Friday, August 6, 2010

Help me choose

I am still swamped and can't post for a few days. But I am always thinking ahead, always "writing" posts in my mind, and I thought it would be fun if you give me your opinion on what I should write about next.

Here are your choices:
  1. Response to Gwen about the myth of "overpopulation" 
  2. Response to Gwen about modern public education
  3. Response to Gwen about abortion (she graciously responded to some of the points in this post, when Christa never did)
  4. Another interview with my daughter about her college experience
  5. Bible in the Bubble (there's something really cool I'm thinking of)
  6. Little Teachings from the Bubble (feel free to suggest topics)
  7. Response to Olya's implication that Catholics make and worship idols
Or, offer your own ideas!

Also, if you could be so kind as to offer a prayer for Dean and me tomorrow. We will be working with engaged couples for the first time, part of a mandatory marriage-prep program in our diocese. Please also pray for the 20+ couples who will be attending, that their hearts may be open to hearing the beautiful truth of Theology of the Body (as presented by Christopher West, in a course called God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage). Thank you! I am so excited!


  1. Since I'm the first to vote, it should carry more weight. :-) I'd really like to hear about overpopulation "myth".

  2. I think that 1,2,3, & 7 are the same round about arguments given by the left, you could probably debate them forever....And not to jab at Olya because that is not my intent, but seriously do we really need to discuss Catholics worshipping idols...So tired of that....

    Since you asked my opinion, I really LOVED #4 because I actually seen it in play in the facebook tirade that was going on....It was awesome! So I'm ready to hear more! ;)

    5&6 i think you will always find time to blog about those! hahahaha

    And if I lived closer I would be attending that presentation on TOB! :) Even though I'm married, I would drag him along....IN threats of their being a professional photographer at the golf outing. ;) That was someone's husbands smart answer to our picture hounding which was hilarious!! hahaha

  3. ALL OF THEM!!!!

    Seriously- I love quizes. I'm slightly competitive. :) BUT I'd also really love to hear your takes on #1 and #2. (overpopulation and education)

    And speaking of 7- a Calvinist friend of mine just told me that in her Bible study last week- someone brought her "Catholic" boyfriend- and upon being asked about his faith, he said, "I kind of see Catholicism like Hinduism...the saints and the know..." My friend was like, "WHAT???? That is NOT Catholicism..." Thank goodness a Calvinist knows what the Church teaches! UGH!!

  4. We heard a great priest speak about the overpopulation "myth" (quite the opposite, actually, the replacement rate is rapidly declining!) so I'd like to see your post about that and see if you have even more info.
    But anything you post will be great. And it doesn't matter WHAT you post, even if it's a silly award for crying out loud, it was cause a debate!

  5. I'd like to hear about them all, but you should start with the overpopulation myth

  6. I say start at the top and work your way through the list.

    I just wrote a big long comment about overpopulation, but then blogger lost it! Ugh! I guess I'll save it for when you write the post :).


  7. I vote for all of them too!!!

    Does that mean I voted for more work for you? Oops!

  8. All sound mighty interesting but since you asked, I'm curious to hear a little more from your daughter. When I was in school, I had a few classes where I felt like I couldn't "win" unless I sides with my left sided prof!! It was so frustrating!

  9. Overpopulation and public school!

    Good luck at the retreat!! You could blog about that too!

  10. Wait, what about the crisis of manhood we were talking about? Great topic!

  11. That is awesome that you are going to work with engaged couples! My dh and I have thought about doing that ourselves since our good Lord gave us a fantastic and blessed marriage. We thought this is one way we could give back to Him. Maybe someday we'll get to that.

    I'm interested in the overpopulation discussion. In this "culture of death" we live in...I wonder about the population and it's growth. I also think about all the ci.tizens coming over....who are making some areas of the U.S. very populated. How an actual census of the U.S. population could ever be done and be accurate!!!! is truly beyond me.

  12. Don't worry about answering my comments. I really shouldn't say anything and will try to just be quet. To each their own, right?

  13. I like 1, 2, 3 & 7 best....but also agree that whatever you blog about will be interesting! :)

    Hey thanks for sharing about your son in my comments section...that is exactly my daughter... she is just a very small eater! Our doc said, "some kids live to eat and some kids eat to live"...mine is definitely an "eat to live" kid!

  14. Thanks, guys!! I will post on "overpopulation" just as soon as I can!

    Olya, you are free to comment, and I welcome it, but please I just ask that you not tell Catholics what Catholics believe. That is frustrating.


