Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prayer Buddy Revealed!! *UPDATE*

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I can't tell you how excited I was for prayer buddies this time around! (I had missed the Advent and Lent prayer buddy seasons because I was not yet a blogger.) 

When I found out who my summertime prayer buddy was, I was giddy!!! I love this girl, and she was one of the original IF bloggers whom I stalked when I was just a groupie lurker. She was classy, intelligent and oh so lithe! (Any guesses yet??)

Also, she was the most intimidating in some ways, because she was none too fond of fertiles! I figured if I ever won her over, I was golden with the IF bloggers! (Now do you know who I'm talking about??)

Well, someway, somehow, I think I did win her over. And when she friend-requested me on facebook, I knew it was official! The infiltration was complete! I found out from facebook photos that she was not just an "eye" after all! (Surely you've figured it out now??) 

That's right, my prayer buddy was JellyBelly, from Frustrated Musings of a Seemingly Calm Gal! Our sister from up north, eh? Proud Canadian and yoga practitioner extraordinaire! Not to mention gifted writer, inspired teacher, loving wife and amazing Catholic!

Now, it so happened that the praying started right around the time of one of her most hopeful cycles. I prayed for those follies like nobody's business, and I offered every mass for her intentions. Also, I had put off a very important (but mundane) chore for years, but I became supernaturally motivated when I knew I could offer it up for JB to become a mother. 

I admit that I was was crushed when her hopeful cycle was a bust. But I kept going. I had made a promise to God that I would become more attentive to my own vocation if He would work on fulfilling hers. Basically, praying for JB has made me a better person.

If you think that I am done praying for her, you are wrong! I am going to be like the old woman in Scripture who pesters the judge relentlessly until she gets him to make a judgement in her favor!! (I am too lazy to look up the chapter and verse for you, but I promise you it's there!)

So, dear, sweet JellyBelly, the end of the prayer buddy season is irrelevant to me.... you can count on my continued prayers for as long as it takes to fill your arms with your heart's desire!

*Update: Today I learned that the blogger praying for me was Brenda at Life As We Know It! I have been reading her blog for a long time, and I was so happy to know that she was the one responsible for the spiritual lift I received all these weeks! Here's how it works, this amazing Body of Christ: The supernatural "vocational productivity" I received during prayer buddy season was certainly God honoring the prayers of Brenda on my behalf. I can't tell you how amazing things have been since she started praying. I did things I never thought I could, and I have kept them up. I have been a better wife and parent, so much so that it almost surprises me (don't worry, I have a LONG way to go!). And, as my intentions were being attended to by Brenda, I was able to offer to God the good fruits of those intentions for JellyBelly's intentions! Got it? Wow!


  1. Oh Leila!!!! I am so touched and happy that you were my prayer buddy!!!!! I've got tears in my eyes and I'm shaking as I type this!!!!!

    And don't worry I don't dislike ALL fertiles (after all I've watched my bf pop out kid after kid I the past 7 years!), it's only the arrogant ones that fall into disfavour with me!!!!

    Thank you for all of your wonderful prayers. I was lifted up by them, particularly during my last bust cycle! You and your beautiful family continue to be in my prayers!!

    p.s. I've never been called lithe before, I may have blushed just a bit ;)

  2. :) Too cool! I love the idea of prayer buddies!

  3. Sarah, didn't you do prayer buddies this time around???

  4. No, not this time. :) I'm a most-likely-fertile and a bit of a lurker so just wasn't *quite* sure if I should join the pool? But I've certainly been praying anyway! :)

  5. Sarah, the only requirement is that you have a blog and are willing to pray! Next time for sure!! :)


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