Sunday, April 3, 2016

Answer to Doctrinal Quiz Show! What did Christ's Sacrifice do?

And we are back!

Here we go with the answer to the Doctrinal Quiz Show question, and fabulous prizes to follow!

The (sort of ineloquent and thrice edited) question was:

What was the effect or result of Jesus' Death and Resurrection? "He died to save us from our sins", but what exactly does that mean? How were things different for humanity after His Sacrifice? After He accomplished our redemption, what specifically changed for mankind?

My simple answer is this:

Jesus' Sacrifice on the Cross reopened the gates of Heaven to mankind, which had been closed since the sin of Adam and Eve. 

So many people, even wonderfully faithful Catholics, do not know this. But it's this simple: Heaven was closed at the Fall of Man, and Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross reopened Heaven for us all -- which is what we mean by "redemption". Whether or not a soul actually makes it to Heaven is another story, but the possibility of getting into Heaven is now available to all.

All right! It's time for what you all really have been waiting for, for years! The coveted Bubble Awards!! This was a very difficult choice for the judges (i.e., me), as there were several correct answers. The judges thus decided to take the easy road and award the BUBBLE GRAND PRIZE to the first commenter with the answer I was seeking, and that was....


Congratulations!! What have you won, you ask? Well, this beautiful icon, suitable for framing!

There are only a precious few Bubble Grand Prize winners out there roaming the earth, several of whom still sport this lovely icon on their own blogs (and perhaps on their home mantels, but that is less verifiable).

But that's not all! You have also won a Bishop Barron DVD, namely, Episode 6 of his incredible Catholicism series. Email me at with your mailing address, and I will send it immediately.

And, as always, we have fabulous runner-up awards! Let's get to it!

The Perfect Answer For The Question I Originally Asked [But Then Modified Because I Didn't Write It Clearly Enough] Award goes to... JoAnna Wahlund!! (She always has the right answer, even when I write an unclear question!)

The Way To Work The Eucharist Into The Answer, As Well As The Deeper Mysteries Of Redemption And Our Role In It Award goes to... April Y!!

The Been Chomping At The Bit For Years To Finally Get A Crack At A DQS Award goes to... Margo!! And she got the right answer, to boot!

The Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit Award goest to... Beth B!!

The Best Use Of Primitive Smiley Emoticons To Project Both Sorrow And Joy Award goes to... Michelle M!! (And, she worked in the Eucharist as well! Source and Summit points!)

The Proper Use Of "Abraham's Bosom" Award goes to... Crystal Pinto!!

The Not Only Does She Flesh Out Her Answer, But She Also Closes With Leila's Favorite Quote From Easter Vigil Exultat Award goes to... Marie M!!

The Got The Wording The Way Leila Wanted It ("Open/Reopen The Gates of Heaven") Award goes to... Angel and Chong Cheech!!

But I am so impressed with all of you, even the ones who didn't answer the question (Elizabeth Power, I'm talking to you!), that everyone who commented (in the US, sorry Sebastian! Sob!) is going to get a free gift just like the Grand Prize winner! Commenters, for your Bishop Barron DVD (Episode 6 of his incredible Catholicism series), simply email me at with your address!

Congratulations to all, and a special thanks to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for re-opening the Gates of Heaven for us with His perfect Sacrifice!! We are eternally grateful!!

Join us next time for another episode of Doctrinal Quiz Show! (Hopefully, it won't be four years before that next episode....)

Applause, applause, applause, and fade....


  1. Yay, I won something! :) However, I already have two copies of the (excellent) DVD in question, so feel free to give my copy to someone else. :D

  2. Adam and Eve biffed, Jesus opened the gate and flipped the keys to a ill-tempered fisherman.
    Can I have Joanna's copy? I'll give it to a new Easter convert!

  3. And, yours might be the most precise answer of all!! Good job!

    1. But where's my prize for not participating?? Isn't everyone a "winner"?? Waahhhh! I'm entitled! lol

    2. Ha ha, Nubby, you win the "Spirit of the Age" award with that! LOL!!

  4. Yayyy I won a DQS award!! I'm so excited!!

  5. Oh no! I'm too late. But never mind. I will give my answer anyway...... Jesus torn body (as the temple veil was torn - and the holy place where only the high priest was allowed was opened) opened the gates of heaven again. We once again have direct access to the Father thru His beloved son Jesus. The flood gates were open so HIs mercy and gracecould pour out.

  6. Cherie, I love the image of the torn Body of Christ juxtaposed with the torn temple veil! Wow!

  7. Thanks, Leila! As a first time participant, I a honored. And, I just had to throw a little Theology of the Body into the answer!!
    This was fun!

  8. First time caller, first time winner! Thanks, Leila! Ha ha, just wanted to clarify that Cheech is a family nickname derived from Chee Chee the Monkey, not related to the comedians (is that what they are supposed to be?) Cheech and Chong!


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