Monday, September 19, 2011

Bubble pride is on the line! And other belated Quick Takes

Whew! Thank goodness there are no Quick Takes police around here, making sure that these things run only on Fridays.

(I mean… there aren't any, right Jen?)

1. I guess I'm just a little paranoid because today we deal in Chicago-style politics. The gloves are off and the shameless influencing of votes begins. That's right: The Bubble has been nominated for its first ever blogger award!!!!  (Well, it's technically an anti-award, but still…) Thanks to Rebecca, aka The Mom at Shoved To Them, who nominated me for a Cannonball Award in the "Best Armchair Theologian" category on the Crescat's blog. I am so honored by that sole nomination that I am not only begging every last one of you (even those who hate my guts) to go and vote for me, right here, but also thuggishly demanding that you vote early and often (once a day is permitted, I believe).

Now, clearly The Mom and I are engaged in a conspiracy of corruption; you know… you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. So, I urge you to vote for Shoved to Them in her categories, too! Cronyism is alive and well!

Oh, and since it's clear that Stacy of Accepting Abundance deserves to win in my category instead of me (and since I am trying to undermine her chances), please do vote for Stacy in "Best New Kid on the Block" so that she can go home with a Cannonball, also. With the war she's been through, she needs the ammunition. ;)

While we're at it, please also pull the lever for Calah at Barefoot and Pregnant, Steve Gershom, and Hallie at Betty Beguiles in their respective categories. And anyone else whom I've neglected to mention but whose votes I wish to coerce.

C'mon now people, surely some of you used to work for ACORN, so go and buy some votes! Bubble pride is on the line!!

2. I believe my posts have been fewer and farther between lately. And yet, is it normal to have 171 drafts? I mean, seriously.

3. Speaking of, here are the working titles of some of my posts-in-progress:

The Cult of the Expert
Moral simplicity leads to tyranny?
To believe in sola scriptura means…
Love is not based on negation
The miracle of mercy
Are you wiser than a 17th Century Catholic peasant?
A small story of suffering
Feminists and fear
The worst moment on my blog
Reasons I should never have had eight kids*
Why all sexual sin is serious sin
I wonder what happened to Gina? An abortion story
The fear of becoming Catholic
Natural law vs. positive law
Bring back Pinocchio
Is there such thing as "the one"?
Why sex is different from eating ice cream

And so many more. That you may or may not ever see.

4. This post by Devin Rose has haunted me for days, while simultaneously causing me to burst out laughing involuntarily when I think of it. Devin's questions about the video are even funnier than the video itself. If laughing at something like this is wrong, I don't wanna be right:

Thank God I am Catholic. (That's not elitist, by the way, because we Catholics want everyone to be Catholic!)

5. One reason I haven't been as active on my own blog is that I have been dialoguing with the homosexuals/atheists on Stacy's blog. Coincidentally, the following post came at the perfect time for some comic relief:

Seriously hilarious, and so true! Any Catholic blogger who has written a controversial post and gotten atheist blowback will enjoy it. And any novice anti-Catholic commenters can go there to find their marching orders. ;)

6. I've always loved singer Collin Raye, even before I became a big fan of country music. But I love him even more today, as he recently became the new spokesman for the Life and Hope Network founded by Terri Schiavo's family. As you can read here, Terri's story is very personal to Mr. Raye. God bless him and the Schindler Family. We will never forget Terri.

7. Um, yeah, just a reminder to go now and vote for me, here. And again tomorrow. And the next day. Because if I lose, you're all going down with me.

*but thank God I did anyway! Yay!



  1. ok im voting, gooooosh!!!

    Haha. Armchair. I love it.

  2. Thanks for posting about Colline Raye. He's long been my favorite singer, so much so that our first dance was to his song "The Gift". I knew he was a great guy, this just proves it some more.

    I'll vote, and vote often! ;-)

  3. Hahahaha! I forbade myself from watching that video anymore, much to my wife's relief. It is just bizarre, but apparently the group who made it is quite heterodox.

