Thursday, September 1, 2011

Answer to Doctrinal Quiz Show: Marriage and the Eucharist!

Welcome back to Doctrinal Quiz Show, Marriage and Eucharist edition!

Let's recap the question:

In what ways are the Eucharist and Marriage related?

Okay, the answers you guys gave were incredible!! Very, very difficult to pick a winner from such in-depth, beautiful and creative responses (which is what I'd hoped for!). I truly want to be a liberal for a moment and give everyone a Bubble Award! Well, not Mary or Kaitlin, it's true, ha ha.

There were five or six contestants who were contenders for the big prize, but in the end I had to steel myself and pick only one. I picked the one who a) wrote things the most simply for my little mind, b) numbered them clearly for the sake of good parallels and visuals (remember that for next time, contestants!), and c) included the major points that I was looking for. I will announce her name at the end, but I will now use hers as the official answer (with ever-so-mild editing; so sue me, it's my blog):

The Eucharist and Marriage are related in the following ways:

1) Both are Sacraments

2) Both unite -- Eucharist unites man and God as well as the members of the Body of Christ within itself, and marriage unites man and woman.

3) Both are a "one flesh" union -- In the Eucharist Christ gives us His Flesh to consume (consummation), and in marriage man and woman become "one flesh" through the marital act (consummation).

4) Both involve a wedding of sorts. The Eucharist is the marriage feast as the Bridegroom gives Himself completely to His Bride (the Church) and she receives Him wholly. The same is true within a marriage -- the bridegroom gives himself wholly to his bride who receives him wholly.

5) Both are life-giving. The marital act gives life to the marriage and, God willing, children. The Eucharist gives Life to the Church. Both "impregnate" their bride.

6) Both are a renewal of commitment. The Eucharist obeys the command to "do this in remembrance of me" and renews the new and everlasting Covenant. The marriage act renews the wedding covenant.

7) Both involve a FREE, TOTAL, FAITHFUL, FRUITFUL LOVE. They hold nothing back. They give and receive completely.

8) Both nourish and sustain us!

Isn't that stunning? I absolutely love the marital imagery of Christ the Bridegroom and His Bride the Church (us) coming together in a communion uniting hearts and souls and flesh, just as in Holy Marriage. In fact, the entirety of salvation history is a story of God wanting to "marry" us. We will achieve total union with Him at the consummation of the world, as we in our wedding garments take our places at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb Who is our eternal Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

It is no coincidence that our children's First Holy Communion clothing resembles wedding attire:

Markow Kent Photography

Okay now that you've soaked in all that Catholic beauty, let's move along to the always thrilling, usually (but not always intentionally) unfair BUBBLE AWARDS!!!

The Of Course You Can Answer and You Can Award Yourself As Many Rosaries as You Can Make Yourself Award goes to… Becky!

The Your Answer Was Great But You Won't Even Know If You Win or Lose Because I Think You Just Had a Baby Award goes to… Bethany!  

The Honesty in Cheating/Beauty of Redemption Award goes to… Manda! (That's the kind of moral turnaround we like to see around here.)

The Profiles in Courage and Making a Lot of Catholic Blog Ladies Happy Award goes to... Miss Gwen, for attending daily Mass as an atheist and finding it a pleasant experience! (And hey, the Eucharist was there, so there is a connection to this post!) 

The Sew You Don't Get Any Awards Anymore Because You Never Even Make a Token Appearance Award goes to… Sew!

And in keeping with the theme of the DQS, the Always the Bridesmaids Never the Brides Runner-Up Awards go to… all those of you who gave an amazing, meaty answer that might well have won the Grand Prize but didn't. Y'all know who you are. You guys are awesome and your answers were fantastic.

But of course, that leaves us with the Bubble Grand Prize Winner whom everyone already knows since you've all read the answers. And, no, Carter Douglas Lowman did not influence my decision, but great minds think alike as the winner is….

Oh, the sheer joy and bragging rights of it! Enjoy this gorgeous icon (suitable for framing) and please email me to learn more about how to choose and claim your lovely Grand Prize rosary, handmade for you by Becky!

See you all next time when we come together again to play….

Doctrinal Quiz Show!!!

[clap, clap, clap and fade….]



  1. I'm so dissapointed. I really thought I would win this one :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Grats to LAUREN

    (messed up on my previous post and put down the wrong name ... oops)

  4. Gee...I have no speech prepared... :-)

    Congratulations to Lauren!

