Friday, June 1, 2012

UPDATE!! Quick Takes: The fight to come, and more

1) Game on, Catholics! Here is the latest from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which will be included in a nationwide bulletin insert:

"When fundamental human goods, such as the right of conscience, are at stake, we may need to witness to the truth by resisting the law and incurring its penalties." (emphasis mine)

I say, Hell to the yes!

Remember, we didn't pick this fight, but we will not lie down.

2) Which brings me to this video, to inspire us on to battle...

2a) UPDATE: How could I forget???? Go see For Greater Glory this weekend (it's got some big name actors)! Is 1920s Mexico a preview of what is to come to Catholics here in America? My priest and many others have mentioned its relevance to Catholics in this country today. Kind of leaves me freaked out, but yet with God's grace I won't crumble in the face of any such tyranny:

3) So, New York City has the highest abortion rate in the nation, killing 41% of its unborn children (and nearly 60% (!!!) of all unborn black babies) but thankfully the good Mayor Bloomberg has his priorities straight:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can rest easy that while the unfettered slaughter of innocents continues in the Big Apple, the government crack down on sugary drinks is well underway. Whew!

For some reason, all of this liberal do-gooding reminds me of a funny post from the early days of the Bubble:

4) This one's tough, but it's important:

I was going to put an excerpt of his Congressional testimony here, but I think I'll let you all decide if you want to read it. I will suggest that you at least read the last three paragraphs of the transcript, which addresses the "abortion to save the life of the mother" question. Puts the lie to that whole argument.

5) I just loved this article by a young Catholic seminarian, who talks about embracing celibacy. He begins:
I think most people would be surprised to know how many men in the seminary are in love. And, I don’t mean with Jesus; I mean with a woman. 
Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be. Seminarians are men, too. Men with emotions, passions, and desires—they fall in love. Being a seminarian and training for the priesthood, or even being an ordained priest, doesn’t change these natural human conditions.
He relates his call to celibacy to those who struggle with same-sex attraction. It's a beautiful reflection, and you can read it all, here.

6) Until I read Jen Fulwiler's piece, "Five Questions Before You Leave the Catholic Church", I had no idea that liberal writer (and longtime dissenting Catholic) Anna Quindlen has officially left the Church. I say it's about time, and I am thankful that her integrity finally kicked in. One of the most horrifying things I ever read was Quindlen's assertion that one of her proudest accomplishments was convincing her devoutly Catholic, pro-life father to become pro-abortion. I think I almost vomited. Can you imagine the evil of such a thing? And the account on Judgement Day? Shiver.

Oh, and check out Jen's fifth reason. It's a point she has made before, and it is sobering.

7) Orphan Stuff!!

Tee hee, so I have a little guest post on Sew's blog today… Check it out!

Also, it's finally here! Kara's been working on, and we've been talking up, the "Bidding Malcolm Home" silent auction for weeks, and tomorrow (Saturday) it begins it has already begun!

Hurry, go see all the wonderful, quality items on which you may bid:

Click through the photo album on the page and you'll see all the offerings! I put in a couple of items myself, and I also plan to bid on a few!

I love all the items, but regarding the Seraphym rosary… oh my gosh. You guys, I have seen this rosary in person. It is about a hundred times more beautiful than the picture shows. Also, it is made by the same woman who made one of Mother Angelica's rosaries. Truly a classic.

The auction runs from Saturday morning right now to Sunday evening, so get those bidding fingers ready! This is better than ebay!

A disappointing event leads me to today's orphan profile. Malcolm's new parents are homestudy approved to adopt two children. They learned of little Marena who is in Malcolm's region. She is about the same age as Malcolm, with a very mind (almost unnoticeable) case of CP, and with strabismus (i.e., "lazy eye") that is easily corrected with surgery.

Marena's last carefree days at the baby house?

She is a doll! The Smiths were prepared to take her home as their own child, along with Malcolm. Unfortunately, the rules in this region of Russia do not allow two unrelated children to be adopted together! Unthinkably, even though she has a family who would save her, she is about to be transferred to the adult mental institution. Seriously, the injustice of it makes me want to spit or scream or cry or something. Don't even get me started.

