Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few items and a "Just Curious"!

I'm just full of awe about so many things these days. (Advent is a good time for that, I guess!)

First, I am simply awestruck that Sew Infertile has given birth to the most beautiful baby girl, Hannah Grace! This amazing family has pretty much consumed my thoughts since I heard that Sew was at the hospital! Sometimes the human heart fills up to overflowing with gratitude to God for His gifts, and for life itself. There really are no words. Welcome, Hannah! (My future daughter-in-law?)

Second, I cannot believe that my last post ("My imaginary dialogues with abortion rights advocates") has resulted in over 200 comments so far! (Yeah, so what if most of them are mine??) If you have missed any of the discussion (and if you have a couple of hours, ha ha), then go and read. I am learning a lot, and I suspect others are, too. With one exception, I believe everyone has been civil, even gracious.

Third, I am honored that a recent Bubble post has been featured at Catholic Exchange, here. It's a post I can't take much credit for; however, it's incredibly important for Catholics to read. I am grateful that CE thought so, too, and I'm grateful for the chance to bring it to others' attention again.

Finally, today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception! On this holy day (of obligation, by the way!), we honor our Mother Mary, the most perfect creature ever made, conceived without sin! She is such a gift to us and to this world! How on earth can anyone speak of the Catholic Church as sexist when we hold a woman to be the most perfect human in all of creation, reigning as Queen above all the angels and saints?

St. Mary Immaculate, pray for us!

Now, because I am curious....

Into what religion were you born, if any? And your spouse?
And, what religion, if any, do you practice now?

I am a Cradle Catholic (born and baptized Catholic), but I didn't know my faith very well till my late 20's. I am still Catholic today (I hope that is obvious, ha ha!).

My husband was raised as an agnostic Jew. He had his own conversion right around the time I had my "reversion" (after six years of marriage and three kids), and now he is a practicing Catholic. I am still trying to get him to sit down and write his faith story!

How about you?


  1. I want to be the first!
    I was born into a non-practicing Christian family, was baptized Lutheran, and finished swimming the Tiber in college, so now I'm Catholic! YahoO!

  2. My husband and I were both born, bred, and buttered Lutherans (specifically, ELCA). :) We were married in the Lutheran church in 2001, and both of us converted to the Catholic Church in May 2003. We've never been happier!

  3. When I was born, my mother was a Baptist who did not attend church very often. I had five older brothers and my dad was an alcoholic agnostic. He had a profound conversion experience and became a Baptist when I was about six years old. We attended services for a while, but they didn't care for my dad's interpretation of the Bible, so we stopped going. My parents told me to "read my Bible" to find out about God. What I saw in the Bible was the Catholic Church...but I didn't know it actually existed! I accepted the God of the Old Testament but wasn't too sure about Jesus. I could not figure out 'how' we are to eat His Flesh and drink His blood, but I told God, if you show me how this is possible, I will believe Jesus is truly your son and I will follow you always. At my first attendance at Mass...I figured it out, had a profound conversion experience myself, and immediately sought to become a Catholic. The rest is history.

    But of course, you knew that story, Leila. Speaking of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, check my blog as I have a piece on Ted Turner's call for a global one-child policy. Love you!

  4. I was born into a non-practicing Catholic family, but had a conversion my senior year of high school/freshman year of college. :) My husband wasn't raised as anything in particular, until his mother got "saved" and baptized. When he was 15, he was baptized by his uncle in a Southern Baptist church, but came into the Catholic Church in 2008 after reading Church history! Yay! :)

  5. I was born & baptized Catholic - although I didn't know until I was 22! I was raised Mormon. I am now a Catholic. :)

    DH was born & raised Catholic.

  6. I was born & baptized United Methodist. My husband was born and baptized Roman Catholic in a family that had totally stopped practicing the faith. (My hubby got Confirmed only because his Mom made a death bed promise to his dying Grandma). We got married in my Methodist Church "with permission" of the Catholic Church. Pre Cana knocked my socks off. I converted to the Roman Catholic faith one year after our marriage, and my hubby "recovered" with me.

  7. I was born into a Non-Practicing Christian home. One of those cultural christian homes. Anyway, around the time that I was sixteen my family and I decided that the best thing to do would be to become Catholic. (There is of course a long story attached to that, but I won't bore with details here). I was baptized that year along with my 4 (at the time!) siblings, and after my mother's annulment was approved and finalized, she and my stepfather were baptized and their marriage blessed. I love being Catholic.

