Monday, August 12, 2013

While I'm away...

Well, I'm really not going anywhere, but I do have to get some stuff done here -- some of which has a deadline -- and I need to stay off the blog until I get that done.

So, a couple of things in the meantime.

First, I so enjoyed the last post that I thought I would dig up a couple of the old "Just Curious" posts that also had great comments, one serious and one light:

Whether you're reading everyone's comments for the first time or have read them previously, I think you'll be edified. I just spent way too long reading them when I should have been working on that stuff I just mentioned in paragraph one!

And, I can't promise anything (since I never actually plan anything I write), but if you'd like to give me suggestions for future blog post topics, please feel free to do so in the combox.

Finally, if you can spare a moment, I'd love your prayers for a couple of special intentions, both good things (no, I'm not pregnant)!


  1. Good luck with your stuff. One has to stay organized.

  2. hope this is for fun, wedding related stuff!!!

  3. Shannon, it's not about the wedding, ha ha! It's a couple of (cool) things before that! I'm sure I'll be taking a break in about a month, too, though! Eeek!

  4. "Cheerio but be back soon"

  5. I love you little disclaimer at the end...
    My mom was pregnant and planning MY

  6. Prayers coming your way! It's nice to pray for happy things, too! Best wishes w/ everything, Leila!


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