Sunday, March 13, 2016

Let's lighten it up!

Things have been heavy lately, so....

Let's have a little fun! 

Here are some ideas of things I'd love to hear from you. Pick one, a few, or all, it's up to you!

How is your Lent going? 

What are you reading these days?

What are your hobbies?

What do you do for a living? (That was one of the most fascinating Just Curious posts we've had! I tried to link it here, but I can't find it!)

How did you find the Bubble?

What is something funny you can tell us about yourself?

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Have you had any brushes with fame? 

What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough?

What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read?

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

Tell us your funniest joke!

Gosh, and anything else you want to put out there, please do.

I will allow anonymous comments for now, as long as everyone behaves! 

Okay, go!


  1. *My lent is going very up & down; I have my strong days and weak days with my Lenten sacrifices; as always I'm too excited/impatient for Eastertime and gotta learn to live in the present moment and fully embrace the penitential season.

    *I have a huge stack of books from the CatholicAnswers Conference that I'm excited to dig into (Behold Your Mother by Tim Staples, The Drama of Salvation by Jimmy Akin, The Apostasy That Wasn't by Rod Bennett, Evidence for Our Faith by Fr. Joseph Cavanaugh, When Faith Causes Family Friction by Dr. Ray, and Persuasive Pro-Life by Trent Horn)

    *Hobbies - listening to CatholicAnswers Live, morality discussions, running, Downton Abbey, wine

    *Job - None at the moment :( dream job? assisting at CatholicAnswers in someway (potential apologist?!?) currently looking for a position as an Administrative Assistant or some similar kind of office work

    *How I Found the Bubble -

    *Something funny? - I suck at answering these kinds of it funny that I can't think of an answer?? ;)

    *Surprises about me? - I really enjoy the television show, "Criminal Minds" and I once ran a half marathon in Louisville, KY

    *Brushes with fame? - Do Patrick Coffin and Trent Horn count??? :D Julie Andrews came to my suburb once for a book signing! Also: Matt Maher & Jason Evert.

    *Spiritual breakthrough - Again see my faith story linked above :)

    *Life changing event? - Experiencing real life examples of true, selfless love on my Catholic campus ministry's Koinonia retreat (actually that might have been a spiritual breakthrough)

    *3 wishes - 1) For a million more wishes HA! 2) For the entire world to accept the love of Christ & fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church 3) Perfect peace with whatever God's will is for me

    *Funniest joke? -- yeah....I got sense of humor is all sarcasm and playful banter, not so much jokes

    *Anything else? -- I wanna meet Leila and her beautiful family sooooo badly!!! Everyone should listen to and even consider calling into CatholicAnswers Live (5-7 PM Central Time). I LOVE JESUS! The end. :)

  2. Margo, you never disappoint!! I love it!!

  3. It's Angela! (not Anonymous) and I really miss reading! (A certain 2 year old is THIS close to dropping her nap, but in the meantime, if we can get her to bed by 10pm, I'm happy) Also, when I lived in Italy, I hitch-hiked from the catacombs in Rome. With the Sisters of Charity. Also, for a celebrity sighting - I've been THIS close to JPII twice. Once in Rome (my cousin and I were the only children in a private audience) and once at my school. (SS. Simon and Jude!) :)And my Lent, is actually on my radar for the first time in 9 years, so that's good! :)

  4. Angela, you were practically a baby when St. John Paul II came to Phoenix!! I was away at college in 1987, but my parents got to kiss his ring!

  5. This is Mary...having trouble with Google accounts.

    What are your hobbies? Running, reading, family gatherings, watching hockey

    What do you do for a living? Usually teach Bio, but home taking care of Mom right now and short=term fostering

    How did you find the Bubble? Cannot remember...maybe Jen Fulweiler

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself? I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance to Funk...but not that graceful.

    What would we be surprised to know about you? I used to have a chewing gum addiction along with a serious eating disorder and am now 100% cured.

    Have you had any brushes with fame? uncle coaches the number one hockey team in the US! (your alma mater)

    What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough? Understanding the true implications of Materialistic Determinism. Reading Edward Feser when i can muster it.

    What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read? Had children.

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be? To be younger and have had more children earlier. To have a metaphysical experience that would answer some of my spiritual questions about Christianity and reality. World peace through the Gospel and understanding...really.

    Tell us your funniest joke! A man walks into a bar a woman on his back.
    The host asks him, "And what are you?"
    The man says, “I’m a snail."
    The host says, "And who's that on your back?"
    And the man says, "That's Michelle!"

    Just came back from having a drink with childhood friend who is quietly famous and basically has pretty strong influence over the largest chunk of assets under management in the world (2.2 trillion). We talked about Hilary, Camus, Nietzsche and how he finds meaning in life.

  6. Forgot to say how Lent is going....well...we got to church most weeks and I am trying to get to confession even though I am still going to the Lutheran Church regularly and don't receive communion at the Catholic Church.
    Reading "The Door in the Wall" so my boys can read it.