  5. Alas, I only wish I was having the baby now.
    Instead I took the two youngest to Walmart and the grocery store this morning. If that doesn't get contractions to get closer together and active labor to start, I don't know what will.

    Cross your fingers, toes, arms, even braid your hair if you can... is there a patron saint of labor? I need all the help I can get.

  6. Bethany, pray to St Gerard!

    Leila, I am never going to win one of these!

    Congrats Lauren! :)

  7. Way 2 go, Lauren!

    Beautiful rosaries, Becky. Prayers 4 u, Bethany.

  8. So you think dressing your kids in wedding attire is good? It is sick. As a catholic you are quick to judge others, but don't mind making your kids look like they are marrying each other. The immorality is sickening.

  9. Well hey there, gayatheist! You do realize that the "wedding attire" is symbolic of purity and innocence, right? How is purity immoral? It's not immoral in my world. ;)

  10. By the way gayatheist, we don't "judge others" we judge actions as moral or immoral. Just like you. Is rape immoral? There, you just judged.

  11. Married to each other? Ha. That's completely missing the point. Are all other forms of poetry and symbolism lost on you, as well, gayatheist?

  12. By the way, gayatheist, they posed for that picture together because they were both receiving on the same day and we weren't going to schedule two photography sessions. Their only spouse was Christ. They were not intended to look like they were marrying each other, and anyone Catholic (or not?) would realize that.

    I thought of putting up a whole group photo of the bunch of First Communicants (a few dozen cute boys and girls), but I didn't have time to dig those up.

    Sorry that you totally missed the point.

  13. Forcing your religious attire onto children is purity now is it? Lol. I don't suppose it is immoral in your world, but that says something about your lack of morals doesn't it?!

    As for not judging others, the evidence on the Psycho Stacy's blog disproves that little lie. Do you often lie for "jesus"?

    As for you stupid question about rape being immoral, of course it is. Those of us not belonging to a kiddy-raping cult would know that!

  14. Catholics are taught not to judge the state of anyone's soul at anytime. We don't decide damnation nor salvation.

    Catholics are taught to cultivate and pray for wisdom, good counsel, knowledge, and understanding (to name four of the seven gifts of the holy spirit). Piety, fortitude, and fear of the lord are the others.

  15. @Nubby,

    No I appreciate many forms of poetry and symbolism, just not the sort forced on children by religious parents.

  16. gayatheist, you seem very bitter and unhappy, and you are as rude as the other atheists who attacked Stacy. I have learned a lot about your guys in the past days.

    Let's see: Most child molestors are fathers, stepfathers, grandparents, teachers, coaches and uncles. Were you a member of a family, and do you call that a "kiddy-raping cult"? How about public schools? Are they a kiddy-raping cult, since public school teachers offend at 100 time (not percent, times) the rate of Catholic priests (who have a low offending percentage)? Public schools do something they call "pass the trash" when they move their offenders around to other schools and districts and positions. Do you call public schools "kiddy-raping cults"? Just trying to see if you have an integrity. ;)

  17. And just for the record gayatheist: Do you think raising children with religion is child abuse? I'm hearing more of that from the "freethinking" herd.

  18. Name some.

    Name some that aren't forced onto kids by their parents.

  19. *any integrity. Sorry for the myriad typos! Baby all over!

  20. @Leila,

    Amazing how you resort to the old line of those who disagree with you as being bitter and unhappy, when it is you and your ilk displaying such traits.

    I have plenty of integrity, hence why I am not trying to defend paedophile priests by using other sickening examples of kiddy fiddling as a comparison in numbers.

    Never mind, it was clear you never had any integrity anyway and you have simply shown that fact yet again. Well done.

  21. gayatheist, you do bring a smile to my face! Thanks for that!

    So, you don't condemn and vilify public schools and school teachers? But should you, since you do that to the Church? Where are all your cracks about the schools? Do you have anything to say about it? Oh, wait. I'll bet you are a supporter of public schools.

    No integrity.


  22. @Leila,

    Yes I do. Forcing your religious beliefs onto your kids is just that, especially emotionally. But I am sure you have no scruples there.

    I know you like to use the word "freethinker" in your responses as if it gives you extra credit - it fails like the rest of the content you post.

  23. Sorry that I mistook your good manners, interior peace and joy, and your kindness as "bitterness". Clearly you are a very peaceful, lovely man.

