Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Planned Parenthood video for abortion supporters to ignore.

WARNING: Graphic!! If you are vocally, publicly pro-life, you don't have a moral obligation to read or watch further, but if you support Planned Parenthood and legal abortion, you had better understand what you are supporting. Don't look away.

In the latest Planned Parenthood exposé we learn that live babies, with hearts still beating, have their faces cut open with scissors so that their brains can be harvested for research. This, in what we consider a civilized society. 

Some abortion supporters have lately begun to rethink their position, usually because they are humble and honest enough to watch the videos and testimony. Their consciences are sputtering back into life, awakening, and that is reason enough to keep shining the light on these evil deeds.

Of course, not all abortion supporters are moved by the horrors of seeing small bodies, dismembered, piled upon their own entrails and laughed at. We had Alyssa say the following after finally agreeing to watch video #5, where a little boy lay desecrated in full view:

"As I watched the video, I was actually pretty underwhelmed by it--not because I don't understand how some might be alarmed or disgusted by the subject matter (I do), but because the videos have been hyped as SO DISTURBING AND GRAPHIC AND OUT OF LINE that I was a little surprised to find that, when it comes down to it, this was a medical professional discussing candidly (and not at all cruelly) a procedure and medical research.... I admit that shots of the aborted parts weren't the most pleasant to view, but that doesn't change my opinion about how the laws should serve their people."

I don't expect someone like Alyssa to be moved by the latest video, either. After all, cutting open a child's face while his heart is still beating is just "a procedure". It's just "medical research". It's not so disturbing and out of line as we pro-lifers insist, it's simply "not the most pleasant".


But at least Alyssa actually conceded to watch one of the videos, unlike many abortion advocates who have doubled down on their support for Planned Parenthood after refusing to watch the ever-more ghoulish and heartbreaking recordings of what goes on in those dark pits of hell.

Let us watch the latest video released by the Center for Medical Progress, below. It's not long; surely you have a few minutes. Then, I have a request.

Okay, my request is that I want to hear from my pro-life readers about how their pro-abortion friends and relatives have reacted to this scandal. Have they watched the videos? Have they refused outright? Have they gone even further than Planned Parenthood has and claimed that these babies' broken bodies are "doll parts" or "photoshopped"? Remember, all Planned Parenthood can say is that the videos are "deceptive" (but in what way?) or "heavily edited" (well, like any news story or clip, whittled down from hours of footage; the full videos are available to all). Planned Parenthood cannot and does not deny that the film, words, people, and images are authentic -- because they are authentic. So, why are some of PP's supporters saying things that even PP is not saying? Let me know what you are hearing.

I also want to hear from my pro-"choice" readers. So far I have only heard from two. One ("CS"/"Emily Rogers") was indeed disturbed by video #5 but still wants abortion to be legal; the other was Alyssa, and you've read her comment above.

I get that we are seeing the avenging conscience at work, and that there is no new sin (and no "moral evolution" as secularists tend to believe), but part of me still cannot believe that humans are so bored and complacent about this level of evil, even when it's right in their own neighborhoods and right in front of their eyes. They just yawn and keep going. 

As for our "leaders", those US Senators who receive LARGE campaign donations from Planned Parenthood have voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood baby chop shops to the tune of half a billion of our tax dollars a year. However, some courageous governors and state legislators have moved to defund PP on a state level, which is heartening!

But the best thing I've seen so far is from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:

Isn't that incredible?? 

And isn't it sad that we consider this man courageous (and he is!) simply for making Planned Parenthood fawners look and see what they reflexively, sycophantly support, instead of allowing them to close their eyes while spouting PP talking points?

Knowing the truth, seeing the truth, not running from the truth but facing it head on: This is honesty, this is integrity, this is maturity. This is what will set us free. 

UPDATE: A judge has dissolved the temporary restraining order against CMP's release of the StemExpress undercover videos. A victory for free speech and truth!


  1. The few "pro-choice" FB friends who have actually bothered to respond say that they haven't watch the video, since they are blindly swallowing PP's propaganda about them (in other words, they haven't watched them since they are "heavily edited"). When I ask for an example of how the edited version is deceptive vs. the unedited version, they mysteriously disappear.

    They also spout the same tired talking points about how PP does such good things and abortion is only 3% of their business. But when I ask if it's okay for a daycare that only abused 3% of their kids to remain open because they don't abuse 97% of the kids, they refuse to answer.

    Maybe that should be the Church's new talking point. "Only 3% of priests abuse kids, and 97% of priests do great things, therefore the 3% don't matter at all." (Note: I don't actually believe this. Even one abused child is one too many.) But that is the logic PP supporters are using.

    1. When you hear the 3% number, also know that IT'S NOT TRUE. When a woman has an abortion, she also has typically gone to PP for things such as a pregnancy test, for various tests for her health once she's been confirmed pregnant, and when she goes in for the abortion she will undergo various procedures that are necessary for the abortion. So in an abortion, the abortion probably only takes up 10-20% of the actual procedures performed.

