Monday, October 18, 2010

Bible in the Bubble! Name that scene!

Certain people *cough*(Lauren)*cough* have requested that I present another Quiz Show. But not just any Quiz Show, a Bible in the Bubble Quiz Show!

I aim to please!

First, it is very, very important that no one googles before answering! Or refers to Bible footnotes! That is a major no-no and will get you expelled from the Bubble. Or suspended. Well, maybe detention. Anyway, we have an honor code in here, and the scrupulous among you cannot be the only ones to follow it! (Speaking of scrupulosity, I haven't forgotten. I still intend to write that post.)

Here we go:

The scene of the Visitation in the New Testament (Luke 1:39-56) contains striking parallels to what scene in the Old Testament? Elaborate.

Okay, have at it! And maybe this time it'll be your turn to win a coveted Bubble Award!!!


  1. I have no idea, but I am having a contest this week in my class on who can say the "Act of Contrition" and the "Apostles Creed" from memory. Does that count for anything???

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  3. Brit-put your answer back up! Even if that's not what Leila was looking for-it's genius!!

  4. David bringing back the Ark of the Covenant. I'd be a little more specific, but I was forbidden to look it up, so that's all I got. :)

  5. haha.. alright Kaitlin, but now I'm embarrassed!- I clearly confused words that ended in '-ation'!

    The other -ation... parallels the old testament story of Abraham and Sarah..

    Both Abraham and Sarah, and Joseph and Mary were told by God's messengers that they were to be with child, though both had significant reason to believe that would not come to pass.

    In Sarah's case she was old and withered, far beyond childbearing.

    Mary was a virgin.

    Sarah responded by laughing at God and when she bore her son 9 months later he was appropriately dubbed Isaac (translated as laughter).

    Mary humbly gave her fiat ("let it be done to me according to your will", ((perfecting what Sarah's skepticism prevented back in Genesis)) and Mary was to carry the perfect unblemished Lamb of God within her trusting womb.

    The Fathers also were given notice by God's messengers of these miracle babies - and their responses -

    Abraham responded in disbelief, and in fact doubted God so much that he slept with his wife's maid servant Hagar and bore him a son - Ishmael (where Islam draws much of it's roots from).

    Joseph responded in love and stepped out in faith, and supported his beloved while she carried Jesus until his birth (and became his adoptive father afterwards).

    Ok.. so that's a long, wrong, comment!! Enjoy! :)

  6. My young adult group is actually doing a bible study on Luke, so I know this one! It's when David is going to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem (So probably somewhere in 2 Samuel). Some parallels:
    David dances for joy before the Ark; John leaps in his mother's womb in the presence of Mary (the New Ark) who has Jesus in her womb. Also, Mary says with Elizabeth for three months and the Ark is left at some guy's (can't remember his name) threshing floor or something for three months. Elizabeth (or Luke in describing it) uses a word in the Greek version that is only found in discussing David and the Ark in the OT. David sings and plays music in the presence of the Ark and Elizabeth sings in the presence of Mary.

  7. I would rewrite the whole thing but It would echo mrsblondies

    I Love my Jeff Cavins Bible study

  8. I read Dawn of the Messiah so I won't answer, but I absolutely love this-I think it is called typography, but I won't google and could be totally wrong. I love how old testament foreshadows new and new reflects old. So much depth!

  9. Okay, I am going to go with the dedication of Samson???
    I'm very excited to hear the answer. I love parallels between the old and new testaments! They are so fascinating!

  10. haha... note to self... must read question more carefully! I was thinking the dedication for Jesus in the temple! whoops! Disregard my ridiculous answer!

  11. Hmmmm. . . Visitation is when Mary visited Elizabeth and the "babe in her [Elizabeth's] womb" leapt for joy. And Elizabeth pronounced Mary blessed. (Can you tell I'm stalling and trying to impress with my New Testament knowledge and I'm trying really hard not to look this up?!) My guess would have to be when Sarah was told that she would give birth to Isaac. Can I tell you what book this is from? Of course not - I'm CATHOLIC!

  12. Love this question. Too bad I didn't' know the answer. :) But the Ark sure makes sense... what a great thing to ponder!

  13. Yeah...I also asked for a hint! :)

    The annunciation closely resembles Abraham when told about Isaac in Genesis 12. (15?)

    1) Both were visited by an angel when given the announcement.
    2) Both were unlikely and asked "How can this be?" Abraham and Sarah were past child-bearing years and Mary was a vowed-virgin.
    3) Both helped a close relative afterwards- Abraham argued on behalf of Sodom and Gohomorrah for his nephew Lot, and Mary visited Elizabeth.
    4) Both would be called to sacrifice their only son: Isaac as a holocaust and Jesus on the cross.

    P.S. You said don't reference Bible footnotes. Does this mean you can reference the Bible's main text??? (I didn't, just in case.)


    So I scanned the other comments, which is how I figured out that I read it wrong. :(

    Then I thought the Ark thing was interesting and decided to look it up- and came across a totally different answer from the Ark. But I don't want to take away someone else's answer and chance to win. Maybe I"ll give a coded answer for Leila's sake- is it R when she was pregnant with E and J?

    I don't like being disqualified. RATS.

    I'm going to win one of these days!!!!!!

  15. I'm back!

    Go Mrs. Blondie go! FABULOUS answer!!!

    Bonnie- I love my Jeff Cavin's study, too. Except we're studying MATTHEW right now! RATS!!!! :)

    I love your quiz shows, Leila! I always learn so much!

  16. Mrs. Blondies is right and gets extra kuddos for being in a bible study. Amen.

  17. Lauren.. ha! You did the exact same thing that I did - and then I felt completely idiotic - and I was so darn excited that the Great Adventure Bible study had taught me something useful.. (you know, so I could win a Bubble award).


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