Sunday, December 27, 2015

Little Shares and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Mary has brought forth the Christ Child for the salvation of the world! We continue to celebrate because Christmas is not over, it's just begun! Christmas is a liturgical season that begins on the Feast of the Nativity, December 25 (also known as the Christ's Mass, i.e., Christmas)! Continue to enjoy the Baby Jesus, Who brings peace on earth to men of good will!  <----- That's a reminder that if you want Christ's peace, you must be of good will.

Now, to a few Little Shares...


I love Catholic blogger, author, and speaker Devin Rose. Indirectly, Devin is a huge reason why this blog exists. I have followed him for years, and now I am honored to count him as a friend. Devin was an atheist in his early life, became a Baptist in his college years, and then found the fullness of the Catholic Faith in 2001. He is an amazing Catholic apologist. And, like so many millions of men, he was a slave to pornography for many years.

I am so thrilled to announce that Devin has designed a program that will help lift other Catholic men out of the sin and despair of porn addiction. The program contains every weapon a man needs to conquer this monster, and best of all, it includes personal, one-on-one support and advice from Devin himself. Check it out, and go to battle:


Throughout the centuries, there have been countless volumes written about the Marian Doctrines and in defense of our veneration of Mary. Yet, sometimes the simplest off-the-cuff statements resonate most profoundly. Our buddy Chris Sawaya came to the defense of the Blessed Mother recently, when an anti-Catholic fundamentalist burst on the scene spewing ugliness and ignorance in the comments. I loved Chris' response so much that I put it on my Facebook page. The reaction there was astounding, and someone even asked if Chris' words were copyrighted! Here is what he said:
And John, it's ok to love Mary. Jesus certainly did. If the Angel Gabriel took time out of his busy schedule to talk to a human and use the greeting "Hail, full of Grace" you're probably ok with honoring that person.  
Not to mention, who wants to hear on judgement day "dude, did you really spend all that time dissing my Mama? Why don't you say it to my face?" 
Brilliant, I tell you!

And here's another that Chris heard once, and that stuck with him (and now me): "Be nice to Mary, her Son will be your judge."


You might not be hearing from me for a while, for a couple of reasons. First, I have decided to write a casual little self-published book. There have been enough providential nudges that I finally took the hint and decided to get writing. I have kinda suspected that I would one day attempt to write a book, but I always thought it would be a compilation of Little Teachings. I'm a little surprised that the subject matter is of a different nature....

It's still taking shape, but the tentative title is Raising Up Chaste Catholic Men in a Pornified Culture, and I'm enlisting the help of my three oldest sons (ages 22, almost 18, and 15). I am really excited about it! Believe me, I know it's a big risk on so many levels, but I ask for your prayers as I spend the next few weeks putting it all together. As soon as the bulk of it is complete, I'll be back to blogging, but I need to minimize distractions until that time. (I am like a child, easily distracted.)


A second reason I won't be blogging for a while is that both my daughters and their families are coming to town! Hooray!! 

I realize I have not provided any updated photos of my two grandbabies, nor have I announced that my older daughter and her husband are expecting their second daughter in May! Yes, Miss Felicity will have a sister for life! Here she is, our sweetie pie, at 18 months:

She had a white Christmas!!

And my handsome grandson David is nine months old already! Enjoying his life and his very first Christmas!

My daughter told me he really loved eating the bows!


God bless you all this Christmas season, and I'll be back soon!


  1. Leila, it is great that you are writing a book. I love the topic and can't think of better person to tackle the issue. Especially with all the mama/son talk lately.
    Congrats on #3 and the babes are beautiful. Gotta love the taste of that bow adhesive. What a little stud that David is.
    My wife bought us a whole box full of Bishop Barren DVDs. Amazing. We just don't tire of hearing his teaching. We got half way through the new Mystery of God talk. Early take-away: there is a God, you can never fully comprehend His nature, and You are not Him!
    Prayers and inspiration for your project.
    God Bless

  2. Chris is equal parts funny and faithful. We operate on the same wavelength online which is why I totally pick up what he puts down. I vote he writes a guest post on the Mystery of God lecture while you're on leave, Leila. I wanna see him dismantle the comment thread arguments that would ensue, using a word-count of 50 words per reply. He could do it. And I'd be laughing.