  7. What are you reading these days?
    I just finished a book I'd love to recommend!!! More of the Holy Spirit by Sr. Ann Shields, SGL It's a small paperback but WOW did she pack some great stuff in there!

    What would we be surprised to know about you?
    I did a "read the Bible in a year" study with a bunch of friends and I LOVED it - but it was a protestant version. I wanted to do another with the Catholic Bible but couldn't find anything online ... so I created one myself!

    I always have trouble posting here for some reason, but I want you to know that I love reading this blog Leila - thank you!

  8. Reading these days: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my four year old twins.
    How I found The Bubble: another blog I read at the time (Catholic Newly Wed) made a list of her favourites, and you were on it!
    My career: It's complicated, but essentially, I find homes for adults with disabilities who need support and can't live independently. I'm able to work from home though, and stay home to raise my three children.
    Greatest Spiritual Break Through: going from pro "choice" to pro life.
    Biggest life change: moving from Nova Scotia to Alberta when I was 23 years old. Because of that move, I made a career, met my husband, had our children, on and on and on.
    Three wishes: end abortion, buy a house, health and happiness for my children.

  9. What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough?
    If you mean a breakthrough in increased spiritual understanding or wisdom, I usually get that type of breakthrough from reading spiritual books or from increasing dedication to prayer or a type of devotion.

    I’ve also gotten spiritual breakthroughs when the circumstances surrounding a spiritual obstacle were remedied without logical explanation.

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself?

    These may just be funny to me, but I conquered my fear of heights by parasailing with a friend 600’ high, behind a speed boat, over the Gulf of Mexico. I was able to actually enjoy after it the first 5 minutes of “Wth am I doing and why!!?” and silence the siren-like screaming that came from somewhere deep within me, lol.
    Spectacular views up that high, dangling under that parasail. Exhilarating.

    Also went hiking in the “back country” of Montana at Glacier where grizzlies, brown bear, and large cats roam freely. I had my walking stick, a partner, my whistle, and some pepper spray (that would’ve been ZERO help, lol). Was, um … intimidating to say the least, but supremely gorgeous natural surroundings. No bears and no cats on the trails. Thx B 2 God.

    What are your hobbies? Play hockey in fall and winter. Do tons of fishing, boating, water sports/fun in summer. Stay mentally sharp by reading, doing logic puzzles, 1000 pc puzzles, 3-D puzzles, playing strategy games, building things/assembling planes/car models with the family. Do my own home projects, redecorate, etc.

    What would we be surprised to know about you?
    Three things that surprise me, anyway: I recently ran a solid mile time in 6:38 which is great considering I could take or leave running, and was aiming for a sub-7 min mile with minimal training. Success.

    I won a local cooking contest when I submitted my grandma’s awesome meatloaf recipe. Won $100.00 from the restaurant that tested it in their kitchen. Treated my mom to dinner there with the money, to celebrate her own mom’s recipe. Grandma- all she does is win.

    I was approached by a man about a modeling job for the agency he represented. He gave me his business card. I thought it was a scam. Never followed up on it. Oh, darn. It was flattering, if not awkward, though.

    Tell us your funniest joke! Can’t think of any jokes but there are some great memes out there, esp the political ones lately. Pithy one I have seen is the one floating around showing the meaning of socialism very succinctly. It’s got a political poster with “Bernie Sanders” over “2016” ripped right down the middle leaving, “Ber - 20”—and a hand written note taped to it, saying, “I took half of your sign because you had one and I didn’t. I’m sure you understand.” Caption: Socialism—A great idea until it shows up in your front yard.

  10. (Mark)
    Lent Going? Very nice Lenten Reconciliation Service, Adoration, Went thru the Doors of Mercy at another Church in our Diocese.
    Reading? No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton
    Hobby? Vegetable Gardening... 400 sq ft of raised beds, drying herbs, jalapeno powder, cayenne powder, oregano, basil, etc.
    Living? Still looking, unemployed for over a year. Apparently my 'human capital' has diminished according to the world.
    Finding the Bubble? Can't remember :) but then again, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night.
    Funny about me? I like to think I have a good sense of humor but am I funny, that's for someone else to judge. I am sure one of my eight brothers and sisters could tell you a few things.
    Things about me that may surprise? I have lived in the Philippines, Japan, California(Northern and Southern), Michigan, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas.
    Fame? I think I am famous for being the son of a Saint, my Mother ! Who else can say they raised 6 boys and 3 girls while moving us all around the world?
    Spiritual Break through? Believe it or not.....going through a divorce and then over 3 years of the Annulment process, re-entering the Church after a 25 year leave of absence, sponsoring a few folks through the RCIA process.....all were part of one big Spiritual Awakening, life changing event. Its amazing how much can be learned through tears and heartache.... and the joy that comes from 'knowing' how much we are loved. You know, even the sky is bluer than it used to be, the birds have never sung so beautiful ....
    3 Wishes? 1) For everyone to know that Joy 2) For everyone to know that Joy 3) For everyone to know that Joy.
    Joke? I still remember this joke from a periodical that we received at the Catholic School I attended in 2nd Grade (a long time ago) Why did the boy put popcorn in his shoes? To feed his pigeon feet ! drum roll. I'll be here all week :)

    1. 'pigeon toes' can't even deliver the joke right after all these years. (Mark)

  11. Reading these days: 33 days to Morning Glory Marian Consecration & Coolidge, the Biography. I'm reading presidential biographies in reverse order.

