Friday, November 20, 2015

"Script" font post! (This post will self-destruct in about two days)

This is a temporary post, but I have been meaning to write it for a while!

Several readers have emailed me over the years, asking me to please change the script font, because it's so hard to read.

I felt helpless, because I don't (and would never) use a script font for this blog! 

Script would drive me batty, too!!!

Finally, JoAnna, my wingman in all things bloggy and technical, told me that perhaps the fault lay in people's browsers.

Indeed, that was it!

So, if you are seeing this in script (heaven forbid!), please consider changing your browser, and the problem should be solved!



  1. Chrome works well. Go into Settings, Adv Settings, Web Content, then Customize Fonts. You can override fonts per page. If you cannot remedy it, you're probably missing the font you need to show the blog text correctly. Try installing it or select Auto Detect from the More Tools, Encoding menu. If those ideas don't work, try turning off the Font rendering software and reboot.

  2. Thank you! I don't even understand that, so thank you twice! :)

    Technology is my medium, and I don't even know how to use it, ha! God is funny.

  3. Sorry, I'm not changing from Safari. Most (almost all) of the time this is not script, or it quickly changes from script to regular print. This, today, is in script. I don't have this problem with any other websites anywhere. I'm afraid the problem is not with us.

  4. By the way, right after I posted this, it's back to regular script....

  5. I have Safari as well, and what you describe also happens to me. But my post was directed at those who see the blog permanently in script. :)

  6. I have the same experience as dachsiemama, and am glad because I do not understand Nubby's instructions.
    Happy Saturday.

  7. Lena-
    There is always some type of troubleshooting that can be done for any kind of browser. Maybe search under the menu bar for tools or settings, if that's an option there (it should be). There is usually always a way to override the font and even adjust the coding to a degree.

  8. I have Safari on my iPad, and your blog always comes up in script, but I find that if I refresh once or twice, a regular font replaces it.

  9. The script font appears for me too, then goes away if I refresh the page. I have a feeling it's a problem with the coding of the css styles in your blog template, but you (or an html-knowledgeable friend) would have to go into the source code to find and fix it. If this whole post made no sense to you, find a techie friend to translate. :)


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