Saturday, October 2, 2010

Comments on comments

I have soooooo enjoyed all the interesting comments in the Bubble lately!

I've been pondering comments in general, and I have some comments on comments:

1) I don't think I have ever censored a comment, and I hope I never have to. When visitors have been truly rude (I think there have only been two), I actually prefer to keep their comments visible, to expose their bad manners. Serious verbal abuse against another commenter would be the only deletable offense that I can imagine. Or something obscene, of course. I'm thankful that most liberal, secular and/or Protestant visitors have been respectful and thoughtful. A real asset to the Bubble. Please keep coming around! This Bubble wouldn't be "catholic" (universal) without you!

2) I absolutely LOVE that my peeps in the Bubble are answering commenters' questions and providing their own wisdom and understanding. It's comforting to have a whole army of Bubble Buddies (reminds me of a great SpongeBob episode!) who've got my back. When one of you beats me to the punch and provides an answer or clarifying comment, it's often a relief to me; I am trying to find some "balance" in my life now that I am, without doubt, a blog addict. I like to know that I can walk away from the computer to do something crazy like feed my baby, knowing that someone I've never met, in some other part of the country or world, is minding the shop... er, Bubble. Keep it up!

3) There have been so many great comments, and I wish I could take the time to acknowledge and address every single one of them! Please forgive me for not doing so.... If I don't say anything about a comment that you put a lot of thought and research into, I assure you it's not because I don't love and appreciate it! I am always blown away by the intelligence and wisdom displayed, even if I don't mention it.

4) Which leads me to my last point. I have been thrilled with the uptick of readers in the Bubble lately. It's really more fun than one girl should have. There's also been a wonderful increase in questions posed, not only in the comment box, but via private emails. I am trying to keep up with it all and still have a happy husband and children, ha ha! So, here's the tough part for me: I must beg your forgiveness if I don't comment on all your blogs as much as I used to. I have always tried to put a comment on every blog post of every blog I read regularly, but now I am feeling overwhelmed! I still read every single post, but I might not comment as often. Have mercy? Know that I still love you? Pretty please?



  1. Leila - I was beginning to wonder how you did it all anyway! Of course, I still love you! You must be making an impact on me, I actually left a comment on *gasp* a controversial / debatable topic of yours recently. Seriously, I don't know what has gotten into me. Have a great rest of the day! Guardian Angels, pray for us!

  2. I *heart* that SpongeBob episode.

    Don't worry about feeding my ego by commenting on blog! (My ego could use a hit or two!) As SpongeBob said in the aforementioned episode, "To think, this morning I was holding his bottle. They blow up so fast."

    (And yes, I am totally psyched to have another relevant quote in my brain!)

  3. I have to say that I agree with JBTC! You follow so many blogs, and I have always been so impressed by your comments on every single post! :) Don't worry, I know you're reading, and thanks for commenting on my quick takes yesterday!

  4. I"ve pulled back on my commenting on all blogs recently too... call me overwhelmed... call me lazy... I don't know???!

  5. I don't comment on everyones either. ;) It becomes overwhelming....I read them all but sometimes I just can't comment. :)

    You rock, keep youself available for the good stuff that we all desperately need! ;)


  6. No worries! We all appreciate your prayers, support, and love regardless if you are able to comment or not.
    I am a bad commenter, I don't always get to comment either!

    Keep in touch though - you are such an inspiration for me!!

  7. I love being a Bubble Buddy! Well, I'm really more of a lurker, but I love the Bubble and everything that I'm learning. I'm struggling with some aspects of being Catholic right now, and I love reading the posts and discussions. I feel a little less alone when I see others living the authentic Catholic faith. Maybe you should make a blog button for all of your Bubble Buddies, or something like "I'm in the Bubble." Maybe??? Thanks Leila for your great blog.

  8. SARA!! That's a great idea!!!!!! I'm gonna work on that..... And, feel free to email me privately about your struggles; perhaps I can help?


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