Friday, February 4, 2011

Doctrinal Quiz Show: Amazing Grace!

Welcome, contestants, to the very first Doctrinal Quiz Show of 2011! It's been waaaay too long! 

And, I've been waaaay too lazy: DQS requires two posts, lots of wit (often in short supply here), complete accuracy, and careful, heart-wrenching award decisions (I know that many of you are left devastated -- but that's the nature of the game show).

Let's go our surprisingly short DQS question:

Name and describe the different types of grace.

And just for fun, I am going to throw in a bonus question:

What is "the source and summit" of the Christian Faith?

Remember: No cheating, googling, reading others' answers, rule-breaking, lying, deceitfulness, fighting, detraction, calumny, slander, or apostasy allowed! Remember, this Bubble is now blessed, so this is sacred space, people! Respect it!

Now, I realize that no prize can equal the holey soap award of old, but I am very excited about our Grand Prize this time around!

Our very own All You Who Hope is a documentary film maker in her spare time (in other words, she's not making any films at the moment), and she is donating a copy of her incredible documentary on Eucharistic Adoration, Watch With Me.

Here's the trailer:

With that incentive, I know you are all chomping at the bit to win this thing, so... GO!


  1. awww MAAAAAN!!!!! I have no idea!
    Here's my answer:

    Grace before meals :)
    Grace the little girl I used to babysit
    Grace that God gives me even though I don't deserve it

    The source and summit of Christian Faith?...Jesus Christ... ? :)

  2. OK, this is me and my husband...

    The graces: revelation, epiphany, santification, forgiveness, salvation, communion

    Source and summit: Jesus Christ - the revelation of the Trinity to us

    Thanks and LOVE the Game Show!!! Mr. T got a big smile out of it, and out of your blog title! It is brilliant!

  3. ooo wait - summit means the highest point/the top so maybe it's Heaven? God? :) Eek. I have no idea I should just stop now :)

  4. The Holy Eucharist is the center, source and summit of our faith.

    Graces are sanctifying and actual

  5. Oh and to describe the graces:
    Sanctifying grace is the grace that allows us to grow in holiness, via the sacraments and life in the Church.

    Actual graces are immediate graces given by God which usually inspire us to charity, faith or hope.

    Sorry best I can do -- in a hurry. --Nubby

  6. Not playing because I knew I wouldn't have the right answer, but I'm loving reading the answers. :) It seems so obvious now that I've read them lol

  7. Oh wow, I would love to win that documentary! How cool! I know I won't win, though. :*( I'm all doped up on cold medicine and my brain is fuzzy, because the only type I can remember at the moment is sanctifying grace (grace received from the sacraments).

    The source and summit of the Christian faith is, I believe, the Eucharist.

  8. santifying grace--sacramnetal the grace that gets us to heaven
    actual grace --supernatural..enlightenments and from God

    source and summit is the Eucharist

  9. sacra what? I meant from the sacraments.

  10. Ah, I've missed these posts!

    So, I've slept for 20 minutes this week so I have no clue what kinds of grace there are...sanctifying...

    Well, whatever they are, I need some now big time!

  11. Sanctifying and Actual grace. The Blessed Sacrament.

    (Although I love the answer "Grace before meals" and "the little girl I used to babysit) :-)

  12. Grace! She passed away 30 years ago!

    Name the movie!

    And yeah the Eucharist :)

  13. AAAAAAAAaahahaha Beff!
    When did you and Clark move to Florida?
    Is Rusty still in the Navy?

  14. Oh Aunt Bethany. You know you shouldn't have done that!

  15. Beth and Cathy, are you looking for a special award??

  16. Cathy and I are just very easily amused. ;)


  17. Actual Grace and Sacramental Grace.

    The source and summit of Catholic Life is THE EUCHARIST!

  18. Wait! There is more than one type of grace? I'm doomed, I just finally started to understand what I thought was the only type of grace in the last couple of years. I'm looking forward to this answer!

    Oh, and can I make a suggestion? You could turn on comment moderation for DQS posts, that way we can't see each other's answers until you decide 'time's up'.

  19. Addition: "sanctifying grace" comes to us from the power of the 7 sacraments.

    I don't have a pithy answer for actual grace, grace that comes immediately through prayer

  20. Graces are actual grace and sanctifying grace.
    Actual grace is a gift from God received at baptism. We strive to live and maintain a moral life so that we may enter heaven where we will have Sanctifying Grace.

    (Our bible study group had a talk on Justification not too long ago, so I hope that I answered close)
    Source and Summit?? I would say is the Mass when we receive the Holy Eucharist.

  21. The Eucharist is the source and summit.

    And as a stab at it, I'll say sanctifying grace and actual grace. I did memorize a definition of sanctifying grace in college, so I'm going to put it down (because it's a little tune in my head and it's fun)!

