Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, David!!

David Benjamin

8 lbs, 11 ozs, 21.5 inches

March 24, 2015
Traditional Feast of St. Gabriel the Archangel

We love you so much, little big fella!!! 

On our side of the family, this is a massive baby! We are just awestruck, ha ha! Thanks for all your prayers, dear friends, and for sharing in our joy!

Praise God that mother and baby are doing fine!

Now, I am going to be absent from the blog for a bit, while I get to know my new grandson and help the growing family adjust to life with a BABY!!!


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy that new baby smell.

  2. He's so cute!!! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations, Grandma! What a beautiful boy! Looking forward to seeing more photos! Timing is pretty good - this is an annunciation, no? ;-)

  4. Look at those big chubby cheeks! So precious :) Congrats to all your family!

  5. A great announcement on the eve of the feast of the Annunciation! Congrats again to all! He's perfect and beautiful! Enjoy your new bundle of joy and sweetness

  6. So exciting! Congrats to your whole family!!

  7. Congratulations! What great news!

  8. How very wonderful. I had big babies, it comes from the Dad's side believe it or not. She can thank her MIL! ; )

  9. He's wonderful! What a blessing!

  10. Congrats to to richest lady in the world and to the proud mamma and papa!
    Leila, in order for you to meet my prediction of you having 23 grand kids in 15 years, your other kids will have to step up their game. You need to give really flawed NFP advise from now on. So...2 babies in two years leaves 13 yrs for 21 more...that's 1.615 per year. Good luck. ( feel confident doing math here since Nubby is not around to point and laugh and mock!)
    Peace sister

    1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      and incorrect

      why u change ur formula, bro?

      15 yrs is the total time for 23 babies in your original prediction, so
      (23-2)/15= 1.4 a yr

      U gave a completely new problem when you touched time.
      stop messing with the constants dammit I'm tryna fast over here


    2. And I hope you water and dry bread taste extra bland today.
      And I guess it's 2 babies in 1 yr. it's crushing mysteries like this that make me want to become a Zoroastrian.

    3. Seriously, guys, you two need to get a blog!!!!!!

    4. lolz

      misogynistic miscalculations
      u could always add visualization of operands to your hail mary's ya know

    5. Treacherous feminine trickery and entrapment...ness...ism.
      Is that like when you ask the wrong co-worker to give you a neck Misog?
      So..."hammering heretics" huh? perhaps the first post is "if you have no idea what St Ignatius of Antioch is talking about, you're not really a Christian" (and you hate the baby Jesus). Or "Luther was a big Brat and Calvin was a blowhard!". Let the firestorm rage and you can just pick em off like Chris Kyle.
      check this out if you haven't seen it.


    6. Hahaha

      You weren't wrong in your math, if your assumption was that there were 13 yrs left.
      I was going from a different assumption is all ... Shoulda cleared that up, up front
      You know we Catholic women aren't bred to think independently, dammit all to hecky heck heck.

      If that blog gets up and running, the first post should be something in the spirit of St. Nick
      "Imma Wreck You- A Story to Share with the Whole Family"

      Now I'm outta here til after Easter- Supposed ta be fastin' in holy silence... chyeaaah like dat happens round here...
      Keep your math problems clear and don't tempt me, Frodo Baggins...
      ;) Pray 4 me bro

    7. May God bless you and keep you and touch your soul on this Holy Week journey through salvation history. Peace

  11. Thank you, all!!!

    Chris, lol! Can you please, please, come to my house and be my court jester??? You make me laugh!

  12. Congratulations! !!!! Another jewel in your crown from one grandma to another! I just came back from enjoying my two grandchildren! No other joy like it.

  13. Congratulations!! God bless your little David Benjamin and his dear parents! Oh, such sweet news!

  14. Congratulations!
    To all: the new baby, his parents, grandparents... It is like a new world beginning...

    What a beautiful day to be born. Just before the Solemnity od Annunciation. This is the day of birth of Servant of God, Fr. Francis Blachnicki. Pope John Paul II called him "the man of consistent faith". He was a true prophet and witness of God. (See http://www.domesticchurchfamilies.com/#!about-domestic-church/crrl).

  15. Oh, Happy Day! Congrats to all of you!! May he bring honor and glory to the Lord! Many blessings! (p.s. one of my daughters shares this birthday, but was unaware of Fr. Blachnicki). So happy for you!

  16. I know I've already said it...but on our side of the family, he would considered a tiny baby!! Nine pounds, 11 oz for both my baby boys (oh my gosh, I can't remember how big Henry was, and he was my last! I think he was around the nine pound mark too!) Anyway, congratulations, you are going to be surrounded by so many grandchildren!

  17. Leila, Don't give those two,(C.S. and Nubby), any ideas bc they might form an exclusive Marian Mensa blog, and I would miss even the smidgen I understand of their banter, as the remainder of their repartee, which I don't, causes a cool breeze as it soars overhead :)


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