Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hillary's campaign manager works for "revolution" to undermine Catholic teaching

We've already considered this, this, this, and all of this, which should be enough to make practicing Catholics fly away from Hillary and the Democrats or, better yet, fight their ascent with all we can muster.

But today we see a leaked email from John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary's current campaign for president, discussing how he set up groups to stir up "revolution" against Catholicism:

You should not be shocked, as this has been going on for a very long time. Really think about that last paragraph.

His bio from Wikipedia: "Podesta previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama. He is the former president and now Chair and Counselor of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank in Washington, D.C., and is also a Visiting Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center." <---------- Catholic institution, as you know. 


I'm sure there is and will be a lot more to come (the Democrats have been doing this for a long time), but here's another email leaked yesterday, from a Democratic operative to John Podesta, regarding Catholics:

We should take that second-to-last paragraph as a badge of honor, by the way. (And I believe "SC" means "Supreme Court.")

For those Catholics who still feel inclined to vote for Hillary, you might want to rethink your support for a candidate, a campaign, and an entire political party that directly, gleefully targets your own Mother


  1. I think those inclined to vote for Hillary would be part of the so-called Catholic Spring...if there was one.

  2. Where, oh, where are the Republicans? Why is no one calling on Clinton to denounce this? Where's the apology? Where's the moral outrage from the Republicans? Why hasn't Clinton, herself, denounced these remarks made by her people?

    Oh- wait. The contrast is even starker to us now:
    Trump said gross things 11 years ago, as a secular businessman.
    Clinton and her team presently wish to actively infiltrate the Church and diminish Americans who believe in God.

    Everyone awake now?

  3. "Why is no one calling on Clinton to denounce this?"

    Maybe it isn't a bigger deal because this administration, and by extension 90% of the media, fully agrees with the Clinton campaign.

    "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you."
    John 15:18

  4. Yes, I know the Trump campaign is obviously all over this, of course. I was being facetious with my question to prove the inconsistencies with the "perpetually offended"; those who claim the "moral high ground" when it serves them alone.

    The fake moral outrage is only there against Trump and his supporters ("deplorable/irredeemable" per Hillary), but no real outrage is there from Rep's OR Dem's against real insults and attacks like these email exchanges show.

    My point is that the establishment Republicans are not calling her out because the establishment Republicans are not united like the Democrats are. They don't support Trump. He is an outsider and a lone wolf. That shows us the establishment is really One party-- not two. He's the only one taking on the whole system.

    Sidenote: I find the last paragraph of the email from John H. to be ironic. "They must be attracted to the systematic thought..." Should we be attracted to inconsistent, non-systematic thought? And "backwards gender relations"(?). If we're "systematic" in thought, then there's nothing "backwards" about our understanding of "gender relations" there. Systematic= standard, orderly, methodical, coherently formulated.

  5. There is some truth in the those emails. I know many Catholics who use contraception. I also know many Catholics who interpret doctrine and the rules in ways that are not correct.

    I was not surprised by this. I think it has been made clear that the majority do not want a faith based government. That doesn't mean that we aren't free to practice our religion. But it does mean that we can't expect others to live the same way. The emails are a response to what the majority wants.

    I have a cynical view. If the majority of our country wanted to live their lives as faithful Catholics, abortion and contraception would be illegal. Politicians say and do whatever they have to so they can win and be re-elected. Their staff wants to keep their jobs so they say and do whatever so that their boss is elected and re-elected.

  6. the problem with most of the "catholics" that support hillary, is that they have already redefined what it means to be a catholic, they are the ones who already pick and choose which doctrines to follow and which ones they believe to be archaic. The Catholics these emails are referring to, are the faithful Catholics to the true teachings of the church. So those who already left, are not under attack, they are part of the progressive revolution they are talking about.

  7. @LizaMoore

    I'm not following your point. The emails aren't talking about a faith-based government they are talking about promoting organizations to undermined the stated beliefs of a major world religion.

    For political gain......

    We weaken the Catholic Church from within with a "Catholic Spring" and we essentially cut off the voice of the politically influential conservative Catholics.

    Sure, maybe the majority wants Catholics to hush but that's not justification for attacking our Church. Freedom of Religion and all that, they are supposed to leave us alone even if we are unpopular.

  8. I am grateful that we have the emails. That we have proof straight for the horse's mouth that the churches are indeed being targeted and attacked. It is a nice arrow to have in our quiver. But it is an arrow, not a bomb.

    I've said it on here before and I'll say it again. Most people are not as dumb as they pretend to be. They know full good and well that the Churches and religious are getting attacked. They just don't care.

  9. Just an FYI for Bubble readers --
    Leila wanted to relay an "out of office" reply for everyone as she's out of town and unavailable for the next several days. She wanted to let people know that she's unable to respond to the comments but she can read them.

    She says, "tell Kristi that she nailed it!" and, "amen to StarFireKK!"

  10. Did Leila leave you the cars keys?! God help us. We'll be doing doughnuts in the parking lot.

    1. lol- there's over 120 hours before her return! JOYRIDE!

    2. Dare we reply to replies ad nauseam ?! In this troubled time, I'm sure she'll understand that
      we need a brief respite from dire media mayhem to make it to the finish line, (a.k.a election day).
      However, if she complains, we greenhorns have only to squeal that she knows the 2 infamous instigators who set the bad example. ;-)

    3. She's a deplorable backwards thinking catholic full of Thomistic nonsense and surrounded by unchained breeding racists giving birth to little deplorables who will grow up and have no idea what proper gender relations are and start groping woman while keeping them oppressed with more Thomistic ramblings. We need to infiltrate this tribe and bring them in line with approved thought and enlightenment. It really is an act of mercy.

    4. That explains the photos she's posted of her kids and grandkids; all of them look sooooo
      unhappy. How will they ever be sophisticated enough to survive in mother earth's world if progressive thinking is prohibited in her house?! (Guess I should have verified Leila has a sense of humor before I posted this, but I hear she's trying to be more inclusive with an evolving philosophy: 'You're ok, I'm ok and whatever anyone thinks is their truth, well that's ok too'.)

      Now back to our regularly scheduled program....

  11. Kristi, sadly you are right. How can you get offended if you agree. Wow! Just gonna hang already waiting for truth to change. Waiting for the church to just flip flop or maybe there will be a big ballot initiative about the definition of marriage some day? Do you really think there is some way that the church can change its mind on abortion? It would have to forced compliance. Would people in the pew next to me be able to stand against that when push comes to shove?
    This has happened many times before and here it goes again.


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