  3. I just saw this.
    Talk about Jesus coming over the table on Judgment day.

  4. Chris, whoa, that is sick. And Nubby, yes!! I would love if he did that!! Ha! It would be especially nice since I am currently writing the chapter on masturbation (um, if someone checks my computer history, please explain it was simply research!!), and I need some comic relief. Wait, my reading of Planned Parenthood's masturbation paper (history, evolution of the deed) is comedy in itself! ;)

    Continue to pray for me!

    And feel free to continue the Chris and Nubby Show right here in the comments. People love you two!

  5. Added your intentions to my rosary this am, Leila.

    I watched the sample lesson video of Fr. Barron's "Mystery of God" a while ago. He really begins to illuminate the average mind at the 9:50 mark when he gets into God as "Being" itself and not as just another being. Most atheists/agnostics have never been taught this, yet they want to “argue it”. Like when they posit that “Aquinas’s proofs have been dismantled.”

    (Yeah, well, get the correct ammo loaded before you start wanting to fire off that Red Ryder BB gun, Ralphie. You don’t even understand what a “proof” is in this instance. And you don’t even realize from which angle Aquinas is approaching. Get those couple of items on your cheat sheet, then we can talk.)

    And again at the 12:20 mark when Fr. Barron systematically brings up the catalogued atheists’ views from Feuerbach to Marx, and on, regarding the reality that Divinity is not in competition with humanity, as these atheists see it; and he makes a veritable case study out of their erroneous approaches, lol.

    It's abbreviated intellectual prowess on steroids. Like, yeah, we Catholics kinda sorta "think" about this stuff. Not only do we think about it, we take it to a whole new level. “We” meaning Catholics who’ve been here centuries ago, as well as those in the public teaching arena today.

  6. Nubby, God as "Being itself" is such a good way to explain it because it's only at that point we can have a clue about a starting point. His treatment of unwise midgets like Marx is so needed. Marx was a lazy minded slob who turned everything into a material equation. And of course only a tyrant can do that math (while people suffer of course). To many try to make Marx a type of Jesus figure with all his equality talk but if you know his starting point it's clearly opposite. I love that B hits that well. Kinda like understanding Aquinas' angle. How is that the ancients could get to this point but not moderns? I think moderns are completely dazzled with themselves.
    So .. Did you just give me book report assignment? On something easy like...the Mystery of God? I can't even read Auquinas , he breaks my brain. Do you know how long it takes to write an article with a hammer and chisel?
    Don't you know I need to focus on "being" employed? How bout something else mysterious like the Eucharist. ( no wait) I could shoot my eye out with that as well.
    I am flattered by the invite especially in this company. Perhaps I can send Leila something over the New Years weekend that doesn't cause Bubble stock to plummet. Of course that's if I can find time from my normal pastime of transcribing the newspaper into Latin. Anything for my Catholic peeps.

  7. Yea, something really simple like God’s nature, which is existence itself, and generates other existences by default. Ya know, really remedial stuff… lol

    You do that one and I’ll tackle a “critical thinking” post. I’ll throw together a summary on the concept called “Splitting the Dictionary”. It’s a technique and a tool used in corporate/industry to keep the conversations smart and to keep the thinking focused and away from wandering into the impossible. It keeps problem solving philosophically smart and efficient.

    The internet needs competent summaries of Aquinas and instructions on analytical thought processes. It’ll be our Christmas present the to the wireless world. I'm sure Leila would appreciate the contributions. Lol

  8. Keep it comin' Chris & Nubby!! Getting me more and more excited to meet Chris in person in just about 2 months! And Nubby, oh! What I would give to meet you in person; although I do enjoy your mysteriousness, not sure I could handle knowing your real name, but if you're somehow able, you should def consider comin to the Catholic Answers Conference in San Diego in March!

    Also, if anyone needs some more amusement during Leila's hiatus, check out this photo and ensuing discussion thread, which I attempted to wade into and then felt like I was losing too many brain cells:

  9. We may meet someday ;) Never know. Hey, that thread is brilliant. Just beaming with intelligence... I'm scrambling for lost IQ points like a lost contact lens in the lightly patterned carpet. Aint' gonna be found...

