Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Darkness

(Reposted from 2011)

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered continually, hour upon hour, all over the globe -- save for this one day. On Good Friday, there is not one Mass said on this earth. The tabernacles of every nation are empty, the sanctuary lamps across the world have all been extinguished, literally. 

Left in darkness, agony and sin, we wait….

The Crucifixion, by Carl Heinrich Bloch



  1. This painting sure shows the pain of crucifixion, both the physical pain and the soul pain. It moves me.

  2. I agree. The only thing that quells my sorrow every Good Friday is knowing the joy of the resurrection that is coming!!

  3. I am confused. I went to Mass today. In fact, I always say that Good Friday is my favorite Mass all year. It is the Mass that tends to bring out the most emotion in us. It feels so somber and real. It makes me appreciate his sacrifice. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention for a moment during RCIA? Was this not Mass even though we had communion?

  4. Holly, right, it was not a mass. A mass is when the Eucharistic prayer is said and the hosts are consecrated. It is the offering of the Sacrifice. Today, no mass, no offering of the Sacrifice. Only a Communion service, with Hosts that were consecrated another day. No Jesus in the tabernacle, no Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. So, on Good Friday, one does not even genuflect when entering and exiting the church.

    The Mass on Holy Thursday is the last one until the Great Easter Vigil mass on Saturday after dark, when we celebrate the Resurrection (and the Hosts are Consecrated, placed back in the Tabernacle and then the Sanctuary Lamp is relit).

    Hope that helps! :)

  5. Uh...I genuflected and crossed myself entering and exiting the church tonight (in the direction of the crucifix, covered though it was). Was probably obvious that this was only the 2nd Good Friday service I've ever attended, ya think?

  6. Ok, now I am getting confused. We had the holy of holies, the Real Presence, exposed for adoration in a side chapel of our church. So I genuflected. Is genuflection not always towards the holy of holies, and not the cross, which is only a symbol. (Hope I'm getting my terminology right, because English is not my mother tongue). Thanks

  7. Sebastian, good point! My comments presuppose that there is no Blessed Sacrament exposed anywhere in the Church, or in the Tabernacle. If we come across the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance, then yes, it would be most appropriate to genuflect or kneel. Thanks for the chance to make that clarification! :)

    Girl From New York, I have been known to genuflect on Good Friday out of habit, and many others have as well, so don't feel bad, ha ha!


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