  15. Yay...I was going to say overpopulation too! Make sure you post about the retreat. We would love to hear about that!

  16. Leila - I hope all went well with the marriage prep! I am sure you did great! Fiance and I are finishing up L&R tonight for our marriage prep meeting with Fr tomorrow.

    Hmmm which feature... they all sound interesting! Bible in the Bubble.. or response to Olya... or... yeah they all sound good!

  17. I think you should start with #1 and work your way down.

    Olya –Offensive comments such as telling people what they do and do not believe (incorrectly I might add), in my opinion, require a response.

  18. I'm always up for a good overpopulation myth post!

  19. Ann, I am just following Catholics' statements to their logical conclusion. You souldn't be offended when you say 1+1 and I say 2.

  20. Olya, you did not follow Catholics' "statements" to their logical conclusion. You put words in Catholics' mouths ( dore is the word YOU used, assuming WE would use it too. But Catholic teaching does not claim to "adore" Saints and as Megan pointed out, very few knowledgeable Catholics would misuse the word adore in this context.) Yes, it is frustrating to have words put in your mouth and then to be told what you believe.

  21. Olya, follow this to its logical conclusion:

    Fact: The Catholic Church teaches that worshipping Mary is a mortal sin (mortal sin merits hell). So, if I worship Mary, I will go to _____. (Fill in the blank. Hint, it's where the devil lives.)

  22. Exactly Sarah and Leila. Olya, again, just because you THINK Catholics believe something... Does not mean we do. In fact, a large majority of what you have said Catholics believe, practice, do, etc. has been false.

    Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said, "There are not over a 100 people in the U.S. that hate the Catholic Church, there are millions however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church, which is, of course, quite a different thing."

    Now I am not saying you hate the Catholic Church. I do, however, think you have shown us that you have ideas, beliefs, assumptions, etc of what you think the Catholic Church is. The truth of what we believe is actually very different than what you think we believe.

    If you have a question about what/why we believe something, ask. But then don't say that what we say we believe is not true... Just because you THINK it is. That is simply not the case.

  23. Olya,
    The idea behind your comment was a good one because it is a common misconception, but your tone, delivery, and outright refusal to hear otherwise was what was offensive. I’m offended not only because you are incorrect and are not using the actual teachings of the Catholic Church, but also because you refuse to believe what others here have said. Namely, the Catholic Church does not teach or condone the worshiping of Mary or any other Saint.

    I’m curious if you think us (commenters) are lying or if we are somehow unaware of what our own beliefs are. If it is the former, you do not have to rely on Leila, myself, or the former Catholics that you know nor do you have dissect & misconstrue the words of saints or anyone else for that matter. You can get that information directly from the CC. (For instance: Paragraph 971 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church which states, “The Church rightly honors ‘the Blessed Virgin with special devotion . . . . This very special devotion . . .. differs essentially from the adoration which is given the incarnate Word and equally to the Father and the Holy Spirit, and greatly fosters this adoration.’”) If it is the latter, I have no idea how to deal with that kind of attitude. I know who I worship and so does He.

    You made it very clear in your first comment that you were not interested in what any of us had to say. That, in my mind, proves that you are willing to “use the words” of some Catholics, but only if and when those words (as you interpret them) support the misconceptions and inaccuracies to which you are wed. What about the words of the actual teaching authority of the Catholic Church? Why are those words not good enough for you when you are indeed talking about the teachings of the Church? How is that logical? Your preemptive strike also leads me to believe that you have indeed heard the truth about this before, but similarly refused it because it did not support your misconceptions.

    I have to ask: Do you do this kind of “I know what you believe and don’t you dare tell me you believe otherwise” approach with all religions? I mean, do you hit the Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Anglicans, or any one of the hundreds of Protestant fractions with this or is it just reserved for the Catholics?

  24. Not to bring up an old topic, but I thought this comment best fit here: I'd like to make a subject request for a blog post. I want to know how you manage such a large family. Some practical things, like meal time and bedtime, how a typical day in the Bubble goes, etc. I have a hard time keeping up with two plus a two bedroom apartment. How do you keep up with... if I recall correctly, EIGHT???

  25. Monica and Beth, wow... I have been thinking about this. I was thinking of what such a post would look like and all I can picture is chaos and rambling, ha ha!!! I have an idea of what I might want to do with such a request.... Let me mull it around a bit. Trust me, I am no role model for organization and great parenting, ha!! But I have a few things I've finally learned in 19 years of it....

    Thanks for getting me thinking....


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