Monday, October 18, 2010

A new blog to introduce!

My dear friend, Elisabeth, has "revived" her blog. I have never read it before today, but I want her to continue. 

Elisabeth is one of my two IF Catholic friends who were the catalyst for me to go looking for Catholic IF info, which led me to the Catholic IF bloggers who inspired my own blog. (Got that?!) The other friend you already know: Danya of HE Adopted Me First.

Please go visit Elisabeth's blog, A Catholic Nest in a Secular Tree. She is a recent convert (I hope she will write on her conversion.... it is one of the most powerful I've ever heard, from Planned Parenthood to Theology of the Body), and is an amazing teacher of the faith. She is also a blushing bride of almost two years. (I was a bridesmaid when she married one of her RCIA students, YAY!)

And because she will find sisters here who know the depth of her pain, I especially recommend her post called Mourning Motherhood.

Welcome Elisabeth!

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