    Career: Stay at Home mom, though I've found an odd affinity for promotional product blogging. I feel called to do something with it by family needs more time now sotrying to figure that out. http//

    How I found the Bubble: was with Nubby on the CafeMom Catholic board (oh aging goth mom:)) and she told me about this

    What would people be surprised to know about you: I wrote the lyrics to a song that got played on a space mission

    What would people be surprised to know about you: I am currently OBSESSED with the Broadway musical Hamilton. Its Hip Hop, history and sheer genius (though salty language.)

    Closest brush with fame: I was working at a theatre in Edinburgh Scotland when James Cromwell (farmer from the movie Babe) bought tickets from me; Scottish parliament member David Steele yelled at me when was selling tickets to the same show and made me cry. A reporter was there, wrote about it, got a statement from me and then it ended up on the front page in the Scotsman, the national paper

    Hows Lent Going: Meh, its a wash. Marian consecration is great. But gave up phone time with kids around which having 5 under 9 is really hard. Doing OK, though.

    Greatest spiritual breakthrough: Realizing that God love me uniquely, not compared to 'holy rollers' or non-believers (I am less or better.) Helped me to be less judgmental and happy for the spiritual growth of others.

  12. How is your Lent going? I always have really high expectations for myself so not as well as I had hoped. I did complete one of my spiritual books (C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters) and the family has made it to most Masses, plus a few daily Masses. All in all I really can't complain.

    What are you reading these days? I always have more than one book going at a time. I just finished The Human Side of Cancer by Jimmie C. Holland. I'm still working on The Life of Jesus Christ volume 1 (Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich), Mere Christianity by C S Lewis, and my just for fun book Moonglow by Michael Griffo.

    What are your hobbies? I really love crafting even though I'm not the greatest and sometimes finding time is a challenge so I end up with partially completed projects everywhere. That said I cross stitch, crochet, scrapbook, and I'm learning to knit, make clothes and quilt.

    What do you do for a living? I stay home with my babies. Prior to that I worked the front office of a Radiology facility.

    How did you find the Bubble? Through my friend Mrs. Lani Bogart...she recommended the bubble and I spent over a year catching up. She was right to recommend it, I love it here.

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself? My husband and I met online back when we still had dial up.

    What would we be surprised to know about you? When I was 10 I modeled for Express Limited for a day.

    Have you had any brushes with fame? Not unless you count my brother who was in a McDonald's commercial which aired in the early 2000's.

    What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough? Before I came into full communion with the Church I was into new age up to my eyeballs...deeper than that breakthrough came through when I realized I had tried everything to make me happy except for allowing God the chance to heal my brokeness. That realization was the beginning of a long and beautiful journey home!

    What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read? Married my husband and then years later having our children

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be? I would just need one wish: that we could love as Christ loves us...completely.

    Tell us your funniest joke! I'm way too sarcastic for jokes...but my boys favorite right now is "Boys: Hey mom guess what? Me: what? Boys: Chicken butt!" laughs for days with that one.

  13. Oh my gosh, these are AWESOME!! I am enjoying every word!! Keep 'em coming!!! And later, I will add my own, cuz I forgot, ha ha!!

  14. Tongue-in-Cheek Catholic Joke:

    A Benedictine and a Jesuit were having coffee together when a friend comes up to ask them for help with a spiritual problem. "Have a seat." they both say.

    "Well, I've always wanted a Lamborghini and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to pray a Novena to Our Blessed Mother for such an extravagant "need".

    The Benedictine says,"Hold-on, what's a Lamborghini?" The Jesuit says, "Yeah, hold-on, what's a Novena?"

    Don't hate me for that.

  15. I don't hate you for it, I LOVE it, ha ha ha!!

  16. Just finished rereading To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Most Life-changing book: Who Dies? by Stephen Levine

    Surprising?" Grew up on a cattle ranch.

  17. How is your Lent going? Not bad...better than I expected, but definitely room for improvement.

    What are you reading these days? Mostly non-fiction. Two I just finished that I would recommend are "Gray Matter" (Levy) and "Profiles in Christian Courage" (Walters)

    What are your hobbies? Reading, crochet, reading, crafts, sudoku, oh, and reading.

    What do you do for a living? Right now, I'm an at-home mom who does a little moonlighting as a bookkeeper occasionally. I used to be a CPA, BC (Before Children).

    How did you find the Bubble? Not positive, but I think through Jennifer Fulwiler.

    Have you had any brushes with fame? Besides getting my pic in the local newspaper highlighting a recipe? nope.

    What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read? Have children. They're wonderful for working the selfishness out of you.

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be? I would have a Catholic library, open to all; I would get to meet and have lunch with all my favorite bloggers (starting with you Leila, of course!); I would have all my family live nearby.