  4. Love that link on the guide for the anti-Catholics. And so true too! I just might use it in my own blog.

    I'm voting, but the dumb thing won't let me! It keeps saying "server unavailable." But I will keep trying!

  5. hurry up and finish all those drafts of future posts so I can read them!!!

    So far, you're winning the armchair theologian award. Is there a prize involved? I want 10 percent and you'll have all the votes you need to win this thing. ;)

  6. Oh my. Between the video and the Anit-Catholic combox article I can hardly keep it together. I voted! Thanks for not using the words "hope" or "change" in your campaign! ;)

  7. The titles of the drafts sound interesting! Please post!

    I have always loved Collin Raye's music and now I love him!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ok I went back and watched that video... wiping the tears away from laughing so hard!

    Also, I did not know that Collin Raye is Catholic! Now I love him *even* more!

    Ok, now I am done.

  9. Thanks for the plug! BTW, LarryD from Acts of the Apostasy wants in on the cronyism. He's up for snarkiest and most hifreakinlarious.

    So here's the rundown..
    The Bubble for Armchair Theologian

    Shoved to Them for Potpourri of Popery and Best Underappreciated

    Acts of the Apostasy for Hifreakinlarious

    and all the others you listed for whatever they are nominated for.


  10. just voted! you have a huge lead:)


    aka The Mom, awesome list!

    Manda, 10% of my prize of nothing is yours! You only had to ask! Now, go hustle those votes!

    Sarah and Katy, I've showed my husband the video this morning. I am dying!! Why did I watch it again?? And Sarah, drat! "Hope and Change" slipped my mind!! I think I could've worked something in about the Bubble readers clinging to their guns and religion, though….

    Katy and Donna, I know! I am so happy about Collin Raye! I never knew he was Catholic, either.

    Becky, you aren't trying hard enough!!!!! NO excuses! We are not victims!!!

    Thanks, guys!!

  12. I can't wait to read about the Cult of the Elites. This issue is on my pet peeve list!

  13. Regarding #4, my brother and I used to go to a Protestant church where (in my brother's words) the "dog and pony show" was a regular part of the service. LOL.

  14. Let's talk about that funny video. While I was watching it, I kept thinking, "Am I really seeing them dance that way?" Thank you for the laugh. I need to laugh more.

    That combox article was funny too, but the video really takes the cake.

    I hope those drafts make it into a post someday soon.

  15. Ok, I voted! Happy to see that you're taking the lead! (I also voted for the other people you mentioned too!)

  16. I can't seem to fix the sound on my computer, so I couldn't watch the video, sigh!!

    I've voted twice already. I am still in the Bubble. ;)

    Oooooh, I want to see all of those posts finished!! They sound awesome!

  17. Ok, even without sound that's hilarious. What the heck? People should not be dancing like that.... in church... in those outfits... lol

  18. Kara, do not give up! Fix the sound! Your life is not complete until you have that song haunting your mind....

    Thanks for the votes, guys! We must crush the competition.

  19. Totes voted! It's in the bag!

    You are NOT cool to tempt us with those potential future posts!!! I'm DYING to read them!!

  20. Nicole, I love "totes"! Makes me feel like I am around Mary Elizabeth and Cecily!

    I tempted you to motivate me. :)

  21. Voted! And if you have any amazing tips on how to get people to read your labor of love, er, blog, that you'd like to pass on... Well, maybe you can make that draft 172 ? :)

  22. I voted! Now, what's in it for me?? :P

  23. Your blog is worth far more than a top of the ordinary award. It is extraordinary and your quick takes here is quality too! I read almost everything Archibold writes and I missed that one? So funny! Video was so weird. I promised my son if he finishes his homework tomorrow before 10 I'l show him the video I was laughing at. I don't think that one lady was that old though. I've seen way older people. Gosh!

  24. Colleen, you are so sweet, and you also crack me up!

    JoAnna… hmm…. since you are my wingman, I will give you a great big kiss if I win!

