Saturday, June 4, 2016

Professor Robert P. George on what's happening to religious liberty

It's been a bazillion years (give or take) since I've blogged, and while I have several things in the pipeline, my life at home has been incredibly busy, and I have not been able to complete a thing!

However, in the meantime, I urge you to watch this talk that I had the privilege of seeing in person, when Princeton Professor Robert P. George (one of my heroes) spoke locally at the invitation of Catholic Phoenix.

This talk is brilliant.

This talk left my own holy and courageous Bishop Olmsted nodding his head in agreement.

This talk outlines what has happened in this culture for the last few years, why our heads are spinning, why we are disoriented and bewildered, and what to expect next.

There is so much clarity here for anyone confused about the growing LGBT frenzy-obsession and the fallout for Christians and those who are concerned for religious liberty.

Get some tea, find some quiet time, and watch.

(If you have no time to watch the video, click here for the audio version.)


  1. I think I'll grab a glass of wine instead if that's okay ;)

  2. Why do I have the feeling that I'll get bummed out if I watch this video?

  3. Margo, totally fine! ha ha

    And Lena, because you already know the cultural tides. However, his message is very important, because we MUST recognize how this came about and why, and it's also about not being silent and letting all this happen without standing up and opposing it vocally.

  4. First, I want to say that I've always dreamed of living in Phoenix, AZ, but now I really want to! Leila, I know that you know you are very blessed.

    On a grave note, while I haven't finished the lecture yet, I had a profound realization. Where do they expect us to get new people?! One abortion alone wipes out generations of people. This idea just puts a stop on it altogether. I guess I've known this, but listening to him brought it home and I was grieved throughout the night. It makes parenting so much more difficult and burdensome. You have to explain all of this insanity to your children. Ugh!

  5. Michelle, yes, it's true that we must lament this, but also remember that we were put here (as were our children) precisely for this time and in this culture for a reason! God wants us here now, and it's no accident! That should bring us great joy and hope and courage!

    And, yes, I am so blessed to live here. Before our current bishop, however, we were one of the most dissenting, liberal dioceses in the nation. It was awful, like you would not believe. (The stories I could tell, and I had just come back to the Faith.) So, there is always hope!!!

  6. Thanks, Leila! Thank God he made it through his recent health scare!!

  7. Leila, thanks for the reminder of grace abounding!

    I'm curious as to what one might say to those (my 17 yr-old) who say that these kinds of things have been going on since forever and it's nothing new (paraphrasing, he is much more articulate than I). And then they cite litanies of historical data of the instances of them.

  8. I would tell your 17-year-old, whose life experience is exceedingly small (he has never known anything other than this relativistic LGBT culture we live in now) that it's of course true that there has always been homosexuality and cross dressers, etc. But that is not what we are seeing today, not at all. This is a sea change in attitudes and a rejection of all reality (even science itself). But bottom line, if he wants to assert that culturally there have been times that homosexuality and sexual license and such were popular in certain eras (Roman Empire...) that is also when the society gets primed for collapse.

    Also, I would send your son immediately to things like the Phoenix Institute (I think it's up north) or the Witherspoon Institute (housed at Princeton in the summers), and find a way to get him educated more clearly on this stuff. Where is he getting this information? Cut that at the source while you still can. Young people will believe the lies, especially lies about sex and relativism, as it's the path of least resistance for them, plus it makes them feel "enlightened" to go with the crowd (even though it's simple conformism). You have every right and obligation to make sure that you get him to intellectually brilliant minds that will speak the truth and not this kind of nonsense.

    Please tell me he's not going off to a public college or something that will further entrench his views! (Mom to mom)


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