    I'm sure those rude comments and nastiness were just a mistake. Except that they are on the record.

  24. Are you not a "freethinker"?

    Do you think religious training of children should be against the law, since it's child abuse?

  25. I'm still waiting for your litany of all things noble and true that aren't forced upon your kids by you, gayatheist.

  26. Lauren has accepted her award, from out of town, via Lisa, via iPhone:

    Can't get online. Can you accept for me? Tell her thank you and i've always wanted an award! :)

    Congrats, Lauren!!

  27. Shoot. I thought I might get a shout-out. I said please and everything.

  28. Yes I am a freethinker. Yes I do think that religious indoctrination of children should be illegal. No I am not bitter just because I counter your poor religious arguments.

    As for your school and teacher comment - you brought them up to score points, not I. This doesn't detract from the scale on which members of the clergy within your cult abused kids. Had you any integrity you wouldn't be attempting to belittle the suffering of kids in such a way,

  29. Hebrews, you totally almost did!! I almost gave you the begging award!

  30. gayatheist, way to dodge the public school question/hypocrisy. No one has yet addressed it.

    There are plenty of atheists here who have countered our arguments without resorting to insults and name-calling and rudeness. You are not one of them, and that is why you seem so bitter.

    Should we be put in jail, do you think? Or just fined? You are against freedom of religion then, right?

    And why not answer Nubby's question?

  31. This doesn't detract from the scale on which members of the clergy within your cult abused kids.

    You are the one belittling kids' suffering, as the scale of suffering is much, much higher in public schools than in the Church. Here is the AP story on that, if you truly care:

    Do you care, gayatheist?

  32. For the record, my thoughts on the priest scandal begin right here, spanning two parts:

  33. @Leila,

    You are the one question dodging by using the examples of teachers and schools, to make yourselves feel better about the fact that there are thousands of cases of kiddy rape by priests around the world. You don't seem to have any problem with it, as you never respond to it, apart from with diversions.

    Those who force religion onto their kids should have them taken away, especially where they use the ole hell myth. No-one is stopping you from believing it, but why force it onto kids. Let them make their own minds up when they are intellectually mature enough to do so.

    What question have I missed?

  34. I guess our comments got crossed in the mail. As you can see, I have written extensively on it.

    You have not explained your position on public schools and teachers. Please do. I want to know the names and slurs you have used against them.

    And, you never answered Nubby's question.

    So, freedom of religion for the adults, but take the children away if we teach it to them, right? So, how is that freedom of religion? Do you think a lot of atheists feel that way? If so, maybe you could do a guest post for me (or an interview) and we could give that view a wider hearing. What do you say?

    Oh, and answer the questions.

  35. Gayatheist,
    Cult? Belittling of suffering in kids?

    Are you sure you're lobbing those bombs at the right target? If I thought it mattered a lick, I'd link you to at least 25 current stories on secular child abuse and cult behavior but I gather that you're not here to learn.

    So, being that this is a teaching and learning blog, how about you come up with a good question, or some form of answer to the honest questions Leila has asked you?

  36. @Leila,

    Yes I care hence why I am bringing up the subject. I know you like to produce this article at any opportunity and it is terrible, but the sheer scale of abuse at the hands of clergy is much bigger. Look here :

    I guarantee you that from having Irish relatives - this isn't even skimming the surface. So don't have the audacity and sheer bloody cheek to suggest that it isn't a problem and that it is worse in schools, when more and more evidence is showing otherwise.

  37. I will beg harder next time. :) Maybe two pleases.

  38. See, I think it's horrendous for a child NOT to be raised with religion, but the difference between me and you is that I think the parents are the primary educators of their children and have parental rights over them, not the state.

    David Horowitz (former atheist and commie activist now conservative) has said: Liberals are only liberal on two things: Sex and drugs. Everything else, they want to control through the state.


  39. gayatheist: The scale in schools is huge. Tell me what slurs you have used against teachers and public schools? Go ahead, tell me. Are you a proponent of public schools and teachers? Tell me all about your feelings and then you will have some credibility when you slam the Church for the same things. Go ahead.

    Answer the question, gayatheist.

  40. @leila,

    I have stated my thoughts on the abuse in schools, yet you seem to avoided any response about the priests repetitively. You think my name and slurs against the church are unjust, even despite the plethora of evidence backing it up?