The only hope for Marena, then, is to find another family willing to take her as their daughter. Please, please, let's find her family before they take her off, shave her head, and place her with adult mental patients for the rest of her life, where she will surely decline, and possibly die.

Learn more about Marena, here, and please, please, spread the word.

God bless you, and thanks to Jen for hosting!

PS: Facebook is not letting me sign in today, for "security" reasons… ??? No, I did not leave facebook, but I'm a little bit concerned that others have asked if I've deleted my facebook. Anyone else have this problem?

PPS: Well, I found out why I was kicked off facebook. I "violated their community standards" by speaking well of natural marriage and procreation. Big Brother will not tolerate such an offense! I will blog about it later and you can be the judge.



  1. I really appreciated the 5 Reasons piece written by Jen this week.

  2. #4 was absolutely heartwrenching. When I thought myself pro-choice I refused to learn what abortion was actually like (I was one of those "I wouldn't but I can't impose my morality on others" types) and now I know why. There is no way to truly acknowledge what happens in abortion without recognizing it as murder. After reading his testimony I had to hug my baby extra tight. I never thought I would be the kind of person to go pray outside PP but I think the Lord is calling me to it!

  3. Leila, my husband and I made the exact same conclusion regarding making large sugary drinks illegal. We just said this last night. I can't have a large coke but I can kill my child! My gosh. Are we upside down as a nation right now or what? Lord, have mercy.

  4. I couldn't read #4. I can't watch videos at work, so I tried to read it but when he started describing abortions, I couldn't go on. How could someone do that?

  5. I love that video. My hubby posted it on my wall a while back. It's awesome. I am so ready to fight, it's not even funny.

  6. Oh my gosh! I saw her picture today as I was going through RR and I just wanted to get her. I can not believe that she could have a home and they are about to send her off. WTH.

    Oh and about the whole sugary drink crap, but I can kill my baby if it's a girl and I want a boy....Don't get me started....So lets not call it a human but wth is it when you have a gender? Hmmm, liberals aren't too smart. I hope this goes to bite them in the arse.

  7. Guys, I love these comments. Makes me inspired! And, Sew, great point!! How is it "not a human/person" but yet it's a boy or a girl? Hmmmm…..

  8. I object to Mayor Bloomberg imposing his morality regarding sugary drinks on me. My body, my choice!

    1. "My body, my choice" -- how ironic. I cannot believe you can't choose your drink size in NY but you can kill your child. SERIOUSLY????

  9. Well, to play the devil's advocate card, humans/persons are not the only living beings with gender....

    1. Could you elaborate since you are play devils advocate....??? Because my dog is a living being but Id eat him if I were hungry. I would not kill the human being living inside my body because of the childs gender.....That seems to be discrimination that the liberals freak out about discriminating against.... :)

    2. And denying the gender of a child but saying its just a blob of tissue makes absolutely no sense...So you can call it a girl, but since you want a boy, you want to kill the girl....Things that make you go Hmmmmm.....

    3. Blue Henn....I'm sorry, I might be a tad hormonal today! I took you literally, you truly played the devils advocate well and I took the bait. I did not mean to unleash my hormones on you! ;) Open mouth, insert foot. :)

      Leila-I'm fattening my dog up incase I need to eat him! He's 10lbs now! I should be able to eat my dog if I can kill my baby, no?

      I wonder how fast it will take PETA to be at my door! LMBO! Come here little waffle, Momma is hungry! LOL

  10. Yes, but Blue Henn, what else would the fetus of a human woman be if not a human fetus? ;)
    It couldn't be a chicken or a buffalo, right?

  11. It is so sad and sick about all the babies being killed in NY. Especially hits home because our black daughter was born in NY. Thank God!!

  12. Leila

    I keep hitting the link "Bidding Malcom home" and it brings me to the FaceBook page but I can't see the pictures of the items? (Including that rosary that you keep talking about! YOu got me curious!) I admit I'm FB-dense as I'm hardly ever on it and don't know how to navigate around it. Help?

