Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From the Register: "Are Many Marriages Today Invalid?"

In light of Pope Francis' recent off-the-cuff remarks about marriage validity (and subsequent walk-back), a heated discussion has ensued among many Catholics about just how hard or easy it is to confect a legitimate marriage.

Thankfully, and contrary to what we might hear, it's not all that difficult to confect a valid and/or sacramental marriage! This article from the National Catholic Register, lays it all out beautifully:

This fantastic piece is written by Benedict Nguyen, M.T.S., J.C.L./J.D., D.Min (ABD), who is canonical counsel and theological advisor for the Diocese of Corpus Christi and an adjunct professor for the Avila Institute.

I have bookmarked the article for myself and I hope each of you will take the time to read it through. It's clearly written and easy to understand, and many of my own questions were answered.


  1. It's a good article, Leila. This one from Ed Peters is helpful, too.


    Ed Peters also has a good article on the Pope's rather incredible comments on cohabitation, but you probably aren't looking to go in that direction! :)

  2. When my dear Protestant friend would challenge the validity of the Catholic Church, it was painful and especially because I didn't always know how to answer some of the really good half truths that she was pushing. So, of course I came home to my CCC and/or talked with a trusted priest to make sure of the truth of the matter. It only served me to be more fully certain of what I believed to be truth.

    So, I'll do the same here. Is it discouraging and disappointing? Yes, very. But now the clarifications are pouring in and it's very edifying and invigorating!

    My current struggle is that now I don't want to hear anything he has to say. I can only surrender this to God and continue to pray for the pope.


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