Saturday, December 23, 2017

TWO obligatory masses this weekend. Here are your options....

Hey, Catholics! We are celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Advent and the Feast of Christmas, back to back! 

Here are your options for mass attendance, made simple! (This handy graphic is from the Diocese of Phoenix, but it's true for all dioceses.)

Blessed Christmas to you!


  1. There's some debate going around about whether Sunday evening + Sunday evening is acceptable. I've heard in our churches it's not, but some people confuse having to have two different readings (Advent and Christmas) when that's not it. Anyway--I prefer to get the benefit of each season. But I don't think anyone will go to hell for it. Just saying as a scrupulous soul here. Clarifications always welcome! Merry Christmas. :)

    1. By "our churches" I mean in our town, in the Atlanta Diocese. Not sure what diocesan policy is....

    2. I suppose I should have included Sunday evening (not Midnight Mass) + Monday morning as a (probably not ok?) option...

    3. Did you mean Sunday evening and Monday evening? I’m confused, Help! :)

    4. Well anyway, I think the chart is really self-explanatory! I gotta thank the diocese for laying it out so easily! It always made sense to me, but lots of people were confused.


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