    1. Becky, there should be a photo album to click on. Or if you see a photo of an item, click on it and then you will be in the photo album. Email me if you still have a problem! Thanks! :)

    2. Ok, I found it! You know what other rosary is really cool? Unbreakable Rosaries.

      They're expensive but handmade with a single peice of wire that goes around each bead to make it so that it never breaks. If I had more money, I would buy one.

      And that little Marena is so cute! It's so sad that they don't all two adoptions at once. I hope that a family will find her soon.

      And as for #2, I was just thinking about that movie today! I want to see it, it looks so interesting and I think a lot of people, religious and nonreligious will benefit from watching it.

  13. Oh my gosh, Marena's story is just heartbreaking! I can't believe she is being denied a perfectly good family/home situation just because of some red tape. So frustrating.

    I will try (TRY) to read the abortionist's testimony... I've been prolife for a long time, but being pregnant has ratcheted up my sense of how evil and tragic it is quite a few notches. And yeah, what is up with having a gender but not having human rights? Did you see the Live Action undercover videos of women going into PP requesting sex-selective abortions? Dh and I watched some last night and were really trying not to throw up (meanwhile, Baby Boy was kicking and wiggling just like's been since 14 weeks and probably even earlier than that... and they are talking about aborting baby girls up to 24 weeks. Vom).

  14. I am 24 weeks pregnant on Sunday. It blows my mind (for lack of a better term) that I could still have an abortion. It makes me sick.

  15. Emily, Sarah, I hear ya.

    Becky, I need to go look at those unbreakable rosaries!! What a great idea!

    Sew, you ALWAYS crack me up when you talk about eating Waffle! (That's her dog.) Too funny and an excellent point!

  16. Man... you definitely get the award for most thought provoking quick takes! :)

  17. M had strabismus surgery last Friday.... Easiest thing EVER!!!!!

  18. Ok, before we start advocating civil disobedience someone is going to have to explain all of this to me. I've tried to find the answer and I asked around but I still don't understand.

    So here is my problem- I'm still a bit shady on how the HHS mandate translates into sin.

    Use of ABC is not always sinful. If the woman uses it for other medical purposes and does not have sex....she is not sinning.

    I understand it would be a sin for my husband to give me $10 every month for the purposes of buying ABC if we intended to use it to avoid.

    But I'm not sure I see how an employer who has no access to medical history, has no knowledge of what items are or are not being given to his employees and does not encourage the use of ABC will be sinning if he provides a insurance policy that is required by federal law that may or may not provide ABC that may or may not be used in a sinful way.

    It seems like we are putting a huge burden on the employer. The only time I've ever heard the Church putting that type of burden on someone they are a spouse or parent of the other person- not the employer.

    Now, I understand why we don't LIKE this mandate. I understand why we think it encourages immoral behavior and it certainly shouldn't be our country's "medical standard." But that's a lot different than a religious freedom issue.

    I also understand there is a "if you give a mouse a cookie" fear. (So much more fun to say than slippery slope.) But I don't really see running hospitals as being key to being Catholic. Sure it is a wonderful way for the Church to provide services and live the life we preach but is it NECESSARY to being Catholic?, not really.

    (Note: I think the Church is going to win on this- if people can use religion to get out of paying for their car tags I'm pretty sure the Catholic lawyers can win this one in their sleep. But, personally, I think a Church who is trying hard to eliminate moral relativism from the world shouldn't encourage legal relativism.)

    So.....where am I going wrong? :-)


  19. Oh, Leila, I meant to say I think it is hilarious you got kicked off Facebook for your comments on marriage!

    I think you should treat it as a badge of honor cause I don't think Facebook's community standards are that impressive.

  20. The facebook thing is absolutely eerie. It should give everyone pause. No matter your stance on the issue.

  21. I can't believe how many black babies are aborted nation-wide, not just in NY, and it amazes me that people aren't more up in arms about this. I am just so thankful that my (black) baby's birthmother chose life. He is the best thing to ever happen to me!

  22. Kat, if I remind you that the mandate also "mandates" that we pay for sterilizations and morning-after pills, does that help you see why it's so evil? The services are "preventative". They are meant to "prevent" pregnancy and babies. We do not cooperate in that kind of evil.