  10. Recently found the Bubble and have delighted in the wisdom, spirit, heart, humor, and truths found in your writing and those commenting! So will miss your voice while on pause. But am so very excited regarding your book-to-be! Raising three boys thus far, and walking that fine line between sheltering them from the world and yet testing their mettles (so young and tender!) against it. I am stopping to pray right now for your clarity, collaboration, patience, perseverance, and fun in writing this so desperately needed message and guide! Thank you!

  11. Catholic in Houston,
    I hear ya and also look forward to Leilas treatment on the issue. ( no pressure Leila , relax). We also have three young teen boys. It is very difficult to navigate the culture and regulate the how, when, where, in what context etc. many things to to say but one thing has been super blessing for us. Good friends and peer groups. You must find other families that get it. You have to demonstrate that this Catholic thing is solid , true and cool. They need to see real people living the same way and see how they roll. We have been truly blessed by our homeschool group. Example. My 15 yr old son is obsessed with everything to do with aviation and the military. We have a few military families in our group. One of the dads is an F-18 pilot and another helicopter pilot. Both Marines, very Catholic , very hip, and just super character guys. Their influence is profound. They totally give real world legitimacy to what we teach the boys. In other words, having catholic friends is good, having friends that pray the rosary on fun camping trips is great, having friends that do all that and happen to fly jets in combat, Priceless!
    It doesn't get more legit for a young man. Find other good families and work hard at getting together.

    And shoot the TV. Total wasteland.
    Peace brother

  12. Margo, you are so sweet. Looking forward to it as well. And seriously, if anybody is coming out for the Cathoilic Answers thing, you are welcome at our house. We'll throw a part and take bets on Nubbys real name.

  13. My 15 yr old son is obsessed with everything to do with aviation and the military. He'd love Skunk Works, if he doesn't already.

    And, what, you don't think that's my real name? Jeesh. Actually, u're right. It's Blubby.

    You got the first draft of your post done yet? Start with the concept of philosophical predicates for those of us who like really detailed details please.

  14. Jane? Jackie? Jessie, that's it!
    I spilled my first draft. Not a good start.
    Philosophical predicates? Oh my head!
    Um, Life is like a box chocolates! You never know what her gonna get. But somebody must.
    Skunk works, great tip. He does civil air patrol and has had the controls of plane a few times now. Check it out, my friend actually got him on base to fly in an actual F-18 training sim. Full on saluting officers and security check in the whole works. He did great until he took out the refueling tanker killing all on board. But he nailed the carrier landing on his second pass. And his instructor loves Jesus' Mama!
    Priceless I say!

  15. Awesome- he must have loved that! SR-71 Blackbird was an amazing project (Skunkworks). Mach 3+ aircraft (uhm, that's over 4 times as fast as a commercial jet... can you imagine even just twice as fast? Me either) Crazy design, blew away all previous designs. It basically out-flew any enemy air missile launches. Couldn't find the planes in the air. And even when they found them, couldn't catch them, because the radar cross section was low, no signal bounce back in time to launch- lol "Catch me if you can, suckers." None were ever shot down. Just baaaad in every good way.

    I'm thinking you'll have that Aquinas summary punted out and away in no time... lay it out flat. Aquinas isn't heady or anything...

  16. AHH!! Nubby & Chris are flyin wayyy over my head! I'm just gonna go read Paddy Coffin's "Sex Au Naturel" book...

  17. I burst out laughing when I read the tags Leila assigned to this post. I picture the Linda Richman character from Saturday Night Live saying, "Chastity, Chris Sawaya, Christmas, Mary, pornography. DISCUSS!"

    Leila, get your mind out of the gutter and join us at Chris' gathering when Margo's here! LOL.

  18. I didn't even notice the tags hahahaha never thought I'd see "Mary" next to "pornography"!

    GFNY are you near San Diego too?!?!??? BUBBLE PARTY TIME!!!! :D

  19. You guys are so funny!! Where did I get you guys??? So fun.

  20. Just imagine if we all party in person at casa de Sawaya! you might not be able to handle my giddiness and overexcitement though...I hope Chris won't be too scared of me heheheheh

  21. Leila, many blessings as you tackle this important project. The evil of Internet porn has infiltrated our culture and taken such hold that we need more strategies to reach young men before they are lured in. You will be in my prayers.

  22. Thank you, ProACA!! Happy New Year and Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God!


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