    My fiance was born into a Christian home and is not Catholic, nor does he intend to become one. We find the differences in our viewpoints beautiful (though sometimes difficult) an have made it our priority to encourage each other in our individual walks with Christ, without pressuring the other to come over to our side (but that doesn't mean we don't pray about it!)

  8. That should be "reconverted", you all know how well the mother of a newborn's brain works, right?

    Maybe "recovered" also works, too! :-)

  9. I was born to a father who was a cradle Catholic and a mother who was a Presbyterian growing up and converted to Catholicism when she married my father. I was baptized Catholic as an infant. I went to Catholic school from 1st through 8th grade. When my parents divorced, we remained in Catholic church through my 8th grade. When I attended public high school, my mother ended up pulling my younger siblings out of Catholic school and put them into public school and that began my life as a sometimes-Catholic, sometimes-Presbyterian, sometimes-Congregationalist and ended up not practicing anything from age 16-22. I came Home to the Roman Catholic church when I met my husband (Catholic...though I don't know how much he practiced) and the two of us had serious reversion after our first child was baptized. Now we try are hardest to be faithful Catholics and are humbly attempting to raise our children in the Catholic faith, to Love and Serve the Lord.

  10. Congrats on your article on CE! Way to go! That was a great post and I'm so glad that is being shared.

    200 comments?! I think you are now officially famous. ;)

    And just and the hubs are proud to be cradle Catholics who have strengthen our incredible blessing!

  11. I wasn't really raised anything. My mother came from a very strict Southern Baptist family and my dad's family was Methodist. Mother one of them practiced anything. When I was a kid I decided to go to church with a friend of mine. A week before my 13th birthday I was baptized and became a member of the Presbyterian (ARP) church. Just a sidenote, Presbyterians do baptize infants but not being raised in much of anything I obviously wasn't Baptized. I am now a practicing Catholic! Woohoo!

    DH was born, baptized and raised Catholic. However, his family is "the" definition of Cradle Catholics. Very Luke warm. DH had a sort of reversion about 2 or 3 years ago. I'm working on getting him to share his story. It is amazing!

  12. My husband and I were both raised Mormon, very strict Mormon. He in Salt Lake City and me in Florida. We both converted to Catholicism a few years ago.

  13. I was baptized Catholic--raised loosely Catholic
    My husband was Baptized Episcapalin (sp) but his family did not practice in any faith. They were not a church going people.
    After our two oldest son's were Baptized my husband took an RCIA class and made his conversion.
    As I began to learn about the vocation of Motherhood ... the church became a central focus of my life. What an abundance of grace God bestows to the needy. Whew I am forever thankful.

  14. I was born Catholic and received all the Sacraments through First Communion but had little clue what it all meant. I refused Confirmation at age 16. After being agnostic, then evangelical Protestant, I reverted to Catholicism and was confirmed at age 24. (The Church's teachings on sexuality and marriage - as well as Mother Mary - were the initial draw).

    My husband was born and raised Catholic from day one. His mother taught him well. He was Confirmed in the "old tradition" (at a "Latin Mass ministry" parish).

    We are practicing Catholics together! :)

  15. I was born into a practicing Jewish family.
    My wife born into Protestant family.

    My wife is still a practicing Protestant. I am agnostic.


  16. to read everyone's background!! So interesting! Mine is not that interesting... born and raised Catholic and so was DH.

  17. Both me and DH are cradle Catholics... and not to toot my own horn, but I never fell away from the faith. Rather, I did the opposite of what most Catholics do - instead of picking and choosing which parts of the faith I was going to uphold and practice, I just went about my sinning, knowing full well it was sinful, and accepting it as such. I got better at avoiding sin in my mid-twenties.

    DH went through all the Sacraments but never really practiced his faith until I came along ;) And now he's a Knight of Columbus!

  18. WOAH Tridentine Wife. I'm going to have to look up your faith story- hope you've written one!

    LEILA! 200+ comments!!!! An article on Catholic Exchange???? Can I say I knew you when... :) I am a Bubble Original... :)

    We're both cradle Catholics! :)

  19. My father was born into a Catholic family, but he later tried being a Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, thought he was Jewish, and finally settled and joined a Southern Baptist church (although he has pictures of Pope Benedict and St. Joseph in his study). My mother was not anything growing up, joined the Jehovah's Witnesses for a short while and then left after they excommunicated my father for not witnessing enough or something. Now she believes in God but does not attend any church.

