Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New blog, new Catholic (to be!)

It is impossible to be just to the Catholic Church. The moment a man ceases to pull against it he feels a tug towards it. The moment he ceases to shout it down he begins to listen to it with pleasure. The moment he tries to be fair to it he begins to be fond of it.   -- G.K. Chesterton


I would never be so presumptuous to claim Monica ("Do You Speak Swiss?") as our first Bubble Convert -- her brother Marc deserves the credit for relentlessly debating gently guiding her toward Catholicism.

However, when she started commenting here just a few months ago, she was a deist and a skeptic, with no inclination toward Catholicism. Just sayin'.  :)

Monica has unveiled her newly designed blog today, and she has posted her conversion story, which you can read here.

Monica, I know I speak for all the Bubble dwellers when I say that our hearts are full of joy for you, and you have our prayers as you prepare to enter the Church.

Deo Gratias!


  1. With the name Monic, it was just a matter of time. The prayers of St. Monica for the conversion of souls is quite powerful, just ask her son Augustine!

  2. Hooray! I can't wait to teach her the secret handshake!

    (That's what they said when I converted.)

    Welcome home, Monica!

  3. Ditto, deodate, ditto!

    My, that was fun to say.

  4. I'm a huge fan of hers! ;) hahahaha I secretly stalk her... :)

  5. haha Sew, I feel the same way every time I see her name and her little blog icon! ;)

    Praise be to God!!!!

  6. I heart Monica :)

    I'm working on converting her to a Creighton Practitioner... any day now...

  7. TW, you surely had a hand in her beautiful conversion as well! What a wonderful family of converts you all are!

  8. Yes, SIL, you get some credit too, and so do you Leila!!!

    TCIE- I am already converted!!! Just have to get myself organized to start my coursework!

    And finally, I KNEW THERE WAS A SECRET HANDSHAKE! I JUST KNEW IT!!! Yes!!! And we get a secret code language (Latin). It has all the makings of an awesome underground society. :-) But let's hope we always stay above-ground.

  9. Congratulations. As I recall, it took about two years for my Secret Vatican Decoder Ring to arrive in the mail; maybe yours will get there faster due to no overseas shipping. :P

  10. Hooray! Welcome home Monica! I cannot wait to follow you on your journey. :)

  11. I am very excited for my sister! Here's the thing though: All of this talk about the secret handshake and ESPECIALLY the Decoder Ring really bums me out. When I converted I didn't get to learn the handshake and nobody gave me a decoder ring!

    I'll just try to be positive I guess...


  12. I'm a cradle Catholic, so I didn't get the Decoder Ring since it was a choke hazard.

    Don't feel too bad, Marc.

  13. I took my husband to a Tridentine Mass this morning -- since he's finishing his RCIA program this year (we hope), I thought he ought to be introduced to the "real thing." Well, my parish at home was pretty conservative, so I thought I was prepared, since I'd never been either. Turns out I was so ill this morning that I spent the whole time kind of sit/kneeling, praying to make it through. Nonetheless, I noticed some things.

    I was okay with prayers in Latin; we do that at my home parish too. However, I also expected, being the second weekend of November, that we would be talking about Judgment. That's how Fr. Sean always did it, homilies on the Four Last Things on each of the four Sundays in November, and I thought it was standard. Nope! Not only did the priest not mention the 4LT at all, he talked about Saturday's ND-Utah football game...I still feel like the Tridentine Low Mass is a more prayerful experience and I think I'll continue to go sometimes, but to be truthful, I expected a little more. I don't want to judge, and I guess it's not the priest's fault, he's a product of the times like everyone else (although he was really old), but I don't know. Does anyone else get what I'm talking about?

  14. It's so sad, I never heard of the "Four Last Things" till I was in my late twenties! And I grew up Catholic!


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