Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Check out this adorable clump of cells!

Note: If you are accessing this on a cell phone, the video will not be visible. But you can click the link below for the incredible scenes.

Check out this blob-of-tissue non-human non-person! This clump of cells is so cute!!!

Amazing Footage of Life in the Womb
WOW. Check out these 4D ultrasounds videos. Life is a miracle!
Posted by Pro-Life Wisconsin on Thursday, August 27, 2015

I love him or her, because it's in my human nature to love other human beings. It's in my biology as a woman to nurture and cherish the child of the womb. It's in the biology of a man to seek to protect his sons and daughters.

Child welfare is so obviously an obligation of adults that we have myriad child welfare laws.

We reflexively understand our ethical obligation to protect those who are smaller than weaker, and to be a voice for the voiceless. To be violent toward or seek domination over the weak and small is called bullying at best, and oppression at worst.

I have everything in common with the baby on the video, because I was exactly in that place at that stage of my development, and so were you. We are all on a continuum of human life, from conception to death.

I am a "clump of cells", and so are you: A clump of cells called a human being.

I am a "product of conception", and so are you. With the human species, the product of conception is a human being.

I am endowed with human rights not from the government, but from my Creator.

I have human rights because I am human. I don't have to earn human rights, they are inherent.

The baby on the screen is part of our human family, and a civilized society welcomes all human beings to the table!

Enjoy the beautiful antics of that beautiful child above, thank God for your life, and have a wonderful day!


  1. I watched it twice and I'm here to tell you that sure looks and acts like the babies I've seen outside of mamas tummy. Who'd a thunk!
    Clump of cells nonsense is over. But it did work for a long time. My wife understood it that way for years. It was just what she was told by everyone and never heard a counter argument from parents or others. ( and that includes 8 years of CCD...dear God). She had it so reinforced in college that she believed the horrific pictures that pro-lifers would display at clinics were total fakes! They couldn't possibly be real! The power of a lie.
    It really wasn't until the 10 week ultrasound of our first baby, hearing a strong heart beat, that she truly realized the facts.
    I can't even imagine how someone could think that ( but I grew up Shiite catholic).
    Now you can find her with her 7 kids praying at abortion clinics.
    It is progress that prochoicers have backed off this lie somewhat and have started taking the position of " look, I can snuff a life because it's my right".
    That's easier to combat than a clump of cells delusion.

  2. Chris, first of all, what a beautiful and stunning conversion story!! Knowing how pro-life your wife is now.... wow!!! My own husband was pro-"choice" (although not raised Catholic) and told me when we first dated that those right-to-life people were "loons". Ha ha! He now is on the board of at least three pro-life charities/organizations, and he prays the rosary with our bishop at abortion clinics! Go figure. ;)

    And you nailed it. The fact that they have moved from "clump of cells" (well, mostly, because you'd be surprised how often I still hear it) to the open admission that they are killing humans... that has to be progress in a sense? It's certainly chilling, but it's also a wake-up call for many others.

    Saint John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae: “To claim the right to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, and to recognize that right in law, means to attribute to human freedom a perverse and evil significance: that of an absolute power over others and against others. This is the death of true freedom.”

  3. JP2=truth. God I miss that sweet man.
    Loons rule!

    1. Loons rule!

      U da king of em all, bruh. The Loon King. lolol

    2. Loons Unite! Like other Loons in history perhaps, loons who recognize truth in the midst of their fence sitting popular cultures. Founders of America, early Christians,. Or even loons who just said " whatever, we are doing this" like a Harriet Tubman or Jimmy Doolittle. Maybe loon like John Vianney or Mother T. Today lunacy might be a simple rejection of the auto mode building of the kingdom of self. 1.2 pets, a solid 401k , lots of 3 day weekends and a time share. Comfort, no worries, and full management of this ideal requires control of many things including the very existence of other humans. They don't fit the plan. Out they go, wether by prevention or knife.
      I'll take the loon kingdom, thanks

    3. Ya know it takes a Loon to recognize a loon;)?

    4. I'll take the loon kingdom, thanks

      Haha- I get that. I'd march under that banner all day, because “lunacy” here translates into “directed and selfless passion”.

      I’m just messing wichya, u know that. :0)

    5. I know that sister. I just found an old book with like 1500 Sheen quotes and feel like I've been in the presence of a prophet. I think I've dogged eared every single page. Feeling very big picture right now. Dude blows my mind.

    6. He's invoked all the time around here. The Master of Distinction (as I call him) always used his white chalk line down the middle of his blackboard like a katana through a watermelon, when he taught clear distinctions of concepts. Here's your system of thought, people. Take note. My kind of man.

    7. I KNOW THAT BOOK, CHRIS!!!! I was reading at your house (yeah, be jealous, Leila & Nubby!) and have I mentioned my love of Sheen?!?!? I love Sheen more than that Coffin guy does! :D

    8. While Leila, the boss is traveling, I'll sidestep her rule also and post via reply-will fast from dark choc. for the day as reparation :) Anyway, there's a free app for some of Sheen's talks that my son and I listened to as we were driving to college scouting;
      one of the few spiritual talks he would listen to.

    9. LOL Maggie!! Check out this interview that Patrick Coffin recently had with the Amazing Kreskin, who apparently personally knew Sheen and has some GREAT stories: CatholicAnswers Focus

    10. Margo it's a different book than the one you saw. The on I'm talking about is all Sheen and other was multiple people.
      And don't bother sending the silverware back, just keep it if you really need it.