    Freedom of religion should be something for those old enough to understand it, not indoctrinated from parents. Simple as. I know a lot of atheists feel the same. I wouldn't do a guest post for you, as you are not known for your impartiality. You are free to look at some atheist sites to see our shared views on education.

  41. What does Irish descent have to do with clergy scandals?

    This just in and just as irrelevant: Irish are known for good corned beef and potatoes.

    Not following gayatheist.

  42. I will be very fair to you. You should tell my audience your views about taking children away from their parents because they go to a Catholic Church. I think the mainstream should know. Maybe I will just use your comments, then? But if I were you, I'd take this opportunity. Email me.

    And, I did write two long posts on my thoughts on the priest scandal. Did you miss that? I just gave you the links.

    Now, do you use terms like "kiddy-raping cult" to describe the public schools? Do you support or vilify teachers? Do you hate or support public education? Please, answer the question, gayatheist.

    And answer Nubby's question.

  43. Freedom of religion should be something for those old enough to understand it, not indoctrinated from parents. Simple as. I know a lot of atheists feel the same.

    Do they also want my children taken away from my husband and me? I rally want to know.

  44. *really (not rally!) Baby in my arms, off to dinner!

  45. @Leila,

    Why are so aggressive?

    You may think it is wrong to not bring children up with religion, but then you live in a religious country, I live in a secular one, where making your own choices is applauded. You appear to be a person who likes to force your views and your poor children had no choice - hence why you think you have rights over them. They can make their own choices, to think otherwise is sad.

    I haven't used slurs against schools, as I haven't heard of evidence on the scale of the paedophile priests. Again, this won't satisfy your need to belittle the suffering whoever the perpetrator, as long as you can make your cult look innocent.

    Question answered. Now why don't you care about the scale at which priests abused not only kids, but nuns?

  46. @Leila

    You can ask the atheists if you like. Our only shared view is the lack of belief in any "gods".

    Don't assume I am picking on catholics, I think all paedo-religious indoctrination should be outlawed (especially baptism and all that crap).

    No I wouldn't describe schools as kiddy-fiddling cults, as that isn't accurate, but it is for catholicism. As I have said previously (but you have chosen to ignore) I support public schools.

    As for this Nubby's question, what is it?

    If I don't reply it is because I fallen asleep due to boredom from your repetitive assertions.

  47. I've already written on it, gayatheist, but I am so intrigued now by your statement that parents shouldn't have rights over their children, but (apparently) the state should. Isn't that a bit totalitarian?

    So now that you have been informed of the scale of abuse in public schools (and in homes), won't you know call schools and families "kiddy-rape cults"? Because you have integrity, right?

    Aggressive? Oh, honey, you don't know the aggression of a mama bear when you threaten to take her cubs. ;)

    My "poor kids" live in a stable, happy, church-going family with two married parents. And so far, that's not illegal here.

    Where do you live? North Korea, China, or some other atheist Mecca?

    I'm interested.

  48. Boredom, ha ha! You have been obsessed with Stacy's blog and this one. No one forced you here. Have you noticed me on any of the atheist blogs?

    Watch the latest video on Stacy's blog. Fr. Barron talks of the obsessiveness of atheists on Catholic blogs and such. Like Herod who was obsessed with John the Baptist before he had him beheaded. Herod was still intently listening to John....

    You support public schools even though they rape kids at a hundred times the rate of Catholic priests? That says all I need to know about your lack of integrity and your bigotry towards the Church.

    Nubby's questions were very simple and clear. Scroll up and look.

  49. @Leila

    Funny how you link children making their own choices as totalitarian. I never said the state should have rights over children, try reading that again.

    Again schools won't be described as cults, as that isn't accurate. I have repeated it, take it in, I shan't be repeating it again.

    Nothing wrong with a stable family, but making your kids go to church - that is f**ked up.

    I don't live in any of those countries, but in England, where religion is dying on a grand scale thankfully. It is coming to your country soon. How exciting.

  50. @Leila,
    I watched it - not very good is it. I noticed you suggested it, which says it all.

    As for schools raping kids 100 times more churches, you have evidence for this? I doubt it VERY much.

    I can't be arsed with her questions, if they are as asinine as yours.

  51. So, let me understand this, gayatheist. You can't offer me one thought of yours that isn't forced upon your kids by your child rearing behaviors, patterns or beliefs?

