Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quick Takes: Why I have become a terrible blogger!


Because my daughter's wedding is in less than 30 days!! Yes, I said less than 30 days!! Did you hear me??? That is really soon, people. Really, really, really soon!! And there are things like a bridal shower and dress fittings and a ton of other details that are superseding blog posts.


Because of other wonderful sacraments that we are in the midst of celebrating! My second grader just made his First Confession this week (and he loved it so much he wanted to go back again today), and my third grader receives his First Holy Communion and Confirmation next week!


Because of graduation season. My nephew's high school graduation activities just passed, and my son's eighth grade graduation is coming up next week (yes, the same week as First Communion and Confirmation).


Because my son came home from college and was preparing for and just took his MCATs. It is a fun adjustment when an adult family member comes home (and all the younger siblings rally around at the homecoming), but it has its challenges and can make it harder to think about blogging. 


Because a virus has been working its way through the family members. Six Millers have succumbed. Luckily, it only lasts two days when it does hit, but I won't tell you the number of comforters, sheets, and towels I've washed in the past week (in addition to the clothing). 


Because my older daughter is due with her baby girl in the next few weeks (yes, right exactly around the time of her sister's wedding, at which she is serving as matron of honor)! And I just can't get get my mind focused to blog coherently! 


***UPDATE! Debbie has apparently found a family since this post was published. Praise God, and may He see her safely home!

And none of any of that matters to sweet Debbie, who just needs a family:

Click my picture for more details!

This 5-year-old little girl has already been transferred to an adult institution, which should never happen to a child. Please, pray about adopting this beautiful child of God.

Blessings for a wonderful Memorial Day, and please pray for the souls of all the brave veterans who have given their lives for our freedoms. May we never forget their sacrifices, and those of their families. 

Thanks to Jen, for hosting!


  1. Thank God, your lack of blogging is because of so many blessings (minus the virus)! Two weddings in under a year - wow! I didn't think the wedding was going to be this soon. Are the soon-to-be newlyweds going to be based in California, maybe, hopefully?

  2. GFNY, the wedding was moved up due to Navy issues, so yes, two weddings in nine months!! ACK! No, sadly, it turns out that the couple will be residing in Charleston for at least a few months, and no idea where after that. But since Charleston is the loveliest city in the nation, that is not sad news for my daughter! :) A bit sad for me as it's not driving distance!! :(

  3. Wow Leila , you guys are in a sacramental vortex. You may just get that baptismal fount birth after all. "How about a round of applause for the new couple?.... Ok, can you all gather around baptismal fount now that the baby is all cleaned up... And would somebody please get that kid out of the confessional, his niece is getting baptized for goodness sake!!!" New grandma faints, receives anointing of the sick, and Dean announces that he will be joining a monastic order that demands 16 hrs of complete silence every day.
    Boring Catholic living

  4. Congrats to all the blessings in your life! Such wonderful times. I am the in "sorta" the same boat with blogging and having a senior this year...crazy days I tell ya.

  5. You'll have to come visit us East coasters! :)

    But seriously, after both sisters moved away, I think there should be some law against it. I definitely relate to the sadness. That said, lots of good, exciting things happening in your life, so who needs a blog, right?? :)

  6. Chris, ha ha! wow, that's a scenario! Christine, thank you! It's crazy isn't it?? And Sarah, yes, it should be illegal, sniff!! Both my daughters are moving away this summer, and my new granddaughter will be going too…. I think I may need a MASSIVE pity party. :'( :'(

  7. So, you're trying to say you're a bit busy or something? ;)
    Hope the MCATs went well
    Congrats on the blessings
    We'll be seeing more of you when you can re-surface

  8. This is a total non sequitur but I wonder, if anyone is still reading this thread, what your ideas are about this story

    I'm just curious. Thanks.

  9. Johanne, so many things spring to my mind:

    1) It's absolutely common sense that a Catholic school with a Catholic mission (education in the Truth and getting souls to heaven) would require a faculty that agreed with the mission! Why is this controversial?

    2) How sad that it has to be spelled out like this. That fact alone speaks to a) the weakness of Catholic catechesis in the past 40 years and b) the fear of lawsuits that those on the left have brought against Church schools in recent years, necessitating this kind of spelled-out contract.

    3) I noticed that the article showed ONLY the dissenters, and did not talk to any faithful Catholics who love the Church and ALL of Christ's teachings (did I miss something? Was there any interview of someone from the Church's side?).

