Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lord, have mercy.

I do not advocate using graphic images of aborted babies when sidewalk counseling at abortion mills. However, in other contexts, the photos of abortion need to be accessible. The first time I saw photos of aborted children in a book my parents had on their shelf, I knew I would always be pro-life. These photos and images have their place.

I am going to link you to something here that warrants a HUGE warning. I am still sitting here sick to my stomach as I type this. I don't know if I will ever forget what I have just seen. If you have a weak stomach, or if the thought of seeing an abortion take place makes you recoil, then you don't want to look. Consider yourself warned. It is very graphic.

My simple hope is that one fence-sitter will look at this video of an abortion (juxtaposed with a late-term abortion clinic's soothing video extolling "goodness and love") and come over to the side of life, human dignity, and true love.

Here it is, from Jill Stanek's site: The Most Shocking 4-Minute Abortion Debate You Will Ever See.

God forgive us.


  1. I thought I could watch it, but after the first 2 seconds of images, I had to cover my screen with my hand because I couldn't close out the window fast enough.

    Maybe someday I will be brave enough to watch it, to face it, but today is not that day.

  2. 34 seconds into it I had stop and gather my OMGs. After emerging from the fetal position on my couch, I made my roomie come watch it with me. I can't explain how shaken, repulsed and disturbed I am by what I just saw. That's not science. That's not medicine. And it sure as hell isn't goodness. That lady seriously said having an abortion could come from a good place; So sad.

  3. There just are no words. None. Pray for an end to this horror. May God have mercy on us all.

  4. Absolutely shocking. It's too hard to watch for me. I wonder if these videos showing the graphic nature of abortion help? The horror is so very evident to a person with any type of conscience. Do you think the pro-aborts even watch these videos? I would like to know if they are shocked by what they see? Or if they don't dare watch?

  5. I can't watch it-don't want to watch it. The word "abortion" is enough for me. Too bad it's not enough for others.

  6. Why is it when the truth of abortion is shown, the "pro-choice" commenters are mute? What defense is left when the mystery of abortion is revealed as the horror that it is? When the politically correct words of "terminating a pregnancy", "emptying your uterus", or "solving a problem" are stripped of their lies and we are left with what abortion really is: the death of a preborn child.

    How dare someone be pro-abortion and not even watch the video because it is too difficult for them? How dare they promote a procedure that they themselves cannot even stomach to witness? How dare they push their agenda and support laws when they are too chicken to watch and COMMENT and DEFEND what the "procedure" is all about? Where are their voices now when the veil of lies is ripped away? Or perhaps they are still hiding behind more words and more thoughts and more opinions about why this is a horrible "procedure" but every women ought to have this right? At what point do the pro-abortionists tire of their own opinions and defense of something that is utterly defenseless?
    Fired Up!

  7. I couldn't get past the first five seconds...I listened to the "soothing" audio though...

  8. Fired Up Anonymous, I agree. I always wonder where the comments are, defending this? Why won't they watch? Where are the pro-choicers, to comment on what "choice" really entails?

  9. I will probably have nightmares. However, the worst part for me was listening to the calm lady deliver her message for her abortion clinic - she made it sound so "good" and "thoughtful". Where does logic prevail? How would a pro-choice person comfort a friend who has just miscarried? Do they remember to call on the anniversary of that death? Because I have friends who need that kind of support....

  10. Who taped that? And who let them?

  11. I've pretty much seen it all (need to in my profession) and I haven't decided if I'll look yet. I can't even watch The Silent Scream...just.too.hard.

  12. This is unbearably heart-wrenching. I ran across it on a couple of blogs today and have re-posted on my own. I am overwhelmed. Over 52 million. These babies deserved so very much more. Why have we become so complacent? Why have I become so complacent?

    Thank you for spreading the Truth.

  13. I think every woman considering an abortion should be required to watch this video first. They will rethink everything...

  14. I can't watch it. Didn't even try! I got sick to my stomach while reading "unPLANNED" because the description of the horrors were so detailed.

    I really think that most pro-choicers are actually not affected by things like this. Violence, sexual content, drugs are so much a part of their lives that they seem "normal". Killing an innocent baby is "normal" to them.