    I never went to church until I married my husband who is Methodist. I did not really know Jesus until this Easter (due to the JW influence growing up, I used to think it was just the Father).

    We went to a Wesleyan church for the first 2 years of our marriage, and now we sporadically attend a Methodist church. We have 2 kids, and my husband is the only one baptized.

    Lately, I've been doing a lot of study on the Catholic Church, and I am also drawn to reformed interdenominational churches like Mars Hill in Seattle.

    ~ Z.

  20. This is so neat. Thanks Leila! I relate to all those born Baptist. My TX family is very Baptist, but I never understood the reasons for things growing up and I left it very early and was a hard-headed agnostic feminist.

    Then I met my husband who is a Cuban exile and lifelong Catholic (he's Jose and his sister's Maria, Joseph and Mary) and it all made so much sense I converted joyfully.

    My mom cried because I was worshipping idols. LOL.

  21. I'm cradle Catholic though raised in a intra-faith home because my dad was Unitarian.

    My husband is also a cradle Catholic

  22. I was born Communist, converted at the age of 17 (quite an experience, and I now AM careful about what I ask for in my prayers) was really blessed with a solid PCA pastor. We attend a really solid PCA church now.
    My husband was born into PC USA (a very liberal Presbyterian church, I sometimes wonder why they even call themselves that since they don't adhere to the Westinster Confession) He wasn't a believer growing up though his parents went to church every week. He converted in his 20s and is Presbyterian, as well. It's a real blessing to share the same faith, as we are both very interested in theology and express our opinions freely. LOL.
    And, yes, it's true, Presbyterians do baptise infants (just ask my kids, they will probably be able to give you a full theological explanation for that, too. Did I mention disscussing these things often at home? LOL)

  23. I was born and raised Baptist(ish). We bounced from church to nondenominational church. I converted in 2007 and was baptized, gave my first confession and was confirmed three days before we were married in the Church!

    My husband was born and baptized Greek Orthodox, but his dad converted their whole family to Catholicism when he was in third grade. He wasn't confirmed until he was in his twenties, though, after he was literally hit by a car. Talk about a sign.

  24. I am born and raised Catholic but my husband was (and still is) Methodist, though we disagree on exactly that "practicing your faith" means.

  25. I was born into a non-practicing anything household. Attended Christian Sunday school in the middle of elementary until high school. I am Agnostic but my husband is Christian, born and raised and I do attend church with him, the same one from my childhood. I Also plan on having my kids attend church.

  26. Hi!

    I am a cradle Catholic from a mainly Catholic country =)

    On my mom´s side they have always been very Catholic. A very pure faith without a lot of theological knowledge. My grandma was my very first example of a deep faith in God above all things.

    On my dad´s side both German Lutheran (my grandfather) and Catholic ( my grandma).

    My dad was raised in basically a mix and was Baptized a Lutheran and converted fully when he married my mom (his decision, my mom did not even ask him, only that her children be baptized Catholic).

    I studied all my life in a very liberal international school (despite my home being conservative) where I began the quest of studying my faith so I could give reasons why I belived in it and then Jesuit university, where I was blessed to have amazing friends that solidified my faith and began, leading by example, helping me study my faith even further.

    My DH, is a crade Catholic, that went his whole life to Catholic schools and became a member in his 20´s of the Carmelite´s 3rd order. Very, very strong faith all his life and even considered seriously a religious vocation. He has always been a teacher to others about faith and Catholicism.

  27. Hey Miss Leila! I was born into a very lapsed Catholic family (Dad was Catholic and Mom converted "just because") and became a lapsed Catholic at birth. I went through the necessary sacraments and that was kind of it.

    Che had practically zero Christian foundation but his mother did send him off to various Bible Schools and things to get him out of her hair I think. He was baptized as an older teen I think as Church of Christ, then as Baptist, then in 2007 as Cathoic!

  28. I was born Muslim, became an atheist when I was 13, baptized at a non-denom Protestant church and found my way home when I was 26. Hubby was born Lutheran, became an atheist and became a Catholic when he was 22. We met on Catholic match when I was 29 and he was 34. God is good :)

  29. Born and raised Catholic. Dh was born and raised Catholic as well. His dad was Catholic, mom was Lutheran and when his dad passed when he was twelve and his mom married a lutheran 5 years later, that sort of ended his active Catholicism until he :) Let's just say his dad side was thrilled when they found out I was Catholic :) Now we are both learning together! When I became truly committed and more knowledgable about my faith, dh knew he had a decision to make and I am so glad he chose on his own to pursue RCIA and got confirmed.

