Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rock star!

So, there I am tonight, in the hotel lobby after an inspirational 1st Way crisis pregnancy center fundraiser, chatting with my dear friend Gayle whom I haven't seen in a while, when over her right shoulder I notice... him! I didn't even know he was in attendance! He was on his way out! This was my only chance! I shoved Gayle out of the way like yesterday's news (don't judge!), leapfrogged over a couple of unfortunate bystanders, sprinted like a madwoman through potted plants, screamed out his name, and threw myself in front of the door to block his exit! Success!! I met rock star, Father Tad!!

What a wonderful man he is! I shook his hand and told him how much I admire his work, and I informed him that he had been featured in the Bubble. At which point he gave me a blank stare, and seemed to motion towards security. Just kidding! He could not have been more gracious, and after our little chat he gave me his card and told me to send him the link!

Yep, I am a Fr. Tad groupie, and I don't care who knows it!


  1. It's nice to know that your rock star is truly someone who should be imitated. Thanks,

  2. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET OUT OF TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. The only thing missing after you bolted out of our conversation last night in the foyer to get to Fr. Tad (and I did see you actually running after him) were the flashing lights of the paparazzi. At least you showed some restraint in not asking for an autograph. I'm glad your determination paid off.

  4. You are so funny. True confessions, I have definitely interrupted/introduced myself to a few cardinals at the March for Life (Rigali- love him).

  5. Gayle! I am so glad you confirmed my account!!! Darn it, why do the paparazzi never come to pro-life events???

  6. Alishia tried to post this comment but couldn't. So, I'm doing it for her:

    I missed him??!! We parked next to him and he took off like the unencumbered priest that he is. By the time we stopped and got John out of the car he was long gone. He is a part of my conversion story. I can't believe I was talking to you and left too soon to talk to Fr. Tad. I mean you're great and all but Fr. Tad! That is th golden ticket!!

    Did you notice me scanning the ballroom while we were talking? That's who I was looking for.

    Boo for me yay for you.

  7. Ummm yes, pride was not a problem for you last night!

  8. LMBO @ Danya! Oh I need you in my life!!! hahaha

  9. Hahaha Leila you are hilarious! Sounds like Gayle was a good sport. :)

    I bet Fr. Tad reads your blog now! He could be reading my comment this very second! Hi Fr. Tad!

  10. That is AWESOME! :) He is amazing!

  11. OK, don't be jealous, but Fr Tad is actually a priest from my Diocese. I've had dinner with him at my mom's house, and he writes for the Anchor, which my pastor is the editor. I have always known his awesomeness, and I'm so glad that others see it as well :) He would be so embarrassed to be called a rock star ;) What a humble and holy man of God!

  12. Colleen, I am jealous, ha ha!! How wonderful!!

    Yes, I noticed how humble and holy he was! What really struck me is that after we spoke, he not only remembered my name but also how to pronounce it! That is the sign of someone who really is focused on the "other" and I knew I was talking to a holy man. :)

    If you see him, tell him we love him and yes, he is a rock star!


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