    "A supernatural quality adhering in the soul that gives us a physical and formal, although analogous and accidental, participation in the very nature and life of God"

    I have no such definition for other types, nor can I really explain what I just typed. :)

  22. BAHAHAHAHA Beth and Cathy, I am laughing out loud right now!!!! I was just cracking up reading your comments to Ryan and he goes "What, did I break wind?"

    I pledge allegiance to the flag...

  23. Beth, Christmas Vacation! "The Blessing!" See, I know all the important things! haha! Seriously, I am like others here, it is very obvious once I read it. I knew the Eucharist is the source and summit, but I recognized sanctifying grace only after I read it and couldn't have told you exactly what it meant. I didn't recall "actual" grace, though I am sure we talked about these in my small faith group (we are studying the CCC). How quickly I forget!

  24. Rebecca, we thought of that earlier (to not allow comments to be seen till the end), but enough people enjoy watching the answers come in that I decided not to do that. I guess watching Beth and Cathy quote Christmas Vacation is too much fun to give up! :)

  25. Actual grace and sacramental grace. actual grace can be received by anyone. Sacramental graces are the grace that is received by partaking of the sacraments. The Eucharist is the answer to the second q.

  26. Umm . . . I know actual grace, but can't remember the other one! Argh! And you want definitions, too? Oh, man!

    And the source and summit . . . the Eucharist?

    Dang, I need to work on my catechism!

  27. Don't turn the comments off! I'm never right but I come for the comments :) I knew the answer was Christmas Vacation!! I learn so much here.

  28. I don't want to embarrass everyone with my vast knowledge of Catholic grace, so I will instead wait until you are giving away AYWH's NEW (yet-to-be-completed) documentary on Catholic Infertility :)

    HINT HINT, AYWH!! What, are you too busy with 2 babies??!!

  29. I just wanted to say that my husband and I had a nice little chat because of your blog and GAME SHOW last night. I asked him to read it because we have been discussing this question recently.

    I also think that means I cheated so take us out of the competition...but the reward has already been received. We had a nice evening thanks to your question!

  30. Okay...
    Sanctifying Grace, which I'm thinking is transmitted to us through the Sacraments.
    and... oh man. This is a very very difficult question! I don't think I have ever really put much thought or study into the types of Grace.
    I am looking forward to hearing the answer!

    As for the Source and Summit of Christian Faith, I'm going to go with Jesus Christ dying for our sins on the cross. Am I close??

  31. Accckkk! I'm really reaching back to my ol' Baltimore Catechism here...

    1) Sanctifying Grace and Actual Grace...but I honestly don't remember the definitions anymore! you get to keep and the other comes "as needed". Something like that.

    2) The Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our Faith

  32. Actual grace and sanctifying grace. And the "source and summit" of our Faith is the Eucharist.

  33. oh shoot, typical of me, didn't read the whole question about having to describe the different kinds of graces and have already read others responses. bummer.

  34. Love all the smart (and well-Catechised) folks around here! I learn so much from everyone.

  35. Okay, I hope I get this right! :)

    This first kind of grace is called sanctifying grace, which is conferred upon us at baptism. It's when the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, come and dwell in our soul. At least this is how my Dominican sisters explained it to me!

    The second kind of grace is actual grace. These are the graces we receive from God moment by moment.

    The source and summit of our faith is the Holy Eucharist, of course! :) Yay for the Blessed Sacrament!

  36. Seeing as neither the Ogre nor I were catechized as children and RCIA is rather lacking in the full education of the faith department, this is a shot in the dark. But here goes.

    Per the Ogre, there is first prevenient grace, grace which s necessary to overcome concupiscence, and second, sacramental grace which is given through the sacraments.

    The source and summit of our faith is the Eucharist.

    Thanks Leila! You're awesome!

  37. I don't know the kinds of grace, but I DO know the answer to the second for-fun-only question - it's the Church!!! I know this because it was a verse I had never "seen" as a Protestant, and it was very instrumental on bringing me back Home. :)

  38. Nuts! I even got that one wrong. Funny how I can muddle things when my brain is moving on 5 hours of sleep. I was thinking about the pillar and foundation of truth and THAT is the Church! It still makes me happy! :)

  39. Ok, I know I can't win but tonight at mass my priests homily was on grace! And it was such a coincidence I had to tell you what he said.
    Sanctifying grace-makes us want to become saints
    Actual grace-gives us the tools to actually become saints.
    And then he also said "habitual grace" and I think he said that's the grace we draw on everyday. I hope I remembered correctly :-)

  40. Oh and Eucharist for part 2!

  41. I don't even have anything witty to make up as an answer... much less the actual answer! Must read your post when you reveal the secrets of your knowledge!

  42. My head hurts from reading all these posts! LOL. Thanks for making me laugh, smile, scratch my head and giggle!


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