Friday, June 29, 2012


But only through July!

So don't cry!

(Cute rhyme, no?)

Well, this is my swan song for a month, for both blog and facebook. I will miss you all terribly, and I can't wait to be back in August to start up the conversation again. I will be refreshed and renewed -- hopefully my house will get a clean-out -- and I will be ready for the fight to get Obama voted out of office. (Girls in town, when that happens, can we have the biggest party evah?)

Anyway, what will I be doing on my July bloggy fast? Well, it seems like a dream, but I plan to finish reading two books that I started months ago.

From Atheism to Catholicism: How Scientists and Philosophers Led Me to the Truth


The Twelve: The Lives of the Apostles After Calvary

Also, thanks to wonderful Abigail who will guide me, I will be reading something the soul craaaaaaves:

The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross

If possible, I will finally read one of the books that has been recommended by people I greatly admire. It is a commentary on Pope Benedict XVI's September 12, 2006, University of Regensburg lecture, which made news and caused a violent uproar when one quotation was taken out of context. The pope's address has been called "genius", and is a fascinating response to the challenges facing us moderns, examining politics, religion (including Islam), reason, man, and God. I may need my 23-year-old pre-pregnancy brain back in order to grasp this one, but I'm going to try:

The Regensburg Lecture

I also really, truly, desperately want to redo the Total Consecration with my husband. We did our first Consecration about 16 years ago, and it was the most amazing spiritual time in our marriage. It was five weeks of floating on grace. Will we have the discipline to do it again? Ah, there's the question! I'll let you know.

Okay, some of you have asked me to recommend blogs for reading while I'm gone, and that's a toughie. I love my blog roll, so feel free to peruse that list of gems, which include mommy blogs, adoption blogs, infertility blogs, and of course just your straight up Catholic blogs.

Now, if you like Catholic discussion in same vein as we do here, you might want to visit Devin Rose and/or Stacy Trasancos, as they are masters of reason, lovers of truth, and have juicy comment threads. Also, Ignitum Today is a great community blog where young adult Catholics congregate, and New Advent will keep you clicking through the best of Catholic commentary and blogs all day (it's dangerous for me to access that page, because then my day is shot).

And if you have any questions on the Catholic Faith, Catholic morality, Catholic apologetics, Catholic history, or anything Catholic, please ask our own JoAnna Wahlund, who is not only 143 times smarter than I, but who happens to be blog-sitting while I'm away. She's handling it all… I've given her the keys to the Bubble, and she will keep it clean and shiny until I return.

Also, don't forget the ample archives of the Bubble, which you can find under "Blog Archive" on the right, going back two years. Dig around! There's some good stuff you might have missed, including these serial posts that should keep you busy for a while:

And of course, the whole host of Little Teachings from the Bubble is worth a look.

If you should actually reeeeeally miss me, please consider a love offering to my memory by throwing a couple of bucks into one (or both?) of these families' funds. They are One More Smith (remember Malcolm??) and Journey to Reunite Two Angels (if you tell Sylvia of your donation, you can be entered to win an iPad). I love these people. You can donate from this page directly with the links below, and donations are tax deductible:

And to keep a promise I made to a very special friend (and a friend of the orphans), I am going to keep Holly's picture here for the break, so that her beautiful face can be seen by all, including, I hope, her mommy and daddy. They are out there, and they simply need to see her, and fall in love with those big, green eyes. Click the photo for more information about this beautiful girl in need of a family:

Are you my mama? I am giggly and outgoing! I will make a good daughter!

Okay, folks, see you in August! I hope you are all still here when I get back! And if there are two or three of you who truly cannot live a month without me, you can email me or come see me on my other blog, where I will be lightly posting and checking in from time to time.

OH!! And don't forget to do all your Amazon shopping through the link at the very bottom of this blog (all the way down there!), because I'm giving 100% of the proceeds to the orphans and the families bringing them home.


Miss you already!

Wish you were here!




  1. Just wanted to say that I highly recommend doing the consecration every year. The 2nd time I did it was even better than the first! You won't be sorry you did it!

  2. We'll miss you, Leila! Enjoy the break and all those wonderful books!

  3. Leila's gone; party in the Bubble! Woohoo! ;-)

    (Smarter than you?! Not by a long shot!)

  4. Enjoy your break! Yay for JoAnna!

  5. When you said you were going to finish two books, I thought you meant that you were going to finish WRITING them. When I realized that you meant you were going to finish reading them, my heart sank a little.

    You should take a couple blog breaks to write a book. Then I will take a blog break to read it. :-)

  6. Noooooo. Don't leave us!

    Just kidding. I totally understand. Have a good break!

  7. Have a great break, Leila! Hope it is productive and refreshing for you.

    Love that adorable little Holly! I can't believe no one has scooped her up yet. Adding her to my prayers while you're gone. :)

  8. JoAnna, no keggers in the Bubble! And, I should clarify that, Becky, ha ha! Someday, maybe...

    Another clarification: JoAnna will not be writing for the Bubble (she has her own blog for that, and go see her! Ask her any questions there!), but she will be releasing moderated comments, fielding current ones, moderating discussions on any of the posts that are still going, etc. Anything that comes with Bubble sitting.

  9. What no keggers?! Dang. Oh, well. My doctor wouldn't let me anyhow. Dang liver. Can we settle for some "spirited" discussions instead? I know. Bad pun.

  10. I think it was a good pun, Deltaflute! Nicely played! :)

  11. There's a whole 24 hours left of June. It ain't July yet, missy. Just sayin'.

  12. GFNY, yeah, you are right. I gave myself a one day cushion so that I could still be all up in the comments for at least one more day, ha ha!

  13. We will definitely miss you!

    Enjoy your "break," you've certainly earned it. :)

  14. I'll miss your insight and overall greatness.
    Have a great month!

  15. Will miss you!

    Enjoy your break and will look forward to when you come back with boxing gloves on.

  16. Do the Consecration with us! Our yearly renewal starts July 13th and ends on the Assumption. Let's do it!

  17. Have a great break, Leila! And thank you for the recommendation; I am honored.

  18. Book recommendation for Total Consecration: 33 Days to Morning Glory. Easy to read meditations each day - short but bursting with enough to meditate on all day. I used it to renew my Consecration on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart, which I first made 10 years ago.

    Have a great month off, Leila!

  19. I'm totally slacking at the consecration and I'm not feeling many graces.....Probably because I'm pathetic.

  20. Totally going to miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leila - thank you for introducing me to your pastor's site! I love all the blogs that you recommended but I'm going to shamelessly promote my daughter's - it always brightens my day: Start where you would like - but her engagement story is pretty adorable! (It's back in Feb. 2012)

  21. I'll definitely miss your blog & fb posts! Hope you enjoy your break :).

  22. Thanks, guys! With half an hour left till midnight, I am starting to feel like when you leave for vacation and wonder if you might have left the stove on, or forgot to turn off the faucet. This time without facebook, blogs and "being in constant touch" with everyone all the time will be a good thing, spiritually! See ya later and have a great July!

  23. Miss u


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