    4) Why bother having Catholic schools if they don't believe in/don't care about Catholic teaching?

    The whole things is just the biggest head-scratcher to me, and it's just one more instance of the leftist press (secular and anti-Catholic) shaping public opinion to stick it to the Church and make her into the bad guy. And that they would use Pope Francis in this way is unreal! As if the Pope does not want the Church to adhere to Church teaching? Oy, vey!

    1. In other words, the whole flavor and motive of the article smacks of journalistic malpractice and is unconscionable. I could write a news story that would be accurate and would have the opposite effect -- it would make it obvious that the Church has a right to run her schools according to her mission, with integrity, and that mortal sins (the very thing that Christ came to save us from) must not be celebrated or normalized. Even an atheist could understand? Heck, if a vegan school were forced to hire meat advocates, I would be opposed to that, even though I eat meat. It would be obvious to me that the vegan school has a right to hire only those who are on board with its mission.

  10. HI Johanne,

    That link brings up quite a few thoughts for me, as it is a topic that I've seen many times previously.

    First, the quote from Roger Rosen (French & Latin teacher) stood out to me where he commented that Jesus acted out of love, not fear. YES! And the expectations for those who freely choose to teach in a Catholic school are all based in authentic, selfless love. The list of "shall nots" are directly opposed to God's love as each part of the morality clause objectifies other human beings to varying degrees. If you'd like me to explain how each one (IVF, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, cohabitation) violates love, I'd be glad to, however, I think Leila has explained them all in past blog posts and comments.

    Also, if a person freely chooses to teach at a Catholic school, then I think that person should be expected to model proper behavior and serve as a role model for the students. Otherwise, why teach at a Catholic school? Catholicism is not just a personal interest or something "on the side", no! It's should be an all-encompassing way of life. Catholic schools NEED to get back on track; I've seen too many Catholic grade schools and high schools be thought of as "college prep" schools, when really they should be about learning about Jesus Christ (to varying degrees depending on the particular school subject).

    Catholicism is TRUTH, Johanne. We will never force Catholicism on anyone, but teachers should know what they are getting into before choosing to teach at a Catholic school. Also, maybe it's a wake up call for them to get to know Jesus better and see how much His love can enhance their lives.

    Just my two cents; I'm sure Leila will have an answer far more eloquent than my little musings ;-)

    1. Ha! Looks like Leila beat me to the response (must have commented while I was typing mine ha ha)

  11. Margo, well said! And, I added a little something above. The same reporters would be tripping all over themselves to condemn a move to force vegans schools to hire meat-advocates. And we all know it.

  12. I'm sure PETA expects its employees not to wear fur.

  13. Thanks. It's helpful to get the viewpoint of people more closely involved with the issue.

  14. You're welcome, Johanne. Did our responses make sense to you? Do you agree that those who freely choose to work in a Catholic school should be expected to abide by Catholic teachings? What are your thoughts on the issue?

  15. Margo, I was hoping for more from Johanne, too. Johanne, please tell me this makes sense to you? I think JoAnna's comment about PETA expecting its employees not to wear fur is so clear. I am seriously trying hard to understand why people think that a Catholic institution promoting Catholic ideals and adhering to a Catholic mission should not expect its employees to be on board with that mission and those ideals? I am not able to make any sense of it. Help?

  16. Here's my experience with a Catholic institution that does not adhere to (or expect its employees or faculty to adhere to) Catholic teaching: Utter confusion, and apathy towards the Faith. I went to Boston College. A "Catholic" institution that was pretty much Catholic in name only when I was there, at least. We were all poorly catechized to begin with, and since the institution (again, claiming to be proudly "Catholic") didn't care one whit about Catholic teaching, every person I know pretty much left the Church. That is the legacy of such an institution: It produces non-Catholics or at least non-practicing Catholics. I admire SO MUCH those administrators who, in the face of being so incredibly maligned by the press (no doubt even getting threats for being the "meanies" that they are made out to be, not to mention bigots, homophobes, misogynists, etc.), are still willing to be attacked, marginalized, calumnized and lied about, all in the name of fidelity to the Church. To stand with Christ even as stones are being thrown is a courageous act today. This culture is vicious to anyone who does not bow to the spirit of the age, especially when it involves the almighty orgasm (honestly, that appears to be our highest god these days in America). I cannot imagine the hate that is being directed at that school and diocese now (well, I can imagine, since the tone of the article itself was designed to make us disdain the school and Church). But honestly, faithful Catholics are accountable before God to peacefully stand for the Truth, even when attacked for it. Today we have to choose: We either want to see souls (all souls) make it to heaven, or we want the accolades and approval of the culture. Today, we can't, apparently, have both.