      Plus, the 3% figure treats all procedures the same. But I'm sure most people wouldn't consider a pregnancy test to be on the same level as the surgical procedure of abortion.

  2. JoAnna, yes! That is exactly it! I can't even wrap my mind around it. And I wonder if those refusing to even watch the video (oh, like the White House) have tiny pangs of conscience here and there? Like "gosh, maybe I should just watch a thing before I defend it or speak on it"? I mean, if someone told me that a horrible thing was happening in a Catholic parish and they had films to prove it, would I ever just deny it and refuse to watch the evidence? I can't imagine that. Where is the integrity?


    And you are right about the 3% argument (and the 3% thing is a lie in the first place).

  3. Or like, "Maybe I should watch a video before I decide to investigate the people who made the video."

  4. Yes Sharon, dear Lord. That would be our heroic AG in California. If this was a video showing the illegal harvesting of puppy parts at a pet store mill, the freaking swat teams and circling helicopters would be there. Insanity. Total insanity

  5. Gov. Bobby Jindal
    We will play the videos on a screen outside the LA Gov. Mansion so those protesting my decision to defund Planned Parenthood know why.

    Mad respect.
    Why doesn’t Obama do the same outside the White House, you know, to inform the average American voter? Education is power after all, right?

  6. "Education is power after all, right?"

    Only the proper kind of education, according to the elites.

  7. Only the proper kind of education, according to the elites.

    So then they should at least show the videos in the name of "tolerance and human rights". They flew that rainbow flag with no problem for those same reasons.

  8. Nubby, if only they had an ounce of integrity! Wouldn't that be glorious?

  9. You chose a much holier word than I would've, mama.

    Chris S.- it's Friday. Mix me up one 'a dem der margaritas or toss me a new recipe for another kind. I'd like a drink before I make the plunge headlong into an internet fast next week (or longer) for the souls of those in this sickening industry. This latest video just brings me to my knees. Srlsly feel compelled to at least fast for a while.

  10. Nubby, at least rejoice in this small victory: A judge has lifted the restraining order against the release of the StemExpress videos. So, free speech and truth has at least won this round of the legal fight!

  11. I tried to speak to my mother after hearing about it, explained the procedure. She paused and couldn't say anything. Then she said something about only way was with a coat hanger when she was a child. She does not do the internet much at all and honestly has no clue of how bad it is by watching mainstream media. No idea of the deaths, the tragedy. She only hears Hilary Clinton rare and safe speech. And I want to cry.

  12. When I post about these things lately, I just get a quote from Pope Francis via a dear loved one that says we don't have to talk about abortion all the time. Sad.

  13. Connie, so I'm guessing that person did not watch the videos? Deflection., I am so heartened when I hear that the daughter of a pro-"choice" woman has become pro-life! Praise God for that!! And keep praying for your mom. She is listening, I am sure!

  14. Thanks, Joanna, you already did in the conversation I'm talking about. As you know from the last time we engaged with him, my brother does not argue rationally but just emotes. So I think it's a waste of time to engage with him. I suspect that he didn't keep arguing this time because someone behind the scenes told him to lay off. Leila, I am pretty sure he wouldn't watch the videos, but he told me long ago he doesn't believe in right or wrong--or even that the holocaust was wrong--although he'd never do such a thing himself (don't ask me why not). So I don't know why he was bugged by my sharing your meme about Nazi doctors saying they shouldn't waste the body parts of murdered Jews, but use them for research. Why would he care that the meme compared such Nazis to PP? Because neither one can be wrong if there is no right or wrong. It's not logical. But liking PP is politically correct, and liking Nazis is not.

  15. Connie,
    You could play that one with this, "Yeah, not all the time, ok. But this time, right? We're talking 6 videos of horror released in the passed several weeks here. When exactly is a good time to talk about abortion, if not now? Just when would be the perfect time?"

  16. The Pope has repeatedly stated the evil of abortion. It is sad that people translate " don't always have to talk about " to " don't EVER have to talk about". It's so weak.
    I think peoples consciences are poked by this but their consciences are so dulled and turned inward that they can't deal with it. A people cannot survive long when they care about puppys more than their own babies.
    Tomorrow we protest downtown. And I'll be reminded of all good folks in this fight. There will be tons of kids and hugs, and energy that comes from embracing life in it's natural form without all the warfare against ourselves.
    Seeing those dying babes does bring me to my knees. We did this and God is Just.
    I'd like to share a beautiful piece of work by wonderful people who have real skin in this game. They work tirelessly to keep babies out of pie dishes and they can use your prayers. My wife and I know many of the people in this film and can tell you that they are all true salt.
    Also, I thought this article was really good.

