Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quick Takes: Mother's Day is upon us...

…and I plan on sitting on my butt and doing nothing. Well, I'm going to mass of course. But then I'm sitting. But then again, that's what I try to do every day. This time, though, I will sit on my butt and not feel guilty about it. That's why this day is different; lazy without the guilt. And like every other Mother's Day, I will simply ask for one thing: PEACE! No one fighting, whining, complaining, disobeying. Just one day. Am I right, ladies? Isn't that all we really want? Aside from the chocolate? 


This is what the Catholic Faith looks and feels like to me:

A little taste of Heaven on earth! It's why I want all of us to be strong and faithful Catholics! The beatific vision will surpass this image, infinitely.

Oh, and I didn't plan it, but I just noticed that this sanctuary is fitting for a Mother's Day post, as it's Notre Dame (translation: Our Lady) Cathedral in Montreal. Our Blessed Mother. Yes, she's the heavenly Mother to every one of us, whether we understand and believe that or not.


This is my beautiful mommy, as a little girl in Ohio. This must have been the late 1940s. By all accounts, she was the sweetest thing -- quiet, studious, thoughtful. Who could have imagined that this small-town Protestant Mayflower descendant would one day marry a hot-blooded Arab immigrant?? Medina, Ohio had never even seen an Arab before a bunch of them rolled in for a wedding in 1964. Life is so funny! Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you so much!

And here is a picture of me with my own daughter, who is a mommy herself now (she's got a few weeks to go before delivery)! So it looks like this #2 Take has four generations pictured! Wheeeee!


My kids would be the first to tell you that I am no expert on motherhood, but just in case you're interested, here is a link of me yammering on about it, as part of a Mother's Day panel on The Catholic Conversation. I was honored to sit amongst the most amazing women, including our host, Becky Greene, a former secularist and author of the blog, Reclaiming the Womb.

Mary Moore, Jennifer Ellis, Becky Greene, and Yours Truly, with photos of our families. 

It's super awkward to hear oneself recorded, isn't it? When did my voice get so creepily low? But if it helps one mother feel better about her parenting (lose the unwarranted guilt; none of us is perfect!), then I am content.


Karen Pullano, a mother I come close to idolizing (yipes!), does it again. This article might as well be a manifesto for life. Deeply profound, and yet so simple. You know how we are supposed to sit at the feet of the wise ones and learn from them? Karen is one of the wise ones.


When I read something funny, I usually just laugh in my head, as very rarely does something I read make me laugh out loud. But Jennifer Fulwiler's story of the truck made me laugh out loud. Judging from the comments, I am not alone.


To everyone who has a hard time with Mother's Day, including those who have lost their own mothers, or mothers who have lost their children, or women who struggle with infertility, you are never far from my thoughts. In your offered sufferings, as you keep company with Christ on the Cross, you are the quiet saints among us. May the Lord and His Blessed Mother comfort and keep you, and pour down grace and consolations, especially this weekend. 


Both my earthly and heavenly mothers are named Mary. In their honor, I am posting the photos of two little Marys who need a mother.

Mary turns three this month (and of course May is the Month of Mary!), and she will thrive in a loving family:

Click my photo for more information!

Nine-year-old Mary Lauren is a beauty, and she loves to dance and swim! 

Click my picture; video available for serious inquirers.

Please pray for these little girls, and for all the children who do not have mothers to love them. 

God bless you all and thanks to Jen (the Hilarious One) for hosting!


  1. Hi Leila
    Great radio show. Is that true that you have had a second wedding in your family?

  2. Thanks, Johanne! Actually, the host was mistaken on the timing… the second wedding is next month, ack!!! So busy, going nuts here, ha ha.

  3. Beautiful picture of you and your daughter (and grandbaby!) So excited you'll get to buy baby girl clothes…so fun! :) OH and I loved the radio show (listened to it while cooking dinner tonight!) Such a great group of inspiring mothers. Thanks for sharing that. P.S. Your voice doesn't sound low to me at all! I loved hearing it again!

  4. GIMH, thanks! I cannot believe it's been almost a year since you were here! :) Come back someday!!

    Johanne, yes, indeed! :)

  5. I don't think Medina has changed much since then!

  6. Yes, we moved down here 10 years ago and absolutely love it.


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