    No one is disputing that hormones can be used to help certain pathologies (though the Pill is always the worst choice, and cures nothing, just masks it). But this is not that. This is "preventing" pregnancies. And sterilizations are mutilations of healthy, functioning body parts (so, they are not "health care"). And morning-after pills are abortifacient (and can never be said to be helping menstrual pain, for example).

    It is very clear that this mandate is part of an abortion/birth control agenda, which is why all the pro-aborts are in love with it.

    I hope that helps!

  23. And I would say that since we started the hospital system centuries ago, it is part of what we do as Catholics. We are mandated by God to do the corporal works of mercy, which include caring for the sick and dying. The government will be squeezing us out of that kind of care, which is part of the Catholic mission. Along with education, adoption and foster care, etc. They want us to have freedom of worship… which is different (and much more limited) than freedom of religious expression.

    Please, go see For Greater Glory this weekend. The bishops are lauding it, and they do see its implications for us here, in the USA.

  24. And thanks for the comments on the facebook thing! It's a badge of honor, and it's eerie at the same time.

    And call me mama, there is not only NOT an outrage over black babies being aborted, but when pro-lifers put up a big banner in NYC saying that the most dangerous place for black babies is in the womb, and decrying that fact, they were forced to take it down!

  25. Kat, PS, I didn't mean any of that to sound combative. If it came off that way, I apologize! I am tired lately, and I say things the quickest way to make the point. Sometimes, it comes off in a tone I don't intend. :)

  26. Re "For Greater Glory" - I've only seen the trailer, but it seems troubling. It appears to encourage and glorify the armed violence by Catholics to defend religious freedom. Is that what Jesus came to earth for? Did He resist violently and call for war? Isn't that exactly what the Jews expected of Him and He refused? I fully accept the concept of a just war, but does this cover the concept? When I think of the Catholic attitude and spirit in films, I think of The Mission, or Of Gods and Men. I would also welcome the bishops, or really anyone, accepting jail for not complying with the HHS mandate etc. - but war? Glorifying violence and killing in the name of religious freedom (that's what the trailer seems to do)? Why do the bishops recommend such a film? Will be out for a while, but welcome any answers - thanks!

  27. Leila- no worries at all. I am the exact same way....I really have to tone it down at work because the people I work with are super polite. I blame it on growing up with four brothers. Boys don't seem to get as offended when you are blunt.

    I just haven't replied yet because you made some thought-provoking comments. I have an internal debate going on about the governments and societies right to regulate, whether or not there is a real disconnect between employer and employee medical decisions or if that distance is a false construct. Plus a whole range of debate about religious freedom and tolerance vs. being a Catholic. It is a mess...when the two lawyers in my head stop arguing with each other I'll let you know if the jury has any more questions. :-)

  28. Sebastian- You bring up some very interesting points. Ones well worth talking about.

    But first, I don't think the Knights of Columbus (who I believe funded the film) are advocating physical warfare. I think it is meant to inspire us to verbal, political and spiritual warfare. It's a piece of Catholic propaganda and it is my understanding it is not completely historically accurate but serves to remind us there are things worth fighting for.

    As for violence to defend our faith, I see your point and I think it should never be a decision made lightly. But my husband and I come from a long line for Irish-American Catholics. My husband's family has photos of dead relatives hanging from trees outside their Catholic Church. Murdered by the British because they dared to attend Mass. So yes, there is a time when violence is necessary.

    If someone were to attempt to execute a Catholic priest in front of me - I would have no problem raising a gun and pulling the trigger. Sure, I'd be upset I had to hurt someone, I would hate that it had come to violence but I couldn't stand back and watch an innocent person be killed. Use of violence in the defense of yourself or others is permitted by the Church we aren't all called to be martyrs.

    I'm going to be very annoyed if our priest and bishops allow themselves to be martyred either by being killed or rotting in jail. If you wanted to weaken the Church what would you do?

    Take out the leadership. Most of us are very poorly catechize- we'd have a very hard time keeping our way without a Shepard. Our enemies are smart- most people won't tolerate widespread bloodshed. But you put those priest in jail for "standing up for their faith." Hmmmmm....almost the same result isn't it?

    We cannot allow our priests to go to jail- we might never get them back.

