Monday, September 19, 2016

Random musings....

1.  I find myself less and less active on the blog and more and more active on Facebook where the pressure to edit (grammar, syntax, ugh!) is much lower, and the interaction and dialogue is more immediate. Not sure what that means, but I just wanted you to be aware of it, and feel free to check out my page (Leila Miller) if you have a Facebook account.

2. Another reason I am less active on the blog is now I have the book-writing bug! It was grueling but so satisfying, as a writer, to produce an actual book that I can hold in my hand, fan the pages of, and put on my bookshelf. I love books in general -- even looking at pictures of old studies/libraries makes me giddy -- so this has been a real treat! I suppose the desire of a writer to produce physical books is similar to the desire of a painter to paint on a canvas. It's exciting to create! In that sense, we are all like God -- we want to create. That's part of what it means to be made in His image. I've already started on my next book, which will address Catholic dating (and how folks are missing the boat) and marriage (including what we misunderstand about our own marriages). It's gonna be good, you guys! I just need the discipline to get 'er done.

3. Over two decades into my reversion now, I still am like a kid in a candy store! So much to read, and learn, and see, and understand. And I finally (FINALLY) have a serious, committed prayer life as well, which makes these months approaching 50 (gasp!) some of the happiest and most peaceful of my life. God is good, folks! Trust him, and don't fear getting older! We are all headed outta this planet, so let's get excited about where we are going! (Yes, I basically just said that I'm not dreading my own mortality.)

4. Speaking of excitement and learning, lookie, lookie what I got!! Bishop Barron's new DVD series, The Pivotal Players!

Look who is featured! I thought it would only be canonized saints, but oh my gosh, Chesterton!! And Michelangelo!! A documentary on each of these pivotal players in Catholic history -- it doesn't get much better than that.

Regular readers know that Bishop Barron's Catholicism DVD series was the catalyst that led to my mother-in-law's profound conversation just months before her death. It was a miracle (and her story has made even grown men sob). I will do anything in my power to spread the word about whatever Bishop Barron produces. I've seen the effects first-hand.

If you can't afford it yourself, consider going in on it with another family or two, or get your parish to buy a copy to lend or show. It's top quality, and worth every penny. Check it out, here.

5. It's super-duper late here (actually, early morning, since it's past midnight), but there is some good news I want to share! My son and his new bride are expecting a baby!! That's right! Our third honeymoon grandbaby is on the way, and we couldn't be happier! This will be our fifth grandchild overall, and we all marvel that in less than three years, we have added eight members to our family -- three by marriage, and five babies as the fruit of those marriages. God is so good. Let us give our lives over to Him and see what He can do. He will always surprise, always bring goodness, if we trust Him.

Okay, so tired.... over and out!


  1. Would love to have an idea of your prayer routine and how you settled on it.

    Congratulations on the baby-on-the-way!

  2. Sharon, this is it!

    This made it easy, once I made a firm commitment. And I meant it. And it's not complicated. I love Teresa of Avila!!

  3. I am not friends with you on Facebook. I saw your discussion asking why football players are protesting the flag and national anthem. I believe its because they don't feel like they are part of our country.

    In Oklahoma a police officer shot an unarmed black man last Friday. His "crime" was car trouble. I am not scared that me or my family will ever be shot by police officers. We don't commit crimes and have white skin. Black people are terrified of being shot by police officers whether they are criminals or not. There are many examples of this.

    The national anthem protest is getting people talking. Its that simple.

  4. LizaMoore, feel free to friend me on fb!

    Yes, I saw the awful news about the unarmed father. I can't imagine the pain. I don't know a single soul who would not be horrified by it.

    While I do not deny that black people are fearful of getting shot and killed for nothing (we could go into the stats about how often that happens), there are also white people who get shot and killed for nothing, too. I was almost one of them, when I was held at gunpoint by a Phoenix police officer who pointed the gun inches from my heart for approximately 2 (LONG) minutes. I didn't flinch, I didn't move, I didn't bring my hands down. If I had made any kind of move, I am certain I would have been shot dead right there. As it is, I am glad she did not have an itchy trigger finger. My point is not to say that what happened in OK was totally normal or good. My point is that tragedies happen and in each case (like the Michael Brown case), we have to figure out WHY. And when cops have malice, they must be held accountable. I don't know anyone who disagrees with that.

    I honestly don't know how millionaires who are revered and practically worshipped at every turn don't "feel like part of this country", but okay, let's have the dialogue. We are having it. What comes next?

  5. I saw your earlier post and bought the book you linked there. So do you actually get up and have a half hour or so dedicated to prayer? I'm just wondering because I spend so much time driving (already 1,000 miles late for my first oil change and the car isn't even four weeks old yet) that my prayer time ends up being in the car, and it's usually the rosary. I bet there's some way to work around that. Maybe reading at home, meditation on the highway?

  6. Sharon, I never (EVER) get up early and pray. I am NOT a morning person, ha ha. I tried that one Lent and it FAILED so miserably! Even my spiritual director priest at the time said forget it. ha ha. So, I pray late at night. Probably not a great idea either, but I have not missed a night (on purpose) for about a year. It's a commitment I made, and I will not falter. Yes, you can do it that way, in parts, I think? I am thinking it might be hard to split that up, though, so maybe just try for 15 minutes at first and do it all in 15? If you can....


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