    Instead you fling the usual bs jargon of most "religious haters" and you come here for ... shits and giggles? I'm asking.

    Why not engage on some level of honesty instead of trolling through and giving a very bad representation of your atheist lot.

  52. I don't live in any of those countries, but in England, where religion is dying on a grand scale thankfully.

    This cracks me up because you may have lost your Christian heritage, but your future is Muslim!! Religion dying? Not at the mosques! Good luck with that. How do you think a Muslim Europe will treat your gay atheism? Have fun.

  53. Those who force religion onto their kids should have them taken away, especially where they use the ole hell myth.

    These are your words, gayatheist. So, if it's not the state who would "take them away", who would?

    Do you forget what you advocate from one moment to the next? Or do you realize that people will be horrified by what is really in your heart, so you have to pretend you never said it?


    And I knew you couldn't answer Nubby.

  54. @Leila,

    Lol. We have lost the christian heritage (phew!). You show your typical American paranoia by thinking the muslims are taking over. Secularism is taking over, so sorry to pee on your parade at the thought of Islam stoning us homosexuals - it ain't happening. They might come after the catholics with any luck though. Finish what Henry VIII started. Lol.

  55. Religion is not dying. Muslims are multiplying like there's no tomorrow. These people believe in One God, have large families, and live strict moral lives. Demographically, they're the largest growing population in Europe.

  56. @Leila

    You confuse state intervention and forcing rights. Easily done when you are a simpleton.

    I'll answer your fellow bigot, if you shut up for a moment.

  57. Paranoia at Muslims? Nice wrong assumption.
    I happen to know Muslims, some of the most peaceful people ever. They believe in strong families and (gasp) passing down their religion to their kids.

    Do you troll their blogs too and wish them away?

    Here's a thought. Try having a coherent thought that isn't laced with hatred for your fellow man, and maybe you'd make some headway in your "arguments".

  58. You love to namecall, but you have nothing to say. "State intervention" of taking children out of religious homes is not usurping rights? Are you smoking a doobie today, gayatheist?

    Oh goodness, if only more people knew what you guys think and believe.

    Frightening and weird. I am glad it's on record.

    And, did you even read the AP story about the public school abuse??

  59. gayatheist, were you cheering on the rioters in peaceful, secular London? Just curious.

  60. @Nubby,

    They are multiplying because they are prolific breeders and their kids have no choice in the religion they choose. However, there are many ex-Muslims escaping the horrendous religions. Therefore it is dying and this will backed up by the census results due soon here.

    As for your previous question, which I haven't had chance to answer due to Leila verbal diarrhoea, there is nothing wrong instilling values on to kids. However, beliefs are personal. Religious ones especially shouldn't be forced. If you give kids the facts allow them to make their own choices and not those of their parents.

    AS for representing atheists, we are individuals who share a non-belief in the stupid idea of "god". We may share other views, but there is no bible, doctrines, etc. Simple.

  61. Funny how you link children making their own choices as totalitarian. I never said the state should have rights over children, try reading that again.

    Totalitarian is taking children away from their parents for raising them in the Church! Get that? That is the stuff of totalitarian thinking.

    So sad. How were you raised? How old are you? What would your grandparents and great-grandparents think of the things you do and say?

  62. Allright, genius. So, what's your five year old going to choose? Hm? Without your help, your beliefe, your patterns of behavior, whatever?

    How, praytell, would a child form a conscience or an opinion or any understanding of relationships, or academia if it isn't going to be fostered by you, the parent?

    Just whom is going to raise your chidren? Hm?

    Your answer = FAIL.

    And to your quip about muslims. Honey, they're breeding because they don't abort their kids. And praise GOD for that.

    And calling the hostess of her blog names and telling her to shut up shows just how dim you are. Are you this socially retarded in real life, too?

    St. Therese, pray for gayatheist!

  63. Did you just say Islam is dying in England? Really?

    My parents go all the time. My daughters went and came back and told me that there were Muslims everywhere. The English don't have babies, but the immigrants are having plenty. Do the math. Are you in denial?

  64. By the way, gayatheist, you cannot keep your 'values' private. I take it you don't have kids.

    Only the truly clueless about kids would espouse that. Once you bring kids into this world, you don't shut them away, keeping their values private. You teach them that those values are indeed important enough to be shared and lived out, I don't care if you're Catholic, Muslim, atheist, whatever.