    Tell us your funniest joke! Who was the biggest knight at King Arthur's round table? Sir Cumference, because he ate too much Pi.

  18. ^^ ha ha, perfect joke for Pi day!! (Today)

    Gosh, I love this stuff, guys! I want more!

    You people are interesting, ha!!

  19. Hey Everyone!

    What are you reading these days? I am reading too many things at once right now - I'm all over the place- but the last book I picked up and couldn't put down was 'Faith, Science and Reason: Theology on the Cutting Edge' by Christopher Baglow. I'm not much of a novel reader, but I am started Jane Eyre again last night. Oh, and I read 'Pinkalicious' far too frequently.

    What are your hobbies? Wait, do I have hobbies other than playing Paw Patrol and watching kids play Minecraft? I love to read, write, go to the North Atlantic beaches near my home and delight in the mosses, ferns, seaweed and lichens that grow there. I love plant-watching. And kitchen dance parties.

    What do you do for a living? I teach at a tiny, little, private Catholic school.

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself? All my first communion photos were of me doing the chicken dance in front of the altar. I think I was really excited about the 80's-era baby's breath wreath I was wearing on my head.

    What would we be surprised to know about you? I can write perfect backwards cursive (i.e. it can be read in the mirror).

    What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough? I had left the faith altogether, then had a major faith-awakening and planted myself in a local anabaptist church. But, one day I picked up Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth part 3 at the public library and flipped to the chapter on the Last Supper. In those few short minutes I found myself overwhelmingly convicted as to the truth and wonder of the Eucharist that I was utterly compelled to leave my beloved faith family and to come home to the Catholic Church. (It took a bit longer than a few minutes to come back, but that was definitely the catalyst).

    What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read? Reading the book I just mentioned and coming back to Catholicism three years ago this month.

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be? Ooh! I wish I could be paid the big money to read, write and talk all day. I wish I could meet Pope Benedict. I wish my best friend lived next door, not 1000 miles away.

    Tell us your funniest joke! Imagine the 2's are subscripts: Two men walk into a bar. The first one says 'I'll have some H 2 O.' The second man says 'I'll have some H 2 O, too.' The second man dies.

  20. 1. Up and down. Gave up social media for Lent and finding myself a lot more relaxed. Got the Blessed Is She prayer journal and having a hard time keeping up with it.

    2. On my weeks off (more on that in a moment), I'm reading St. Faustina's diary. Weeks that I work, I need something light so I'm reading the Game of Thrones books.

    3. Hobbies? I like to garden but I'm currently not able to do it since I live in an apartment. :( I'm learning to knit (something I started this Lent) and I'm learning to play guitar, but I'm not very good at either just yet.

    4. I'm a hospital pharmacist. When most people hear that, they say "gee, I didn't know hospitals had pharmacists." I work 7 days on, 7 days off on the night shift. I verify the doctors' orders, check medications, calculate doses for antibiotics and blood thinners, and answer nurses' questions, e.g. "can I run these two drugs in the same line?" I help dozens of people every day, but I never see them.

    5. How did I find the Bubble? Not sure. Either Jen Fulwiler or another Catholic blog.

    6. Something funny... I can sing but I've never been able to whistle.

    7. I have 8 cousins, all of whom are younger and taller than I am. (If you met me in person, this might not be so surprising.)

    Brushes with fame... I got nothin'.

    Spiritual breakthrough would be Easter '08...basically convinced that God is actually there. I think I have a post about this on my blog.

    Most life-changing thing I ever read: Dead Man Walking by Sr. Helen Prejean. Most life-changing thing I ever did: move 2000 miles away to the Pacific Northwest!

    Three wishes: 1. Have my side of the family closer. 2. World Peace. 3. Conversion of my husband.

    Best joke: A guy takes his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. On the way home, he asks her what she thought of the game and the blonde replies, "I don't get it! It's only 25 cents!"

    The guy says, "What do you mean?"

    The blonde says, "Well, they flipped that coin at the beginning of the game and after that everybody was like, 'Get the quarterback!'"

  21. Can I just tell you that these jokes are awesome!!! I love them! I want to tell my favorite but it's a little too... earthy.

    The spiritual breakthrough parts are simply amazing to read. I'll be back with my own answers later. Going for a much needed haircut!!

  22. Crystal Pinto, there were duplicate answers from you... I deleted one, and then I see that you deleted the other (I think!). It was so good! Can I put it back? Just wondering if that was a mistake?

  23. How is your Lent going?
    It is going OK, I can't believe it is almost over! My goal was to concentrate on a couple virtues/fruits of the Spirit to practice so that I was not just giving something up which I did too but that was not the main focus for me.

    What are you reading these days?
    I am re-reading "Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux and "Reed of God" by Caryll Houselander. I highly recommend both ;)

    What are your hobbies?
    I love to cook and bake. I have been cooking/baking since I was 11 years old. I am starting to explore not being afraid of my sewing machine and rosary making as new hobbies.

    What do you do for a living? (That was one of the most fascinating Just Curious posts we've had! I tried to link it here, but I can't find it!)