  4. Amazing footage. Denial is so very strong when the motivation is selfish. I was pro-choice for many years. I felt women had a "right" to abortion so that they would be on equal footing, in the workplace, with men. I was a single mom and felt I was held back at work because I couldn't stay late, I had to take off with sick kids, and couldn't go to night school like my married male counterparts.

    Thankfully, God reached in and converted my heart. I became Catholic, and eventually (not right away) very pro-life. The truth is always recognizable to those who earnestly seek it. I fight for truth now, doing what I can to change hearts and minds.

  5. Bobbi, what an amazing story you have! Have you written it anywhere? I'd love to read it.

    And yes! Those who truly seek truth will always find it. It's Christ's promise (seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened).

    My friend Kim, who was my "partner" in my spiritual journey, tried everything from radical feminism to Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American spirituality, Islam, whatever.... she studied it all and was very New Age when we met (scary stories there). She, above all, was seeking, seeking, seeking God. She wanted to find Him and wanted to find Truth. She ended up in the LAST place she would have wanted or expected. Here is her story for anyone interested. Amazing!

  6. Can you tell us how many months these little ones are?

  7. Hi K! I'm not sure. I wonder if anyone else knows? I do know that flipping around like that with that much fluid around that means that they aren't in the later months. At least this first images. Unfortunately I'm away from my computer for a few days and only have my very glitchy cell phone, but I will try to find out for you when I'm back at my desk!

  8. The proportions (head to limb size) of the early images look like a 16-20 week old (more towards 16 weeks) and the older images are harder to tell. 28 weeks or more probably? I'm not an expert. Just based on a couple developmental bio courses and some help from google. You know, even a "clump of cells" like a blastocyst, which our devo bio prof lovingly compared to an inverted tennis ball is still absolutely magnificently human and miraculous to behold. I was blessed to be hooked on the wonder of development by a wonderful professor who first and foremost was a daddy.

  9. If I may segue, there's an interesting article by feminist Camille Paglia admitting that the pro-Life perspective “Has the Moral High Ground” ...

  10. I was going to share the same article here, Maggie. Very frank and honest. Refreshing that she acknowledges that abortion is indeed murder and that she only supports it for pragmatic reasons. I also loved that she dismisses the term "pro-choice" and calls herself "pro-abortion". Clarity!

  11. Nice one, Maggie.

    An atheist who can straight up reason with and apply accurate scientific data, who blows countless holes in all waves of feminism, who sees the beauty in doctrine that defends sanctity of life, and who quotes the catechism has my respect all day long. RESPECT.

    She's not too far off from sounding like she might reason her way to belief once she realizes "nature" (or nature worship) doesn't give us the greater context of "sanctity of life" that she rightly respects. The step of understanding of being made in God's image needs to be the rest of that train attached to that beginning of her thought there. Good starting point, though.

    To project sex phobia onto all pro-lifers is vulgar. Although I am an atheist who worships only great nature, I recognize the superior moral beauty of religious doctrine that defends the sanctity of life. The quality of idea and language in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for example, exceeds anything in grimly utilitarian feminism. In regard to the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” the Catechism says: “Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God….God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being” (#2258)

  12. I share your inkling that she might reason her way to belief. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

  13. That'd be great. And it seems to be the next logical step.

    Once she can get her mind around the fact that nature itself cannot give a wider context of "why" sanctity of life is "good" or "beautiful" (as she puts it) or "worthy of being understood and accepted and respected", then the lights will start to flicker, intellectually.

    She's definitely smart enough to walk through the logic of it.

    Nature cannot explain itself. It cannot give rise to "why" we ought to worship "it" and it cannot reveal anything about itself, religiously speaking or spiritually speaking.

    So then the next logical question is, "Then why do I give my worship to it? Maybe this desire in me to worship something subordinate relates to there really being a supreme type of worship to be given to something else much more supreme? What do the major religions of the world have to say about this?"

    She can start setting stakes in the ground and tabling the ideas that need to be siphoned off through deductive reasoning. That's a hope, anyway. That'd be systematic and correct.

  14. Her softening stance should encourage Christians, as Sheen says in his autobiography, 'Treasure in Clay', "...any cell-member of Christ's Mystical Body to apply his splinter of the Cross to some other soul in need; there is a price tag on every soul-some are cheap, and others are expensive." Then he goes on to explain how his request to offer up some suffering to save one soul during a overseas trip was answered quickly and pointedly. It's just makes it more meaningful and tolerable to offer up little and big sacrifices for the conversion of sinners etc., than to have
    the secular view of simply, don't sweat the small stuff.

    p.s. Rapier thoughts as usual Nubby, it'd be great if you'd post them on her article site; doubtful she reads everything,
    but perhaps others would.....

    1. Jennifer, Yes, that's my prayer as well!
      and thanks Margo for the link-will check it out!

  15. TY, Maggie. I appreciate your kind words (that you always have). I probably won't be posting there, but feel free to post the thoughts if you wish to engage anyone there. It's logically sound reasoning.

    It can be an eye-opener when someone sees how faulty it really is to worship, say, a lightning bolt just because it's a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt never declared, "Worship me because I am worthy of your worship." lol I'm joking but get me.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Fab tie-in Maggie and Jenn o. This is what I'm talking about. Change from tissue to Human and the argument is forced to move. Take out the bold lie and now you have a shot at reason. And with reason, maybe light.


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