Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And it's over. And it's beginning.

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY

What a night. Unexpected. I have so much to say, but I'm exhausted, as I suspect we all are!

For now, I will just say that we have bought some time. There is a blessed reprieve for crisis pregnancy centers, for religious liberty, for the courts around the nation, for the beleaguered middle-class.

Let us pray for Donald Trump. Let us pray that the Republicans, who hold not only the presidency but also the House and Senate, will not squander the trust and opportunity that the people have given them.

For today, I am just so very happy, so very relieved.

Please, please, let us pray!


  1. I have the same sentiments exactly. We have entrusted to him an enormous responsibility to safeguard life and our most precious freedoms. As well as rebuild our country. May Trump turn to God and get wise counsel as our nations leader. I do believe God uses flawed individuals to accomplish His work and I do believe that is what He did here. This is a God thing. Let's not mess it up!

  2. Watching news tonight looks like the beginning of anti-trump protests erupting around the country, even blocking highways.

    Hope this doesn't escalate....definitely need prayers for a peaceful transition in Jan.

  3. I would beg to differ slightly, Leila, with one of your above comments.

    Today I listened to endless analyses by people telling me why "the surprising elections results" occurred, but not one noted this "surprising" reason: Never in my entire life have I seen such unity among all Christian churches in calling for prayer and fasting for our country, nor have I seen such a SRO response in full churches --- on weekdays!

    What mattered in this election? Prayer mattered. With God all things are possible. And so I would say that these new politicians have an opportunity not given them by the people, but by God, to make a difference in this country's future and the world, if they (unlike their predecessors) can overcome the temptations of power and money. And so, yes, we must continue to pray for our country. We have only started on a better path.

  4. Just because the election has ended doesn't mean our prayers may.

    We should pray first and foremost that we were on God's side, that we did the right thing.

    Second, we should pray for the continued safety of President-elect Trump and his family. Many people have threatened his life in the past couple of days, many quite publicly.

    Third, we should pray for President-elect Trump's success. The election was the easy part.

    Now he has to fight the entrenched and ossified bureaucracy, the corrupt professional politicians in both parties, the abortion lobby, trillions of dollars in special interests, and human nature, which always prefers inertia to change.

    And that's just on the domestic front. Abroad, there are at least as many problems again.

    And every problem in the world is about to land squarely on his desk.

    So yes, keep praying for Donald Trump. He needs it - desperately.

  5. Thank you, Leila. You gave me hope all through this difficult election

  6. Hi Leila... I'm new here, but wanted to tell you I like what I am reading... Lots of hope here... I'm an RCIA director in my parish, and I can tell you that, in spite of all of the evil and indifference "out there" in the secular world, people are responding to the call of the Spirit and are joining the RCIA journey... It's amazing to see...

    Warmest regards, and please keep the thought-provoking posts coming... It's GOOD to feel uncomfortable from time to time, and you've helped me... Peace.

  7. Thank you, all! I've been out of town for a couple of days. What the press is doing now... sigh. Keep praying.

    And, lioninthehouse, welcome! I hope you stay! :)

  8. Is good for you but what about México, the presidente is treating us with war, because this Will only with an apology or with war, you savevyourself of russia in to Enter in a war with México a catholic country that is fighting against same sex marriage because for cultural reason we Will not pay for no wall

  9. This past week has been a real roller-coaster. I was surprised by the epic meltdowns that took place. I was amazed at the name calling and the insistence "hate won." I expected the left to be a bit taken back by their loss (and what a complete loss it was.) Instead they refused to engage in discussion and acted like cornered-animals attacking any who came close or tried to help.

    I was told to "just let them react" as those they were toddlers and we just needed to wait out the tantrum. I will admit I lost my temper a number of times. I just couldn't believe how entrenched and selfish so many people were being. If anyone ever treated them the way they were treating others they would be the first to cry out how unfair and wrong it would be.

    I decided to start thinking the meltdowns as the demons fleeing them so I could at least calm myself down enough to consider another approach.

    What should have been a week of relief and hope instead turned into a week of me fighting off anger and despair. I had no idea how far we had fallen. Maybe I didn't want to see it.

    Pray, pray, pray. Our work really has just begun.

    And I really got to work on my temper......:-)


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