    I am a Creighton Model Practitioner so I get to talk about fertility and mucus on a daily basis, lol.

    How did you find the Bubble?
    I think through Amy's blog This Cross I Embrace...I am not sure it has been awhile now.

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself?
    I am not funny I am a melancholic :p Well if you put on some Irish music I may do a spontaneous jig.

    What would we be surprised to know about you?
    I don't really get stage fright. I know most people do but if I know my subject and I am the speaker I am more eager to go on so I can get it over with. Also my favorite sport to watch besides football is professional bull riding!

    Have you had any brushes with fame?
    Not really. I was an extra in the movie Rat Race when I was in high school and got to be a lead character in a play for a national anti-violence convention. Oddly enough both events were on the same day. Wow, I would think there would be more chances since I grew up and still reside in L.A.

    What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough?
    The realization that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. That was the catalyst that started it all.

    What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read?
    Spent a year doing missionary work and got married.

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
    1)For all the world to know, love and serve God.
    2) Complete healing of Ma Crow
    3)Get pregnant or have enough finances to adopt as many times as we could :)

    Tell us your funniest joke
    Where do criminal cats go for court?
    The meuwnicipal court!

    Hey I didn't say it would be funny to you, but my mom and her boss who work in the federal courts thought it was hilarious. This was fun Leila, thanks!

  24. Brushes with fame?
    Well, here's a story that I think you'll like: My dad is a doctor, so one time he went to a dinner and talk for doctors. The talk was by Dr. Ben Carson on healthcare, so my dad took me along, because I was sort of a fan of his. At one point, My dad took me to his table (his wife was there too) and I got to shake his hand. He asked about my career aspirations, and I told him that I was hoping to be a stay-at-home mom someday. :) (Or something along those lines.)

    On an unrelated note, my older brother has several Youtube channels, and a couple of his videos have gone viral. So I guess that makes him slightly famous?

    Oh, and I saw Pope Francis at the World Meeting of Families. :) I screamed, just like a total fangirl, when rode by in the Popemobile.

  25. Life changing spiritual- Going from climbing the pyramids in Mexico to praying at the actual shrine in the
    Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe-quite a pendulum of emotions.

    Brush with fame,:-years ago, won the state award for Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum -Homemaker of the Year; talked with her on the phone a few minutes-very direct, no nonsense.
    was also interviewed by the local tv news. (luckily my mom was visiting that day, and helped me tidy up quickly,3young kids, and start mixing some homemade cookies before they came over with a 15 min warning-be quite ironic for house to be messy!)

    and if I may stretch it: DH and a buddy had a home business of battery chargers for those who converted a
    gas car to electric-(this was over a decade ago, before they were mass produced); their CA distributor sold one to (former night show host),Jay L. and he features it, very briefly, in one of his numerous videos-uses it for one of his electric Model T's if I remember correctly. (hubby also converted his own car years ago to electric and was featured by local paper for Earth Day).

    It's not really a joke per se, but it gave my college spanish professor a hearty chuckle; Sr. Orozco
    started the class with a pop quiz and I was chosen first-"Carry on with a phone conversation
    in spanish", -my heart starts racing as I turn the numbers on the old fashioned rotary dial phone-
    saying the phone number in spanish to start and my brain freezes and all I can sputter out is
    'la linea esta ocupada' -which means 'the line is busy'; well she thought is was funny and gave me an A for creativity but said no one else can use that escape....

    Books-reading a few by charismatic Maria Vadia; and a prepper friend gave me one by Dan Lynch called
    Chastiments, something-not quite ready to go there yet....

  26. How is your Lent going?
    Where's that in the Bible?

    What are you reading these days?
    Just fun stuff, sifi and the kind, nothing to write home about

    What are your hobbies?
    Play flute and piccolo in BH Symphony. Oh, and I'd love to visit with the person who doesn't get stage fright :)

    What do you do for a living?
    Mostly stay at home mom, work part time in YMCA childcare, orchestral player, but I wouldn't be able to live on what both these jobs are playing me.
    How did you find the Bubble?
    Sorry, can't remember

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself
    My motivation behind taking a shower in the morning is wanting to look presentable for whoever dresses my body should I get kidnapped and murdered that day. Coffee first, though :)

    Have you had any brushes with fame?
    I had breakfast with Sir James Galway

    What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough?
    That God isn't just good, but that He is good to me

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
    I am pretty content with the life God gave me, so, no wishes, really.

  27. Olya, I can't tell if your question about where Lent is in the bible was made in jest. ?

  28. Beth, I was just going to address that.

    Olya, it's great to hear from you again!

    Where are the following in the Bible:

    -- The Trinity
    -- monogamy for married people (for anyone except bishops)
    -- The Authority to start up a church without the approval of the Apostles or ones the Apostles appointed
    -- The table of contents for the canon of the Bible.

    Also, where did your New Testament come from, and when?

    Thanks! I'm glad you are back!

    1. Oh, and add, where are the following in the Bible:

      -- The dates to celebrate Christmas and Easter (some Protestants don't observe them... and some Protestants do observe Lent, by the way).