  29. Oh- I just wanted to add. Please don't think I am saying everyone has to be willing to use violence to defend their faith.

    Just as I think it is important for us to have people willing to fight, I also think it is important to have people who remind us ALL life is precious. ALL of us are children of God.

  30. Sebastian, I haven't seen the film yet (though my older kids are going today), so I can't fully comment. I will tell you that the photos of Catholics in Mexico hanging from the poles along the railway lines, plus the fact that the government executed Catholic children, does a lot to convince me that we are able to take up arms against such atrocities and crimes against humanity. No one is saying this is what American Catholics should do at this moment in history, but it's wise to see what governments can do to the Church, just south of us, and not even a hundred years ago. I know of a Mexican blogger who said that her fellow Mexicans were shocked to learn of this history, which is no longer taught in most schools there (the movie opened in Mexico a while ago).

    StarFire, looking forward to your thoughts, and yes, I love women who "think like men" and are not so sensitive. Also, keep in mind that the entire body of Catholic bishops in America are of one mind on this issue, which is astounding, and which smacks of the Holy Spirit on the move. Something to consider when you deliberate.

  31. Leila "And call me mama, there is not only NOT an outrage over black babies being aborted, but when pro-lifers put up a big banner in NYC saying that the most dangerous place for black babies is in the womb, and decrying that fact, they were forced to take it down!"

    I totally agree with this. Something is amiss. On a sad blog called "Karen Knows Best" I tried twice to calmly point out the NYC facts and the author, a black woman, banned me. I simply stated facts. She called me a nutjob. She removed my comments so the other readers could not go to the websites that simply state the facts. She did not want them to know this. She banned me AND removed the links even though there was no commentary. I was deeply troubled by that. Everyone is talking about race and racial equality etc, but if someone wanted to come into our country and put anti-black eugenics into action, they could scarily do it in a more effective way than NYC is. It is totally sick. How can she reconcile that in her mind?

  32. Mary, it's like so many of us have said (and experienced), the "tolerant" left is anything but tolerant. It's okay for them to rant and rage and call names and accuse, but if you try to have a rational discussion, just presenting FACTS to them, they ban, censor and eliminate you.

    She reconciles that in her mind by means of justification of evil. To justify evil, you can't even listen to the other side. You have to be right, or your whole world crumbles (imagine coming face to face with the realization that abortion actually is the violent killing of children? That is to be avoided at all costs.).

    I had a facebook conversation the other day with a woman. She called me every name in the book, screaming, ranting, insults, mockery…. all because I asked her if she thought an unborn child was human. It made sense when I found out that she herself had had an abortion. She simply projected all that rage onto me, for asking a simple question. She went so far to say that there is "no killing" in abortion. Even though the abortion industry admits that there is! But, her mind cannot deal with knowing that she had a hand in killing her own child. It's the avenging conscience. One of my very favorite posts on this blog, the one that still fascinates me (esp, as no one on the "other side" really had more than a shrug), is this one:

  33. Thanks StarFireKK and Leila for responding! I agree that we can use violence in self-defense, or the defense of life of others (innocents). I believe this is part of the concept of a just war, and of allowed self-defense. But the trailer seems to celebrate violence in a way that is very Hollywood-ian and un-Catholic. Think of the last scene in The Mission by contrast: A converted Robert de Niro character fires on the advancing Portuguese soldiers, defending the village. And the Jeremy Irons character, the priest? Walks out with the monstrance, in full priestly regalia, village in tow, straight into the oncoming fire of the soldiers. Guess which part of that scene always brings me to tears? Christ will NEVER abandon us, and the Church will survive no matter what. Yes, we are not called to be martyrs (though they are more inspiring than almost anyone else - think of St. Peter, St. Maximilian Kolbe and so many others.) But we must beware of not being made tools of by the devil by simply letting emotions take over. I may be wrong, but this is what I think, for what it's worth. Hope to see the film though and then finally make up my mind.

  34. Sebastian, I read a bit more about the Mexican persecutions. Apparently, there was a peaceful resistance at first, when the gov't was restricting clerical garb in public and seizing Church property, etc. But the violence against Catholics escalated anyway and (as the Catholic League put it) "churches ravaged, altars destroyed, parishioners murdered and priests hanged."