  30. Cradle Catholic all the way! I've always been Catholic, but didn't really start to come to understand my faith until about a year ago. Praise be to God! Still learning. I do not have a hubby, but I hope if I am called to have one, that he is Catholic too :)

  31. Born Catholic, Catholic junior high and high school...wavered a bit with the Church but not with my faith (other than the times when I was just too busy for God). And now, I am blessed to be the Director of Faith Formation at my Church. Each year I work with people in RCIA and hear their wonderful stories. I hope that I can help them a bit with their faith journeys (me and the Holy Spirit that is), and I know that they help me with mine.

  32. I was baptized and was raised in the traditional Catholic Church (not Novus Ordo).
    My hubby was baptized in the Anglican church I think, but was not raised with any religion really.
    We don't currently practice anything...but maybe that will change when kids come into the picture. I don't like the idea of our kids not being baptized...and you can't just baptize and then NOT attend mass. So...we'll see.

  33. I am a cradle catholic, though I was raised by my non-Catholic grandparents. My mother (their daughter) was a convert to Catholicism, and it was her dying wish (she died when I was 7) that I be raised in the Church. So my grandma took me to Mass, although she was not Catholic.

    I fell away from the faith for a few years in late high school/early college, but had a reversion of sorts in 2006-2007. Going to a great Catholic college helped (shout-out to Mount St. Mary's!).

    DH was baptized Methodist, attended that church until college, when he switched to PCA for a few years, then had an existential crisis when researching church history for his final paper, and struggled for about a year or two about becoming Catholic. He was confirmed and entered full communion during his first year of law school at Notre Dame and we met just less than a year later, courtesy of catholic match. :)

  34. Born and raised Baptist in a family of ministers on both sides. I was basically agnostic in college until my conversion at the beginning of grad school. I've been a Catholic ever since and loving it! I moved across the country and immersed myself in a "Catholic Bubble". Now I spend my time trying to convince the Millers that they need to make more Miller babies! ;) GO FORTH AND BEAR FRUIT! LOL

  35. [callmemama: you can't just baptize and then NOT attend mass.]

    THANK YOU. It troubles me when kids are baptized Catholic but not raised in the faith. I think it's dangerous for parents to make solemn promises to God that try have no intention of keeping.

  36. DH and I are both cradle Catholics. His family growing up actively practiced their faith, and I have learned so much from my mother in law since my family basically went to Mass every Sunday and prayed the meal prayer before dinner. They sent us to CCD and that was it.
    I however really got into my faith in junior high, and neither of us has fallen away even though our spiritual lives have definite highs and lows.
    These are so much fun to read!

  37. I was born a "Methodistic Deist :-)" Dad was a freemason; mom was a non-practicing methodist. Both of them believed in "Something" but were reluctant to baptize me as anything. I purposefully joined the ranks of the Lutherans (keeping that protestant stream of consciousness alive) at the age of 15. Today I am grateful for my Lutheran background as it so propelled me into the divine mysteries of the Catholic church. My conversion across theTiber began in 1992 and bore fruit in 1996 when I joined the Church. I am still experiencing conversion aftershock and get interesting jolts, quakes and tsunamis all the time thanks to the sacraments, holy reading, meditation, service and reading beautiful blogs such as yours my holy friend.

  38. I grew up in a very non-religious/spiritual home. My father was raised Catholic. He went to Catholic school his whole life. My mother is a non-practicing Jew, meaning her parents were Jewish but she is not familiar with the beliefs of the Jewish faith. Not once did my parents speak of Jesus, pray in the home, or bring us to church. However, I was baptized in a Catholic churh as an infant at my paternal grandparent's request. I conciously accepted Jesus as my Savior in high school when I first learned about who He is. I started attending church in college. I am a non-denominational Christian and I love being a Christian. It means everything to me.

  39. My name is Angela. I just stumbled on your blog while researching
    Catholicism. I am just starting out in my conversion journey. Parents: agnostic (at best). DH: non practicing Mormon. In laws: very practicing Mormon. Me: agnostic to seeker to evangelical Protestant to joyful Catholic Convert!


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