    Kids aren't raised with values to be hidden. How else would a person even interact with the world around them without a strong sense of what they believe and why?

    And to your logic, you won't be raising them to believe much. According to you, you'd rather leave them bobbing helplessly in the water until they go belly up because you failed in your parenting duty to raise them to know anything about anything because it was "up to the child" to learn.


  65. Still waiting for that list of all things "valuable" and true that gayatheist thinks kids should just absorb through osmosis and not from any helpful adults.

  66. Ha- have a quick wiki read, gayatheist. Religious are dying? You sure about that?

    Don Melvin writes that, excluding Russia, Europe's Muslim population will double by 2020. He also says that almost 85% of Europe's total population growth in 2005 was due to immigration in general.[19][21] Omer Taspinar predicts that the Muslim population of Europe will nearly double by 2015, while the non-Muslim will shrink by 3.5%, due to the higher Muslim birth rate.[22] Esther Pan predicts that, by 2050, one in five Europeans are likely to be Muslim.[22][23]

    Professor Philip Jenkins of Penn State University estimates that by 2100, Muslims will compose about 25% of Europe's population. But Jenkins admits this figure does not take account of the large birthrates amongst Europe's immigrant Christians.[24]

  67. I apologize to any readers who are offended by my annoyance and snarkiness to gayatheist. I am simply stunned from two days of watching the atheist crowd attack Stacy and other people of faith, saying the ugliest, stupidest, nastiest nad most unfounded things. I never have encountered a mass of people so truly ill-mannered and vicious, and so I have been in fight mode because of it. I feel very maternal, wondering where all these folks parents are? How were they raised?

    Clearly there are kind and good atheists out there, but they are outnumbered in my experience of the last few days. What a dark and sad world they live in. So joyless and restless and angry.

    I think I've been hanging around them too long.

    So, apologies!

    But, I am very interested in exposing their radical and very frightening, bigoted and totalitarian ideas to the public, who largely remain ignorant of what they say amongst themselves.

    I have been learning a lot.

  68. Ditto that apology, Leila. Apologies for my temper displayed.

  69. This is seriously unbelievable. I can't even stomach it. I commend you Leila for even attempting to respond.

  70. and I commend Nubby too...sorry for not mentioning you before! :)

  71. I guess, then, that "gayatheist" would have no problems if his/her child decided on their own to join the Catholic Church.

    When they were "old enough" of course.

  72. Thank you, KC. Your support means a lot. And Bethany, I guess that should be okay with him! ;)

  73. People like GayAthiest are what give so many atheists a bad name. Just like some Catholics who judge and condemn give people like us a bad name.

    I'm thankful that for the most part, people on this blog, whether Christian or not, have at least been respectful even in disagreement. Gayatheist is obviously very angry and bitter like you've said. He just wanted to come over here to spew his venom.

    I think how you and Nubby responded was necessary, seeing that it was only he that was being vicious, and for once, we were able to fight back enough to at least get him off the blog for a while. (I say "we" because we support you, even though I know it was only you and Nubby doing the fighting.) I think both of your arguments and come-backs were very well said and intelligent.

    On a side note (and maybe a crabby note too, because it's 4 in the morning and my toddler has kept me up for 4 hours which is why I'm on the internet of all times), I hope that commenters like Gayatheiest who doesn't know how to argue his points but still refrain from the rudeness and name-calling (and swearing too--these *** aren't exactly hard to figure out)will be kept from commenting. The name calling, the hatred, and just the evil that they bring with them is why I stay away from the atheist blogs in the first place.

    Other than that, I think it was a necessary battle, especially considering what Stacy is going through.

  74. Way to go, Leila and Nubby! My goodness, the hatred can be felt through the screen! We should all pray a rosary for Gayatheist.

  75. This just makes me sad. IT is no way to live. Prayers for you, gayatheist, and all those who live and believe as you do.

  76. Leila, I was wondering if those were your children in the photo. Very nice. I like it when I go to Mass in the spring and there are children there making their first communion. They and their parents are always so proud and happy. It's a joyous occasion.

    I'm guessing gayatheist has suffered some great hurt to make him/her so angry.

    Reading the comments by gayatheist was rough, but tomorrow many of us will go to Mass and receive Communion. We will be surrounded by all that is lovely, pure, real, eternal, and precious. The Church is a ROCK, and gayatheist and those like him (or her) cannot turn it into sand.


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