  15. Can't watch. But the video and images (which I agree are not best for sidewalk counseling), demand an answer to the question: Freedom to choose... what?? This? This is what people are fighting so hard to defend?

  16. That was beyond horrific.... I really have no words. I wanted to yell at the woman speaking and say, "YOU ARE LYING!"

  17. Oh my dear sweet Lord, have mercy on those women...I started watching it with my husband and my stomach could not handle it. I watched half and felt so sick my breakfast almsot came up. If only ALL women CONSIDERING abortion would be FORCED to watch THIS!!! Jesus help those women contemplating abortion today. Dear Sweet Lord help them......

  18. I can't watch it. I saw enough when I scoured the internet for pictures and video to use in a post I wrote defending analogies of abortion and the Holocaust (here, if you have any interest -- no graphic images at that link, just links to such images).

    Every pro-choice person should watch that video.

  19. Oh my....No way...I can't finish it. Is it real....

  20. I can't even bring myself to click the link.

  21. I know I can't watch it, but I pray it has the effect you mentioned. It breaks my heart just knowing it's happening. Lord, have mercy.

  22. I am so sick after watching that.. :( :( :( oh so so so sad..... I have goosebumps.
    Please Lord help us stop this

  23. It took me about an hour before my stomach stopped hurting. It was a physiological response.

  24. I can't watch it either. I just can't face that right now.

  25. I watched about a minute of it and that was too much. I can't do it. I couldn't get it off my screen fast enough and I'm sure I hadn't even seen the worst of it yet. I don't know if I will ever be able to get those images out of my head. How can people say this is not murder?

  26. It is interesting that only comments from horrified people are here now. Where are the pro-abortion people now to defend themselves? That's because there is no defense. None. It's pure evil. Period. Shine a light on the evil.
    I've been pondering abortion more and more lately. When I read and hear about women who go in for an abortion and, while laying on the table, realize they are about to do something wrong and try to change their minds, but are then held down and told no (when they want to stop and leave) -- That's EVIL. There are evil forces who have their talons dug deeply into the souls of people who participate in abortion. I can't help, after realizing this more fully, but want to pray more for an end to abortion and for the conversion of souls. Shine a light. Evil has had free reign for far too long.

  27. Oh, Leila, I seldom comment, but that was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. I could not stop watching because I could not believe what this woman was saying, but I was sobbing throughout. My stomach hurts and my throat is so tight, I am having difficulty swallowing.

    I had a friend many, many years ago who had an abortion. I found out after the fact, but to this day I think of her whenever the topic comes up. She was tormented by it... it ended her marriage.

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph pray for us.

  28. I didn't watch, because I've seen other abortion videos and know they are horrific. Sometimes I wonder what the good of such videos is--those of us who are pro-life are horrified and those who are pro-choice are ??? Most abortionists know of this reality as well and are fine with it. They are FINE with chopping up and killing babies. How do we get to them? Or how do we get to the women that they are lying to before they do?

  29. I think the few pro-choice people who still read this blog, much less even comment has dwindled and perhaps we are tired of this endless argument that goes nowhere. It's quite clear we come from two very different positions and there likely won't be much consensus here.

    Also, I'm tired of being assaulted by the pro-life movement with graphic, enlarged, (somewhat dehumanizing?) pictures and ridiculous "undercover" operations that seek to serve one purpose. Given the time and energy, I bet I could make an "undercover" film of pedophile priests that would turn everyone's stomach as well.

    Where is your outrage and energy when it comes to speaking out against the atrocities abroad and defenseless men, women and children losing their lives daily to bombings and war? Is it just because there are less deaths in that manner than from abortion that you focus entirely on this one subject?

    I don't have time to debate this here. But I said something and I'm pro-choice.

    -miss g

  30. Gwen, I am totally and utterly against atrocities abroad and defenseless men, women and children losing their lives daily to bombings and war. I am totally against the crimes of pedophile priests. I am also against abortion. So I'm against all three of those atrocities, and you are only against two.

    I asked for a pro-choicer to watch the video and defend what she sees. That hasn't happened yet.

  31. And Miss G, I honestly don't understand why you don't care if Planned Parenthood is aiding and abetting underage sex trafficking?

