Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Remember my correspondence with an abortionist?

As I read yesterday that prolific abortionist and sexual predator Brian Finkel had lost his appeal (thank you, Lord!), it occurred to me that newer readers of this blog may not have read the personal correspondence I and my friend Kim Manning had with Finkel long before his arrest and conviction.

In addition to the tens of thousands of children he killed, Finkel sexually abused at least 60 women during abortions and exams, even as he told Kim and me that he was "much loved" in the community, a "servant of women" and his "only regret is that their are so many women that need my help, and that there is so little time to help them."

Indeed. And those women's testimonies helped to put him behind bars.

This a very sick man. Pray for him. We cannot concede even one soul to the devil.

And to get a glimpse into a very dark mind, go here:


  1. I don't have anything to say regarding this post (except I will pray), but wanted to say bye to the Bubble for all of Lent that begins tomorrow.
    Time to retreat to the dungeon these next several weeks, and tune up the self-mastery with God's help; or as our Holy Father so eloquently put it, "a punch awaits" the strongholds of my soul.

    Wanted to share the following with fellow Catholics to kick off Lent. May it light a holy fire for the battles that are beginning ... or even for your next gym sesh- ha:

    I will beat her.
    I will train harder.
    I will eat cleaner.
    I know her weaknesses.
    I know her strengths.
    I've lost to her before.
    But not this time.
    She is going down.
    I have the advantage
    because I know her well.
    She is the Old Me.
    - B. Pfiester

    Might as well add, "I will pray more", "I will sin less". yeahboss
    Let the Lenten battles commence. Catch you on the flip-side of (hopefully) increased holiness!

  2. That an abortionist would also be a sex offender is not surprising to me. People like that don't see women as human beings, only objects for exploitation.

    What is surprising is that you were employed by The Republic. This is the publication of Benson, Montini et.al.. Times have changed in 20 years.

  3. Priscilla, believe me, we didn't stay long at the Republic (and we actually only got paid a very small stipend for each column, and we never actually went to the Republic building, except once to get our picture taken for the column). After about two years, we resigned. Our pieces were being edited so badly, and shortened so much (even after we cut them back ourselves, way under the word count they asked for), that our own ideas were distorted, made to look more "extreme" and sometimes even unrecognizable. Were they doing this on purpose, to force us out? I can only speculate. But we simply couldn't have our names and photos on the columns anymore and keep our integrity. I learned a bit about journalism back then, with this experience. I won't even read the Republic anymore. It's just as bad if not worse than when we were writing.

  4. Nubby, that is awesome, and we will miss you! Most (if not all) of my Lenten posts will be spiritual in nature, hoping to build us all up in holiness! :) See you after Easter!

  5. Happy hibernating, Nubby! Catch you when you emerge with your fattened inner life!

  6. Good to know he's behind bars.

  7. I wish you a successful Lent, Nubby! Thanks for sharing that credo. It's so appropriate for me this year. I've made small steps already this year, but Lent is the time when I'm planning to make larger and more permanent improvements in a few areas of my life.

    Pax tecum!

  8. Behind bars is where I will pray for him to stay...as well as to find God and repent for the atrocities he has been found guilty of committing.


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