  29. You guys are so good, and I can't top your stuff, but here is mine...

    Lent is going okay... I was supposed to give up screens to a certain extent, not sure I did well! But I've done some amazing Lenten reading!

    What I'm reading... the last two amazing books have been My Sisters the Saints, by Colleen Carroll Campbell (and whom I had the pleasure of meeting last month at the Phx Women's Conference). GREAT BOOK, about her spiritual journey. And now I'm in the middle of Dr. Kevin Vost's The Seven Deadly Sins: A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice and Sin. Dr. Vost is a former atheist, and I previously interviewed him here on the Bubble for his book, From Atheism to Catholicism: How scientists and philosophers led me to the Truth. Brilliant, funny man!

    Hobbies? Catholicism, ha ha. Reading, writing, sitting around taking it all in, this beautiful world. Watching documentaries. Being with my family. :)

    What do I do for a living: I used to work in advertising before I had kids. And retail. And now I just write, but I wouldn't say it's a living, ha ha!!

    How did I find the Bubble? I founded the Bubble!! Lol.

    Something funny about myself... I was a gangly, skinny, and homely kid (trust me) who was a "spaz" and was happy to be called "weird" (I always had lots of weird and fun friends), and even though I should have, I never had a self-esteem or confidence problem!!! HA!!

    You might be surprised to know that I still bite my nails, and have been doing so since I was a child. I don't do it in public anymore, but I tend to do it a lot when I am in the midst of writing a blog post, interestingly!!

    I've had a lot of brushes with fame, I guess? Met a lot of great Catholics (Jen Fulwiler, whom I have called a friend for years, even from before I had a blog, which is odd in itself; Abby Johnson, Raymond Arroyo, Patrick Coffin, Fr. Tad P., Rick Santorum). Have seen a couple of presidents up close (Reagan, Bush Sr.; and my husband used to intern for Jimmy Carter). I was in the courtroom for one day of the Oliver North trial (I was interning for a news station in DC in college). One of our horses (beautiful Arabian born in our stables) grew up and was a show horse and was in the Reagan inaugural parade. Gorgeous young stud horse, but shortly thereafter got sick and died. :( My parents used to be the "go-to" family in Tucson if an Arab-speaking dignitary came to town (my dad is Arab, speaks Arabic), so one day we had the Egyptian ambassador to dinner at our home. And, one of my college roommates and a bridesmaid at my wedding has a daughter that won gold in US gymnastics last time (Aly Raisman) and she is trying for this summer's US Olympic team again. Some other odds and ends, but that's what I can think of for now, ha ha.

    Spiritual breakthroughs:

    1. Discovering that the Church is what she claims to be.
    2. Discovering the three stages of holiness or the interior life.
    3. Discovering the concept of total abandonment or surrender to God's will.

    (I've written about all of those here on the Bubble)

    Life-changing: Finding the Church and embracing it. Reading Ordinary Path to Holiness. Reading Into Your Hands Father, Abandoning Ourselves to the God Who Loves us (Fr. Stinissen). <---- I don't think I've ever recommended anything more than that book.

    Three wishes: 1. That all would come to know Christ, 2. That no one would ever feel the agony of loneliness or despair, 3. That everyone would have at least one truly good friend that knew and loved them deeply.

    And my big wish these days is for the healing of marriage in our land, especially for the sake of the children who suffer so at the hands of immature and selfish adults.

    There ya go!

    (Oh, joke... I said above, it's a little too earthy....)

  30. I will add one more question to yours, Leila. Where did Jesus give instructions that the Christian faith should be based exclusively on a book?

  31. OK, I'll play.
    Hobbies - reading, writing, gardening, cooking, crafting; unusual one - I have made a bit of stained glass, small stuff, mostly for my parents.
    Job - Hmm... Well, I've been mostly staying home with the kids for 13 years now. I have been a preschool teacher, a curatorial assistant at New Harmony (IN) historic site, and a Spanish teacher at a Catholic high school. However, my Spanish has went downhill from lack of practice, ha, and I'm not actually Catholic, although I'd like to be. Working on that...
    Brushes with fame: none
    Spiritual Breakthrough: a few years ago, when I realized I could stop beating myself up over guilt and sin and actually believe that God did forgive me. Liberating!
    You'd probably be surprised to know that I'm trying to grow most of the vegetables my family of 6 will eat this summer, and that I cook entirely from scratch. In my dreams, I'd have a farm, and I'd write books.
    What I am reading? Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly, plus some fiction, 80 Days Around the World (true history), and a book on women farmers.

    Oh, and I have no idea how I found the Bubble, but it has been wonderful for me!

  32. Angel, that is so awesome! Can't wait to welcome you home to the Church! AND, you cook everything from scratch?? Do your children and husband know how blessed they are?? You are a rock star in my book. I can't/don't cook and it's an area I wish were different!

    Beth, great question and I hope that Olya will respond!

  33. I found The Bubble when one of my comments regarding the Pope's recent contraception conversation was deleted. Ack! That never happened before. But before they were both deleted the reply to my comment suggested I come over here and read what you had to say. When I got here, it was gone.