    Christine, first, start with a built in audience, which I had with the infertile bloggers, who let me into their inner circle! They are the reason for my success. That, and a really cute blog name (you wouldn't believe what I almost called it….).

  25. Haha! MEZ & Kek are the ones who got me saying that all the time! That many months ago? And I'm still saying it ALL the time! Darn college kids! :)

  26. Most importantly, I finally figured out how to post again. Ever since you took anonymous away...I just couldn't get it!

    Combox forgot the "accuse anyone of 'attacking you' or 'snarkiness' if they dare to ask a logical to the point question that reveals a contradiction or error in your arguments!" This is one that really bothers me! Jan

  27. Well now you got us curious. What were you originally going to name this blog???

  28. Jan, yes!

    Becky, it's so embarrassing. It almost was: "Musings of a Frustrated Yenta". Seriously. That would have doomed my blog to oblivion….

  29. Unleash the power of the Bubble! Will vote soon. That was a funny name you originally chose, I'm glad Bubble won out. I always think the coolest names are like the racehorse names or sailboat names. Something sublime - Messiah's Own (see gospel of John). WindnFlame (see holy spirit). ManOWar (see revelation)

    PS - that video = cringe factor 10.

  30. We've tried all we can. I need to go to the apple store and make them fix it, I guess. I will make them watch it to make sure the sound works. Voting again :)

  31. Nubby, you work again! Yay! Which one will you pick for your own blog. ;)

    Kara, I am laughing at the thought that the Apple guys will have to watch that video, ha ha ha!!

    Thanks for your votes, guys! Too fun.

  32. Leila - Rebecca at Shoved to Them told me to come here as a show of support for LCB. (my ear still hurts from the tweaking!) So I am happily (she said I had to use the word "happily"...or else!) throwing my support behind your blog at the Cannonball Anti-awards!

    I'm grateful that she mentioned how my blog has been nominated for Hifreakinlarious and Snarkiest (true to form, I nominated myself for Snarkiest). If you're not familiar with AoftheA, I cordially invite you to stop by, and hopefully get a chuckle or two. While your blog aims to be a teaching and learning blog, mine is mainly to provide a few laughs and snorts. I'm like the USO for the Church Militant.

    You have a great blog, btw - and Rebecca didn't have to threaten me to say that bit. That's straight from the heart. lol!

  33. That story about collin Raye is amazing! Dang and I didn't know he was Catholic either. Very cool.

    And Nicole C says TOTES ALL the time ;)

  34. LarryD, where have you been hiding all my bloggy life? I have seen you comment at Shoved to Them before, but in all honesty I thought you were her Protestant brother. No joke! What the heck is wrong with me??? LOL!

    Okay, now I will be visiting your snarky blog regularly, because I need the hifreakinlariousness in my life.

    Beth, that is totes funny!

  35. ROFLMBO!!! Rebecca's Prot brother?!? That is too funny!

    I've clicked the Followers button. Looking forward to reading more excellent posts.

  36. I KNOW!!! I told you it was embarrassing!!! Ha ha ha!!

    I've since checked out your site, and it is awesomeness. As a penance for my grievous error, I am going to vote for you now for the Cannonballs….

  37. Actually, I guess I didn't tell you it was embarrassing. But I was thinking it! ;)

  38. I have 134 drafts but I'm sure that yours have more substance.

    You've got my Cannonball votes.
    Kay (from "He Gently Calls Us")

  39. Judge not lest ye be judged!

    Sorry, could not help myself, too funny.

    Very useful actually...

    Judge not lest ye be judged!

  40. LOL... thanks to that video and Devin's insightful questions, I ended up ruining a recording at work today. I was unable to keep a straight face on anything I said, especially if it sounded particularly Christian. I am sure our A/V editor loves me now. :) (However, perhaps sending him that video for his amusement will make up for it).

  41. Sarah, that just cracks me up!!!! So sorry, ha ha!!


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