Monday, April 16, 2012

Brief Malcolm update!

So many of you have helped little Malcolm in the past couple of months, and things are moving right along for this little boy who turned five this month.

Please read the latest updates, including interesting news about Malcolm's life at the orphanage, at the Smiths' blog:

Take some time to click all around the blog, and you will find tons of info -- including newer photos of Malcolm!

Also, please consider entering their giveaway for a brand new iPad (generously donated by our own Brenda, at Life As We Know It)! No purchase necessary, but donations encouraged and gratefully accepted! Go here for the details:

iPad Giveaway
(And it's the NEW iPad!)

The Smiths' first trip to Russia may come as soon as July, so please keep praying and spreading the word until the day that Malcolm can finally come home (that's a post I cannot wait to write)!


  1. I am discouraged that none of my fb friends have shared. I think they don't believe that we are giving an iPad away. Che said it must be our reputation for always being broke. I hope the turnout is amazing though. If I ever get around to it, I mean to blog about this whole Lenten experience and our sacrificial giving and Acts of Charity we did this Lent. It's been so fruitful. And Che has gone along with it all:) He really deserves any thanks we might (but probably don't) deserve.

  2. Brenda, no way! I can't believe that…

    I definitely want you to blog about this Lent. I think a lot of us were changed. :)

    And, God bless Che!


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