    Spiritual breakthrough: I actually don't have to do it all myself. Thanks be to God because I'm exhausted. That's the latest anyway. I remember when I first heard "Love is a decision." at pre cana. Life changer for sure.

    My adorable cousin Jackie Vogel was in Buckaroo Bonzai in the 80's. It was a good thing that the cinema was practically empty when my friend and I finally saw him and began to scream and jump up and down. Lol, I think he was an extra in a bar scene at the end. He was on LA Law though and some other movies that I didn't see. I met Lydia Bostianich at the commissary in Fort Dix. And Jen Fulwiler responded to a couple of my emails which was really nice since much of her writing has been very efficacious for me.

    People are surprised when they find out that I was a part of the Coat Hanger Gang. Yeah, I was the leader. That was after we were the Wolf Gang. So, that may qualify as my joke. Or I can give you one of my own creations. Knock, Knock. Who's there? Yah. Yah Who? Yay, sounds like your having a great time!! That is the age level at the present moment over here. Although I'm sure my 23 year old is still laughing on the inside.

  34. Leila, it's one of many questions Steve Ray has on his website. He has a list of questions for "Bible Christians" and I think it's a good resource to use when having friendly conversations with Evangelicals.

  35. Michelle M, help me understand that first part! What site deleted your comments? My brain is so fried, lol!!

    That is a good joke, ha!

    Beth, thanks, I'm going to go look it up!

  36. Google "Catholic convert questions bible Christians" 😊

  37. How is your Lent going? It's going but not as well as I had hoped. Daily Mass with all of us is a struggle.

    What are you reading these days? "My Turn" by Nancy Reagan

    What are your hobbies? Reading, yoga and cooking/baking

    What do you do for a living? I don't make a dime but my time is consumed with housing teenage/young women who are pregnant.

    How did you find the Bubble? A friend send me a link, can't remember the post.

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself? My sister and me are fluent in our own pig Latin.

    What would we be surprised to know about you? That I believe and follow all the Church teachings

    Have you had any brushes with fame? My family danced in one of the Where in the Heck is Matt dance videos

    What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough? Deciding to convert

    What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read? Spending a week in New Orleans 3 weeks after Hurricane Katrina

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be? My kids growing up healthy, productive and happy. My parents continuing to have good health as they age. Money and means to buy another house or two for the girls.

    Tell us your funniest joke! I'm not a good joke teller but I love to laugh at jokes.

  38. Thank you for the work you do with those pregnant girls/teens in crisis, LizaMoore!

  39. Leila, sorry for the confusion. I commented on one of Dynamic Catholic's posts. I understand that it could have just been a fluke that it was removed, but I worried for a little while that I put Pope Francis in a bad light. I came here for clarity.

  40. Just remembered another good joke:

    Two Carmelites, two Franciscans, and two Jesuits are playing cards with a diocesan priest when the power goes out. The Carmelites begin deep breathing and meditating. The Franciscans rejoice at the opportunity to embrace poverty. The Jesuits debate over whether the power outage gets them a dispensation from saying Compline.

    The diocesan priest goes to the basement and flips the circuit breaker.

  41. Let's talk books!! My most recent read, which I highly enjoyed, was The Night Circus. It's a love story set in the late 19th and 20th century, with magic and a lot of delightful descriptions. It's one of those books where you can almost taste and see everything.

    The most impactful books: almost everything I've read by George MacDonald. If you like CS Lewis, you must check him out. He's been largely forgotten, but Lewis described MacDonald as his spiritual master, quoted him in his own works, and used him as the heavenly guide in The Great Divorce. In particular I love his imaginative works for children. MacDonald was Protestant, but his book The Lost Princess has ideas about redemption and sanctification that Catholics would find truthful and on the nose. (Full admission: I'm Episcopal not Catholic). His book The Princess and Curdie is one of the most delightful books I've ever read. Don't ignore them because they're children's books; they're quite meaty.

  42. How is your Lent going?
    I think I'm still stuck in Advent. He was just born the other day and you close your eyes for minute and He's dying then rising from the dead.

    What are you reading these days?
    Nothing, I've been working 70 hour weeks and starting to become fascinated with shiny objects.

    What are your hobbies?
    Whatever the kids are doing.

    How did you find the Bubble?
    surfing catholic bloggers and bam! " I too, was robbed"

    What is something funny you can tell us about yourself?
    I dunno, but Nubbys story about hiking reminds me of a story. (BTW nubby those cats and bears were there, they just weren't going to mess with someone armed with a whistle)
    So a bunch of us were backpacking in Yosemite at a place that is infamous for lots of bear activity. One of the geniuses in our party brought a gigantic slab of dry salami smelled so strong it attracted every carnivore within a 3 mile radius. I'm in my bag and awakened by a strange sound that I can't quite figure out...until I get this huge exhale of bear breath on my face. Can you say mortality reality? Luckily I was armed with 15 in the mag and 1 in the pipe. Of course I couldn't even breathe never mind move. That sucker was sniffing me out. Since a bears lungs are the size of trash bags, the sound I heard was a very long series of sniffs...then the exhale. He decided not to eat me.

