Saturday, November 27, 2010

Answer to Bible in the Bubble! Bubble Awards and Grand Prize Giveaway!

Hello Contestants!! I'm finally back!

Okay, I loved this question when I first read it in a fabulous book, because it's so dramatic when we see something in Scripture that occurs only one or two times. It's important to perk up and pay close attention when that happens.

The question was:

The Bible describes Jesus as being joyful only one time while He was on earth. What made Jesus rejoice?


In Luke 10:21, after Jesus greets the returning, rejoicing 72 disciples, He suddenly turns His heart to His Father:

At that very time He rejoiced greatly in the Holy Spirit, and said, "I praise You, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants. Yes, Father, for this way was well-pleasing in Your sight."

It's possible to meditate on that passage for weeks (and the passages immediately preceding and following it) and not begin to plumb its depths. Certainly Our Lord was joyful at other times in His life, but because this was the only time the Gospel writers documented Christ's joy... well, it makes this verse incredibly special!

Now we must forge ahead and reveal the coveted BUBBLE AWARDS!! Here we go...

The Winners Never Cheat and Cheaters Never Win Award goes to someone who didn't win for obvious reasons...This Cross I Embrace!!

The Sew Always Gets an Award Just Because She is Sew Award goes to... Sew!! (Newbies, check out the old Doctrinal Quiz Shows to understand.)

The Best Attempt at Sucking Up Award goes to... Megan!! (Next time, just remember to put a few more compliments in and you might have a shot at the Big Prize...)

The I Got the Right Answer But I Was Either Too Slow, Too Busy With Thanksgiving Stuff, or I Live in the Wrong Time Zone Award goes to...Beth!! (And I am impressed with your knowledge of Scripture, young lady! Are you sure you were raised Catholic?)

Unfortunately, we have run out of Bubble Awards to give to all those who guessed the Lazarus scene. You all would have won big if the question was, "When did Jesus weep?" Clearly you were banking on the fact that His joy was recorded after His grief.... A good guess, but not good enough!

Now let it be known that the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and the recipient of the rosary of his choice from Trendy Traditions is a first time player and the first to answer....

CR Smith!!!

Mr. Smith, not only have you won a beautiful rosary (I'll contact you and tell you how to claim it), you have also won the amazing Bubble Award icon, which is highly coveted, almost to the point of ridiculousness. You may decorate your own blog with it as previous winners have done (our last winner, Paul, even made a blog of his own to have a place to put it), or you may simply gaze upon it every now and then when you want to feel joyful. Which would be fitting for this edition of Bible in the Bubble!

For all those of you who would love a Trendy Traditions rosary, Melanie is offering a 15% discount to all those who purchase before Dec. 5. Simply put littlecatholicbubble -- no spaces -- as the code. (I should have mentioned that in the original post... sorry!! If anyone already ordered, please let me know.)

And thanks to all the NEW players who joined in this time! Please play again! There are some more fantastic Grand Prizes in the near future, so stay tuned!

See you next time!

{applause, applause, applause... and, fade....}


  1. Dang! Yes id like to thank my anti Catholic Baptist professors for that one. I am pretty sure I wrote a paper on this subject!

  2. Wow, I am impressed at those who got this one. It never occurred to me that Jesus' joy was only recorded once! Great question!

  3. You are soo funny! Next question please. One day, I just might know the answer!

  4. So fun! I've been thinking about what this answer would be all weekend!

  5. I will win at some point:) I will! I'm always too late!

  6. Learn something new every day. :) Congrats, CR Smith!

  7. Wow,I had hoped Tgiving and my dumb kidney stone was what really kept me from answering....but I just checked in and had NO clue! Thanks for doing your part in the education of the pitiful Catholics who don't know their Scripture:)

  8. I'm not sure, am I supposed to have an acceptance speech? (Reaches for note cards).

    I'd like to thank those at RCIA that encouraged me to be a Bible reading Catholic, St Jerome, Pope Benedict, Father Matt Henry, Ryan Hanning, Eric Westby (can you tell I'm sucking up for Kino grades???)

    Of course, never forget the total luck of getting right! I was sure I had it wrong, was thinking of Lazarus, too, but that seemed too easy. Anyway, thank you Leila! Will let you know soon.

    Friends, read those Bibles! They're not just for bookshelf filling! Remember, Catholics came up with the Bible!

  9. Ah yes, well at least my suck up skills were worth something. ;)
    Congratulations, CR_Smith!

  10. I could think of the situation/the reuniting...but couldn't think of the exact...and did not have the time/energy/etc.. and I whine about that plenty in my latest blog post to explain hahaha... I love these Bible in the Bubble posts and I totally have Bubble award envy... of these days I will get one - and on time! ;)


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