  32. Miss G is a pure relativist. She comes up with the argument about "WAR".
    Then she points to the "Pedophile Priests".
    First of all, go get a cup of awake tea and open your eyes and ears. Images and videos of abortions are horrific, simply because they are true of what abortion is.....abortion isnt comparable to war. Pedophile preists aren't comparable to abortion. What is comparable to abortion is genocide.
    You need to wake up that conscience and look at the reality that this "AMERICA" has made "LAWFUL". Can you read those words....ABortion is LAWFUL in link those images and those words together. America is a GENOCIDE country.
    DO not divert the subject of the atrocity and evil act of abortion with something that is not even close to the evils of abortion.

    A mother choosing to mutilate the life of her OWN. FOR GOODNESS SAKES....Wake up Miss are asleep at the wheel of life!

    Wake UP and get the devil out of your heart.

  33. This is merely the latest in a long line of posts about abortion. Oh, no, wait. Leila's quick takes was also about abortion. Perhaps Leila should call this the Little Abortion Debate Bubble.

    That said, keeping on the topic of abortion, I'd like to hear how you all would suggest to make abortion illegal.

    What will you do to punish a woman who attempts an abortion? Are we talking imprisonment for, say, 30 years or something? Or something more drastic like an eye for an eye (death penalty)?

    When a woman with a failed abortion comes to the emergency room, what will the doctor do? Will the doctor treat her, but then refer her for prosecution? Or perhaps he will refuse to treat her and let her bleed to death?

    What will you do to the back alley doctors who perform illegal abortions? Will they also get prison, or death penalty? I'd be interested to know what your plan for that is.

    Also, what about a woman whose life is in danger, due to the pregnancy? Oh, wait. I know what you will do. You will let her die.

    What about a woman who knowingly exercises too much and has a miscarriage? Will that be considered an abortion? What sort of prison time or other penalty will that entail?

    Just wondering.
    - Mrs. B

  34. Yeah, Leila et. al, the above comment from Micaela is EXACTLY why no one wishes to continue the argument/discussion here.

    Micaela, stop pointing fingers and telling me what I am-you don't know me. And you certainly don't know what's in my heart-it's definitely not the Devil and I don't appreciate your slander. In fact, there's an earlier post from Leila about separating actions from the person and if I remember correctly, only your God can actually "see" and "know" what is in peoples' hearts.

    No more Comment!

    I'm really refraining from using a few select words to describe you Micaela.

    -miss g

  35. Mrs. B, it would be the abortionist who should pay the criminal penalties if he performs an illegal abortion. Women are victims of abortion just as babies are:

    I appreciate your comment, but my original request was that you view the video and defend what you see there. That's all. Then, when we both (hopefully) agree that that is evil, we can discuss how to help women and children. (Which is already being done, lovingly, in so many ways and places.)

    Miss G, please forgive the tone of Micaela if it offends. She has seen the most horrific scenes on that video, and it makes us all just agonized at what we see, and knowing that it is not only legal in our nation, but celebrated.

    Miss G, I would request, please, that you watch the video. Please? And then please tell me if you can defend what you see.

    Emotions are high on this issue, I understand, but please focus on my request and then we may actually get to that elusive "common ground" at least on one thing.


  36. I watched it. And I'll have those images burned in my mind for the rest of my life.

    Pro-choicers, please watch it, and then please defend it.

  37. Then, when we both (hopefully) agree that that is evil, we can discuss how to help women and children.

    So ... I have to agree with you that it is evil in order for us to continue this conversation? What if I don't say that it is evil? Will you still tell me how you plan to punish doctors and the women who have abortions in your ideal abortion-is-illegal world?

    I am not talking about "helping" women who want to have an abortion, I am talking about how you will punish someone who knowingly has an abortion. A woman can swallow any number of non-prescribed substances that will make her abort a baby. Or she may try to stick a coat hanger up her cervix. What if she doesn't go to a doctor, but shows up at the emergency room with a botched abortion of her own? Who will be punished then, if you make abortion illegal? And how will you punish such person? Will it be legal for a doctor to administer care to such a woman who used a coat hanger, or will he be punished by association?

    I need to know this before I continue debating with you.

    Mrs B

  38. I'm sorry, Mrs B, but I have to ask: When abortion was illegal, did women who attempted abortion get thrown in jail and prosecuted? Thanks, then we can continue.

