Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Quick Opportunities for Sanctification, and a new blogger to introduce!

1) Dust. That's all. Dust.
I live in the desert. Being "in the desert" has incredible spiritual meaning; it also has a lot of dust!! Which reminds me that "dust" has incredible spiritual meaning, too. I resolve that when I look upon the dust which surrounds me (as a bad housekeeper), I will ponder my own mortality, knowing that I was made from dust, and to the dust I shall return. That is humbling!  
And when I bring myself to get the Swiffer and face that lovely assortment of dead skin cells, dust mite corpses/feces, and tiny clothing fibers, I will recall to mind that even the most loathsome vocational tasks are infinitely valuable if done in humble obedience, for love of God. 
2) Pulling myself away from my blog, and turning towards my family.
May I ever remember that I am primarily responsible for ten very specific souls: my husband's, my eight children's... and my own soul, which is sanctified when I lovingly and attentively fulfill my vocational duties for the first nine.
3) Losing large, crucial pieces of clothing into thin air. Like, oh, my only decent black skirt which is a staple that I cannot live without since it took me months to find one that I liked, and a brand new blue sweater that I have only worn twice and could not possibly be anywhere except somewhere in this house!!!
I must not be attached to material things, nor be concerned with what I wear. I must also realize that having to spend more money (aaackk!) on clothes that I shouldn't need is yet another lesson in detachment, and a reminder that I am not ultimately in control. 

One quick thing before I go back to more contentious topics: There is a new Catholic (secondary) IF blogger on the block! Nicole is the relative of very dear friends of mine, and she also happens to be the President of Delaware Right to Life. She's been thrilled to find the IF Catholic bloggers, and I hope you will give her a warm welcome! She's over at Mom & Then Some.


  1. Is that the skirt you let one of the kids use for All Saint's day? Bummer on the loss of them both! And you can't complain about dust mites when I get roof rats! Okay, pulling myself away from the blogs - who needs TV anymore? Nighty, night.

  2. Yes, Danya, that's the skirt!! I even thought about that... that maybe I never got it back from All Saints Day? But then I realized I'd worn it since then (since it's the only skirt I wear to mass!!!).

    Oh man, that's right! You get dust mites AND roof rats!!

    TV... I remember when D and I used to watch the local news every night together! That was years ago!! Internet, blogs....

  3. Black skirts are best! Even though my seamstress skills fall far behind those of a Kindergartener, I think I'm going to try to sew my own after the baby's born. I have ONE as well, and it's maternity.

    Nicole's blog is nice! Thanks for telling about it. Welcome Nicole. :-)

  4. Don't worry; you'll find them both after you buy replacements. :)

  5. I lost a BAG full of brand new 2T boys' shirts years ago (when my boys were 2T :) It never did show up. I swear there's a bad spirit stealing clothes in this house.
    And I have the same problem with slacks as you do with skirts. It almost seems like they just don't make size 4 slacks for 5'10 women in America. Am I the only one that tall?

  6. Stacy, you'd be surprised at how long maternity skirts can be worn after the baby is born. ;) It's sad, but I have continued to wear certain maternity clothes as they are the only thing that fits comfortably with continual expansion and contraction of the waist that is mine.

  7. Ma'am--I think I will read your blog fairly often,having been directed here by Adrienne.

    As to the skirt--I just haven't been able to find a black skirt that looks good on me...

  8. You guys are funny!! And Olya, my daughter is barely five feet, so she has the opposite problem!

    Welcome, Cordelia and ignorant redneck!! :)


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