  17. "Did our responses make sense to you? Do you agree that those who freely choose to work in a Catholic school should be expected to abide by Catholic teachings? What are your thoughts on the issue?"

    Hi. Yes, your comments make sense to me, assuming the school in question is supported entirely by the Catholic Church.

    I understand what you are saying about freely choosing, but if a teacher has worked there for quite a while under a different set of guidelines I can see that the change could be disconcerting. And the issue of what methods would be used to monitor teachers' personal lives is a bit disconcerting as well--even if the principal makes sense.

  18. I am at least relieved that you see the principle making sense. Institutions should be able to hire folks who believe in the mission. And as far as the change… it's actually very challenging, but the Church is all about challenging Catholics to be better, more faithful followers of Christ. Why would any Catholic not wish to be a better Catholic?

    It baffles me, honestly, and I can tell you that I would have had the same opinion of all of this even when I was a very unfaithful Catholic.

    Johanne, one more question if you will: Does it trouble you at all that the article does not contain one quote or sentiment from the Church's position, or from those faithful to the Church? It almost reads like an anti-Catholic editorial, not a news story. Thoughts on that?

  19. Hi Leila
    "Does it trouble you at all that the article does not contain one quote or sentiment from the Church's position, or from those faithful to the Church?"

    Yes, it does, now that I have heard your viewpoint.

    "It almost reads like an anti-Catholic editorial, not a news story. Thoughts on that?"

    My main thought is that's exactly how I feel about most any article about homosexuality, abortion, feminism, etc on LifeSite"News" and their ilk.

  20. But Johanne, LifeSite makes no pretense about being a pro-life site. LifeSite and others of their "ilk" openly proclaim that they are an advocacy news site, and they believe in the inviolability of human life at all stages, and the sanctity of the act that creates human life. So, you know you will find a "viewpoint" there. A pro-life viewpoint.

    CNN, by contrast, is supposed to be an unbiased news outlet. Now, we all know that it's not. We all know that it's left-leaning for sure. But the point is that CNN likes to present itself to the world as neutral, just the facts on the story. And many millions of people believe that they are getting straight news, when in fact they are getting editorials and liberal advocacy disguised as hard news.

    You see my point, right?

    1. I should have said, LifeSite makes no pretense about being neutral on the issues. Sorry, it's late!

  21. Leila
    I see your point that LifeSite makes no pretense about being neutral; however they present their stories as though they are representing an accurate picture of reality (e.g. gay life) when they are riddled with inaccuracies. That is different than expressing an opinion. They don't pretend to be neutral but they pretend their articles are factual when they are anything but.

    From a leftist point of view these CNN stories are assumed to be accurate because they reflect the left's attitude about Catholicism (very generally speaking). And you're right, it's an incomplete analysis (which is why I asked your viewpoint, so I'd get a more realistic understanding.)

    When folks on the bubble give links to conservative articles about leftist views they are also skewed in their facts and therefore mistaken in their analysis. But you can't see that because they match your viewpoint.

    Do you see my point?

  22. Johanne, yes, I do get your point, but you have to again realize that I expect something like a NARAL site to speak about women who don't have any concern at all about having aborted their child. They can and do find such women. But that is not a hard news outlet. Again, CNN is supposedly the most respected name in news. ha ha ha ha. And it's more than an "incomplete analysis", it's bald-face advocacy. Can you really read their "news story" (the one you linked) and not call that deception and propaganda?

    As for the stories on homosexuality on lifesite: They start with the premise that homosexuality/sodomy is immoral and unhealthy. And that a "union" that cannot be conjugal and cannot be consummated, cannot ontologically be marriage. Those are not such wild premises, and you wouldn't mind if a site that wanted to show the dangers of smoking started with the premise that smoking is unhealthy. It would still be an advocacy site, of course, and we should expect it. Here's where I agree with you: I'd still expect the facts to be right, though, even if I knew it was an advocacy sit (that's why I often use Guttmacher for facts, even though they are heavily pro-abortion). So, to the extent that you (as a liberal) don't like the advocacy of a pro-life, pro-marriage site, I understand, but that has to do with ideology. But to the extent that you don't like an advocacy site botching actual, verifiable, hard facts, I agree with you! When that happens, point it out. If you have any examples, I'm interested.

    But CNN? Shame on them.


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