    Now, as to the video. I haven't quite heard you defend it yet. You aren't saying it's evil, but you aren't saying it's good either, from what I can infer. What do you think of what you saw on that screen, which is a procedure done routinely in America?

    I just really wish you would focus on the main question I asked. Because if you say it's not evil, then of course it wouldn't matter a bit to you if that happens to babies day in and day out.

    I'm trying to understand your position on that procedure that you saw.

  39. Leila, I appreciate your effort but not a single "pro-choice" person is going to defend the video or even attempt to answer your questions. Instead, they will divert the topic to repetitive debates such as "how would you make it illegal" or "do you prosecute women who have abortions". They're tired of being "assaulted" (seriously, that made me laugh) by your pro-life trickery. I'm surprised that they come back, especially to tell you why they won't come back.

    Alas, I've accepted that Miss G, Mrs B, or any other Anonymous won't firmly say that what that video plainly showed was a common abortion and that instead of being horrified, viewers should be joyful that a woman exercised her right to have it performed. It's that simple. But no one is going to say that. They can't.

    These are the days when I miss "he who shall not be named", because at least he was consistent in his irrational secular humanism.

  40. I'm a pretty regular reader of the Little Catholic Bubble, but I refrain from commenting. It's normally the case that my point has been made more eloquently by others for me. I honestly don't know what to say to this. Granted, I knew it was going to be a very graphic video, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for what I just saw. I, however, don't regret a moment of it.

    While the whole video was extremely bold and heart-wrenching, almost the worst part for me was the very end, seeing the fetus so 'manhandled' (for lack of a better term). Even though the baby isn't full term, there's no way to argue that it doesn't look like a baby. Apart from size and relatively small physical development, the two are identical. To see the body so abused, so desecrated, is beyond heartbreaking. Contrast the image of the corpse and how it was being treated with that of a newborn. How do we treat them? Certainly not the same way. They are held a certain way, carried a certain way. You can't just flip them over and do whatever you want with them. Would one even do that to the corpse of a fully grown human? No. Desecration of a corpse is just one of those things that is not easily swallowed.

    As strange as this sounds, thank you for putting this video out here for all to see and challenging the thoughts of others. I know it's easy to say "oh, I could never make a decision like this because I'm not in that position". While that is true, you must expose yourself to the Truth of the situation, which is that the deliberate killing of a human person is evil.

    -college girl

  41. college girl, welcome! I hope you will continue to comment.

  42. First, I think of late-term abortion the same way I think of first amendment rights - allowing people to say what they think may not be the most pleasant of experiences, but if we agree with the first amendment, then we should allow free speech. If we agree with abortion (which I do), then abortion is legal.

    Now, on to how you will punish people:

    When abortion was illegal, did women who attempted abortion get thrown in jail and prosecuted? Thanks, then we can continue.

    No, they were not. So it sounds like you are saying that we should *not* imprison women who abort on their own.

    This is VERY confusing to me. Reading through the previous posts, you state repeatedly (and ask "Is it clear? Do you see the distinction?") that there is no difference between a fetus and a human. In fact when people suggest that the woman has a right to terminate her pregnancy, you ask "Then she can terminate her two-year-old child, right?" You say that the two-year-old and the fetus have the same status.

    I think a 30-year prison sentence for killing a two-year-old child is appropriate. Why, then, do you not think a 30-year prison sentence for killing a fetus is not appropriate?

    Mrs B

  43. Mrs. B, Forgive me because I am getting confused with all the different comments and anonymous comments on two different posts regarding this video. So, could you please clarify for me:

    First, Did you watch the entire video in its entirety?

    Second, If you did watch it, do you defend what you saw happening to those babies?

    Third, I'm guessing by your freedom of speech analogy that you are saying that all abortions, even on a full-term healthy baby, should be legal? Even if it "may not be the most pleasant of experiences"? (I think the child would agree with that part.) Do I have that right?

    Fourth, I have never believed in a "one-size-fits all" judicial system. For example, I don't believe in life terms for pot smokers/dealers. For another example, I don't believe in the death penalty for a woman who drowns her five children in a psychotic haze of PPD.