    What would we be surprised to know about you?
    I bite my nails too Leila. Total childhood habit and I don't think I could solve a single problem unless a fingernail is mutilated. My wife says she will leave me if she is married to a 50 yr old who still bites his nails. I got few more years to figure it out.

    Have you had any brushes with fame? None to speak of I guess

    What is your greatest spiritual breakthrough?
    Augustine! and discovering the churches' teaching on sexuality.

    What was the most life-changing thing you ever did, or read?
    Marriage and kids (and still ongoing)

    If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
    More time for reading and praying. Being able to slow down how fast the kids are growing up. A culture that would protect the innocence of kids in their formative years.

    Tell us your funniest joke!
    I simply cannot retain jokes

  43. (BTW nubby those cats and bears were there, they just weren't going to mess with someone armed with a whistle)

    Lol- yea, nothing says “false sense of security” like a whistle no one will hear and a 4 oz. can of pepper spray aimed the wrong way…

    Incidentally, we did hear a lot of snapping of twigs and animal-like activity off the trails.
    We were advised to "sing and clap hands loudly during the hike to let the animals know we were around”, so they’d, um, leave the area.

    Yea, that's great advice-- attract attention! "Hey I'm clapping and singing over herrre! No need to waste your energy rummaging for food anymore! Come take a bite- buffet is now open!" lol

  44. I'm as ever rather late to the game here, but l would like to join in as l have a funny story l have been bursting to share with some Catholics, but sadly l don't know any in the real to get on with the quiz, l'll pick and choose a bit as most people have probably long moved on from this thread!

    How did I find the Bubble?

    Easy, l googled Catholic blogs as my youngest son was in the unusual position of being the only non Catholic in a Catholic High School, and l wanted to learn quickly as much as l could about the faith...l found my concentration wavered if l read straight religious sites, but online blogs about real Catholics living their lives worked extremely well. He left the school a couple of years ago, but l kept the blog links and do lurk here from time to time .......

    And here is my funny story about myself, which for a moment or two was nearly a spiritual breakthrough....

    My son who went to the Catholic High School has autism and a few other health problems. He got offered a trip to Lourdes with the HCPT, and after much agonising we let him go ( it was the first time he had ever been away from home in his life at fifteen years of age) and he had quite simply the time of his life. When we went to collect him from the coach he was happy tired and l suspect still buzzing from the whole experience, he didn't say anything apart from to look at me very seriously and say " Mummy, l think Mary was really glad that I visited her" This touched me and I was further touched when he got out from his suitcase a rather garish blue sparkly statue of Mary, which l immediately put in pride of place on our mantelpiece. Off we went to bed, the next morning as I got up l opened the front room curtains and turned round to say " Good Morning" to the little blue statue, only it wasn't blue anymore it was a dark blood red, a sparkly blood red but certainly not blue. I shouted to the rest of the family all who agreed that the statue had definitely changed colour, l wondered if I should do something, call a priest or at least someone from the HCPT, because l have an over active imagination l began to imagine streams of pilgrims coming to our small urban front room........and then l came down to earth and googled "Lourdes" and "colour changing statues".....and yes my dear son had unwittingly bought a figurine of Mary that was weather sensitive, no need to open the house to the public, life could go on as normal.....l don't think l would have been quite so melodramatic if my son hadn't of talked about Mary being glad that he had visited, and l still wonder if he had his own small miracle there, the leaders of the group still talk about how exceptional he was and how he looked after all the other special needs youngsters, and one day l would like to take him back to Lourdes and talk to Mary myself!

  45. Susan, what a great and funny story!! I love it! And I love your son!! Wow! I take it you are in the UK? I'd love to hear more about your experiences there and how you don't know any Catholics in real life (I fear that things are much worse in the UK than in America, religiously speaking).

    Do you have any religious background?

  46. I think it's hard to explain how different the UK and America are in terms of l don't have much of a religious background, my parents had me baptised into the Church of England because at that time in the 1960s everyone middle class got baptised, it was a social thing not a faith thing. I never went to church except for weddings and funerals, my mother was widowed early and she was and is an ardent feminist...l stumbled on the Quakers in my twenties as part of the peace movement, but they are now multi faith and ultra liberal sadly even too liberal for me! So when my youngest got into Catholic High School, l must admit I was interested to find out more about Catholicism...not to depress you but after reading your blog and Conversion Diary l Did attend a couple of services at my local Catholic Church and l tried to talk to the priest but he was almost actively hostile, what l didn't know is that he would be arrested next month as part of the investigation into paedophiles in the Catholic Church, he's now in prison.....sigh....l'm still a little bit interested, l live literally a hundred yards away from the church, so it seems silly that l haven't been and tried again as l'm pretty sure a new priest has arrived, but there is no advertisement into the local community and zero outreach, l wonder whether they are really open to newcomers at all....being religious is seen as a bit weird by most,people over here, so maybe they are not used to interested people just turning up. Okay l have reached the rambling out loud stage, but l've never had a chance to talk about this before so thanks for giving me the chance.


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