    A fourteen-year-old boy who was tortured and executed for his refusal to submit to the government mandates (and who is portrayed in the film) has been beatified along with 12 other of the resisters. Thank you, Pope Benedict!

    My kids are seeing the film as I type, and I can't wait to hear what they think.

  35. Leila, I am awed how you research always more when some insignificant commenter like me throws up his own worthless thoughts, with all the stuff you have to do - you are amazing! I look forward to being fully convinced by the film!

    I'm almost more amazed that actors like Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria are playing characters in a film celebrating Catholic resistance against government persecution - either a very courageous thing to do in extreme left Hollywood, or they were paid a very vast amount of money (I doubt the Knights of Columbus would do that), or their careers needed a bit of controversy. I take it for granted that both are Catholic (or at least "Catholic").

  36. Sebastian, you are too kind! My "research" is not as in-depth as it should be (I'm just good with a quick google search). My kids still are not home from the movie (it's a long one!).

    And, I was thinking the same thing about the actors! I wonder??? I should research why they took the parts, ha ha!

  37. I saw an interview once with Eva Longoria who said that her grandmother will not speak to her anymore because she's upset that Eva took a roll in "Desperate Housewives". Eva had laughed saying that her grandmother is a "strict and die-hard Catholic." I say, go Grandma!

    Who knows, maybe there's something inside Eva Longoria that wants to do good by doing this movie--or maybe she just wants to make peace with her grandma--also a good thing!

  38. This is off the subject but I just had to comment on your wishing that more women would think like men comment...

    There's another woman who had said the same thing, remember? Elisabeth Leusser!

    I have always been proud of my practical thinking (thinking like a man)but I have to admit that I still cry like a woman! I've always wished that I am not so sensitive...but still, sensitivity has it's place and good moments too.

    For instance, I was in one of my "sensitive moods" one day after a long day with the kids and my husband had not called me to "check in". He was on a fishing trip with my two kids, who were seven and four years old at the time. I was upset that first, he didn't call, and second, that he still had the boys awake because it was after 10. Then, to make things worse, there was a "knock" at the door (this was in a fish house) and Dennis stuck the phone in his pocket (with me still listening) and began to have a conversation with the man! So basically I was feeling ignored and even angrier now that this man was keeping the kids up so late and that Dennis was allowing that.

    On top of all this, the man was using a lot of swearing in his conversation--in front of my kids. I was waiting for Dennis to say something and intervene, but he never did. By the third swear word, I shouted in the phone "Hey! Watch your mouth!" And then there was complete silence and a embarrassed "sorry." I was a little embarrassed that the man had heard me and hung up, but a little happy too. Mama Bear had still managed to come out, even from a pocket.

    Sorry for the long story (wasn't planning that!)but there is a good example on how sensitivity can be a good thing!

  39. Becky, I love it!

    Yes, the "feminine genius" is a very good thing.

    The stuff that gets me is the women who accept every behavior and situation because they don't want anyone to suffer (even the consequences of their actions) and they condone sin out of "compassion." Or, they simply refuse to step outside of emotion and think with logic. Too much of that sort of makes me want to *urp*. Truth is too important to get bogged down in superficial sentimentality. However, get me talking about the orphans, or against injustice to children, or cruelty of any kind… Well, I won't cry, but I might want to punch someone, ha ha!

    And, I often wish I had the "gift of tears", so don't be sad about that! It's a wonderful thing, really. As long as it goes along with a logical mind, ha ha.

  40. So how did your kids like the movie? It's next on my list of movies to see, after watching Avengers for the second time tonight. Love that film! Did your kids suggest why For Greater Glory is rated R?

  41. Sharon, my kids enjoyed it very much!! My daughter said it was R for a good reason. The violence is very brutal, even though it's not gory or anything. It's just so disturbing what they did to people, including women and children. Very disturbing. But, it's an important, well-made film. Our bishop recommended it, as have other bishops.

    I have heard that the Avengers is EXCELLENT!! I can't wait to see it. The rest of my family has already. Usually I wait to see action stuff on DVD (I only go out for the chick flicks….).

  42. I posted Marena on my site before I read your blog!


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