroom and discovered that my husband (who is the most laid back guy I know and completely NON type A-everything I'm not) had SWITCHED the toilet paper to OVER.

    I think knowing where he stands on this issue pushes the vote over the edge into the "Over is better" category.

    Debate over.


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