    Which leads to:

    I believe that abortionists should be the ones charged with the crime of abortion. If a woman tries to abort herself, I am not in favor of incarceration. However, I am in favor of getting her some serious mental health care. For someone to be so desperate that she attempts to physically abort her own child by her own hand, she is a woman in need of much help. This is not normal, and she clearly has had many issues (before the pregnancy) which need to be treated.

    Now, here is an interesting (true) case: A young woman and her boyfriend conspire to kill the late-term unborn child in her womb. She consents to let him punch her repeatedly in the stomach until the baby is dead. In the real case, the boyfriend was charged with fetal death (or whatever the crime is called in that state) and the woman was not charged at all, because she is legally allowed to have her child killed. That seems to me very, very, very inconsistent. What do you think?

    I think the D.A. in those cases needs to have latitude.

  44. Mrs B, Your assertion that abortion is synonymous with freedom of speech, would justify any killings. I could walk into my neighbors home and blow him away with a shotgun and my defense could be that I was exercising free speech because I didn't like his stance on animal rights. The Supreme Court made their decision on abortion based on a right to privacy under the 14th Amendments Due Process clause. Where do you find the 1st Amendment in that decision? Again you change the subject from Leila's original post and basic argument without even giving her a logical and fact filled answer. Again I ponder, if you understand Leila's position to be that abortion is wrong and your position to be that it is right, why can you defend the actual acts depicted in an abortion the way that Leila can disclaim them?

    Leila is way more patient than I, as I just want someone to say that they agree with abortion and the video truthfully showed what they agree with. Instead "anonymous beings" question her integrity and insult her intelligence.

  45. As Father Pavone says, America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion. Just as with was fine to talk about, but to see it and the abuse and the families ripped apart compelled people to act against it. I don't know a single person who has seen an aborted baby and continued to be pro-choice...And I imagine this video has the power to convert countless pro-choicers, especially those that never finish the sentence 'a woman's right to choose...'. If it doesn't, they aren't being honest with themselves. How can you be honest and support this, even in an extreme case. A person's a person no matter how small. Thanks for posting!

  46. I only survived like five seconds of watching it. And then I burst into tears (my husband was sitting next to me when I started it saying "you shouldn't watch it. You shouldn't watch it. You're going to be upset." Wish everyone considering an abortion could see this.

  47. LHorton says: Mrs B, Your assertion that abortion is synonymous with freedom of speech, would justify any killings.

    Uh, no. That's not at all what I said. These two things are analogous, not synonymous.


    Again you change the subject from Leila's original post and basic argument

    Yes, because pro-choicers base their decisions on a completely different set of values. This is fair, and what the pro-choicers are trying to get you all to understand.

    Mrs B

  48. Mrs. B, if you base your decisions on a completely different set of values than pro-lifers, then why can't you say straight out that you are fine with what you saw in the video? That it is a moral act?

  49. Mrs B, honestly, I think you just don't want to watch the video and don't want to defend it. You prefer to use the same sound-bytes that all the other pro-choicers use instead of actually delving into the reality of abortion. If there is nothing wrong with abortion, if it is amoral (non-moral), then you should have no trouble watching the video and addressing it. So why don't you?

  50. Leila,

    I couldn't watch more than 30 seconds of this video. It is absolutely horrifying. The little I saw of this video is just more proof that abortion is demonic. I'm not saying the women who procure abortions are demonic. They are exploited and forced to believe that this is their "choice". Abortion in general is demonic in that is invades the sanctity of the womb and destroys the precious gift from God.

    I also don't like the use of graphic images in sidewalk counseling outside abortion mills. I do however find prayer, especially the Rosary, outside these mills to be very powerful. In Rhode Island we experienced success in closing an abortion mill. Rhode Island Catholics for Life opened the Mother of Life Center in Providence near an abortion mill. This center offers women help in various ways so they do not abort their baby. A chapel was also built in the Mother of Life Center. Shortly after the Bishop granted the center permission to have adoration and regular mass at the center, the abortion mill shut down permanently. RI Catholics for Life attribute this victory to prayer and the power of the Eucharist.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog ( I have been following your blog regularly and enjoying it. Keep up the good work.


    Wow. Here is a video that plays recordings from Abortion Federation meetings. The abortionists, as we can see by their own words, know that abortion is killing a baby. They know it. Go ahead and listen.

    Very disturbing, especially the last guy.


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