Thursday, December 16, 2010

I rarely do this...

... but I am doing it now. I am writing a post that is really just a link to something else. I cannot get past what I have read.

This is Adam, and he was three years old when he was martyred last month in a Baghdad church, during Holy Mass:

His parents were murdered before him, along with many other Christian worshippers. 

It's what little Adam did during the killings that will live forever in my memory. 

My friend Lisa Graas wrote a piece on the incident over at NewsRealBlog.  Please go here and read it now. It's short. Be sure to read it to the very last sentence (on page 2) which says it all. 

May little Adam of Baghdad pray for us, and may God have mercy on us all.


  1. That is horrible. All I can imagine is Maggie (also 3) being in this position. And the torture of being left alone to wander and beg for hours before the terrorists finally killed him? I couldn't stop wiping the tears away when I read this.

  2. Whoa. This is a tear-jerker. And yet he was so brave. He did all he could to fight these horrible aggressors. Poor little guy. And yet also so amazing.

  3. That is terrible. Thank you both for spreading his message. It is enough.

  4. Agree with Brenda. I think of my 3 year old.

    I commented over there but it got deleted. Have no idea why, but the gist was this:

    Every toddler's parent knows that the word "enough" is just an interchangable word for "stop."
    Mary, enough.
    Mary, enough!
    I say it all day long.

    What Adam was doing, and I think what some people are missing, was following those scumbags around telling them to STOP. STOP. STOP.

    He could have hidden - Lord knows toddlers hide all the time - when they're scared of punishment, when it thunders, when they're playing.
    But NO.

    Adam, in his last hours, did what the entire international community refuses to do: TELL THESE DIRTBAGS TO STOP.

    I think of his precious martyred parents, so proud, beaming as they rushed to embrace their son upon his reward. I think of the Virgin Mary snuggling him with a kiss as she presented him to her Son.
    I think of Adam spending this Christmas with St. Nicholas - the ACTUAL St. Nick!

    I am heartsick. I am happy for him. I am devastated for us.

  5. Cathy, you have echoed my thoughts EXACTLY. Thank you for saying it so very well.

  6. I saw a documentary made in Iraq that interviewed Adam's grandpa and aunts. The two aunts survived the massacre in the church and Adam's grandpa was outside the walls of the church trying to get in. Listening to his family re-tell what happened inside was horrifying.

  7. Liz, how awful! It makes you wonder: What evil lurks in the heart of man that people can actually carry out this barbarism, even on a small child? It really is beyond reason. God help us.

  8. Leila, thanks for linking my story. FYI: It was republished on a Swedish Catholic site, Katolsk Observator, at the request of a parish priest. The editor told me: "I am quite tough, but…many tears while reading your article, many…" He also told me that he heard from relatives of some of the victims of the massacre, that they were very moved by the story in the way that it was presented -- exactly for what it is -- and that they are very appreciative that word is getting out about Adam because the media, except for some in Catholic media, are ignoring the story. This is not precisely what I am supposed to be writing about at NewsReal. I'm supposed to be covering the leftist media....though the fact that they are not reporting it is shameful. Nevertheless, even though it is not 'on topic' for was #5 yesterday for all of NewsReal.

  9. Liz, can you tell me who did the documentary?

  10. Lisa, thank you so much. Is there anything we can do to help spread the story besides forwarding and posting? Have you sent it to some major media outlets, like the 24 hour news stations or even WSJ? Sean Hannity would be interested. Those are just some thoughts...thank you again.

  11. Stacy, I sent you an email. Thanks for all you are doing! Yes, we need to get the word out...for the victims especially. I emailed it to Laura Ingraham's producer. I'm not sure if Sean Hannity would cover it as he doesn't generally cover Islam...and the most important part of this story is the faith aspect...vs. Islam as a "religion". Whoever covers Islam vs. Christianity needs to know about this story.

  12. Leila, I just wanted to thank you for posting this!

  13. I’ve been hovering over my keyboard for a very long time now...I don’t even know how to respond to this atrocity. My mind is reeling, my heart is aching, and I want action. But what? Enough is right, Adam! God bless you and all the brave souls, both living and dead. Enough, enough ... enough!

  14. here's the first part


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