    And Nubby, Cheers Sister. We have found the pearl of great price and that surely deserves a drink. I suggest you pour a tall something, put on One Day by Matisyahu and hug your babies. Peace

    1. Great tune. Nice, mellow, hopeful. But then I tripped on the right click and went headlong into “Enemies” by Shinedown, and holy fire just came blazing thru the testosterone-filled intro. Fightin’ words lyrics, too, rage-quitting against the spiritual darkness of this day and age:
      You got the world on its knees
      You’re taking all that you please
      You want more
      But you’ll get nothing from me
      You like the burden we bear
      You love the hatred we share
      You want more
      But you’ll get nothing from me, but enemies

      I’ll pray for you all at the protest today. You’re a man among boys in this culture, brother. A man among boys. ;)

    2. A fine battle cry. I can dig it. Screw that life sucking, death breeding slob, that slob! Of course I think the neighbor was wondering if she should call the cops.
      Back in the day when I listened to a lot of similar sounding music (and I still appreciate btw) my uncle came up with a great line. He called it "Dinner music for cannibals". Brilliant
      and thanks for prayers. We had a great showing.

  17. Yeah, Nubby, I said I DIDN'T talk about it all the time and didn't know anyone who did. He had also said that this kind of "ideology" makes people leave the Church, so I posted a page of stats from CARA to show that the Catholic population and the conservative Protestant population is growing in the US, while the liberal churches are losing numbers. But he didn't reply, which is very unusual. When I posted about the marriage decision recently, I couldn't get him to go away.

  18. Scanning tweets about the latest clip, and it seems most are against PP but one twitter account mentioned this article saying the CMP is 'acknowledging that its most recent video used an image of a stillborn baby that was made to look like an aborted fetus'

  19. Maggie, yes, I knew that was not a baby that had been aborted by PP. Aborted babies are not washed and cleaned. They are treated like trash.

    I hope people did not assume that was an actual aborted baby! That is what a baby of that age looks like, for reference.

    1. And for the record, I think it was a mistake for them to include that video, since the baby was not aborted (or they should have put a caption explaining). It is still incredibly horrific to think what they did to a baby of that same age. And what they do every day.

  20. Alright, I'm going to vent for a minute.

    As I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, I ran across a link posted by a friend of mine from college discussing some guy who video-taped a screaming child on a flight, and posted it on twitter expressing his displeasure, as well as the subsequent comments about how the mom should have never brought the child on a plane or even had the child to begin with, yada, yada, yada.

    What I'm venting about is the conversation on Facebook that took place between my friend that posted about this article and another friend from college, both pro-choice, both supporters of Planned Parenthood, the abbreviated conversation went something like this.


    Friend A: I can't believe he video-taped it, and the comments after the video were even worse.
    Friend B: I know. It's amazing how people don't think parents should even leave their houses anymore until their children are grown. It's like they don't think kids (and the parents) are even human.

    Friend A: "It's like they don't think kids (and their parents) are even human." <- nailed it!

    WHAT THE @!#%$@#$^#&#&^@^$#@^#%&#%?

    They are intelligent, articulate, well-educated women. And I can't even. I mean I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN! And if I can't even FINISH MY SENTENCES...

    I have thought about responding on the conversation, but it won't do any good. I've tried before, but I'm in the minority on their FB pages, and I simply do not have the time to be virtually (pun intended) surrounded by a bunch of pro-choice bullies, trying to respond to their emotional outbursts, when I have 7 children 14 and younger, and we start homeschool on Monday, and my house is representing the Wizard of Oz, both in tornadic like destruction and munchkins with yellow markers writing on my floors.

    Sorry, I just needed to vent. I don't understand. I honestly don't get, how they cannot see the irony in their statements.

    Cognitive dissonance is going to put me in the Looney Bin.

  21. "WHAT THE @!#%$@#$^#&#&^@^$#@^#%&#%? "

    Perfectly stated!
    If I lived by you We'd show up with some medicinal margaritas! Of that would mean an additional 7 munchkins.
    Imagine the hardship and daily strife of life in first century Judea. Someone throws a wedding and you finally get to cut loose and forget your trouble for just a few hours. And then the wine runs out! Just like fishes and loaves, Jesus knew exactly what they needed.
    Maybe I should become an alcohol salesman.

  22. LOL. I've already had 2 glasses of wine and a piece of chocolate cake.

  23. LOL. I've already had 2 glasses of wine and a piece of chocolate cake.

  24. A while back we had a party with about 130 people and about 80 were kids. Oh the humanity! But it just doesn't get any better. Wouldn't trade it for the world. We know how to live sister.

  25. In my little country in Europe the Planned Parenthood scandal wasn't even reported in the mainstream media. Yes, we know why, and yes, Europe (perhaps excepting Poland) is a heathen continent. Abortion is rarey discussed, and if it is, "right thinking people" are against it but argue that it must remain legal because "the alternative is worse". Over here, the number of abortions is not even tracked, for obvious reasons.

    A good friend of mine said he once stood in front of an abortion clinic with other protesters, simply praying the Rosary aloud. He said he'd never in his life met with so much vitriol hurled at them from passers by in the space of one hour. Straight out of hell, he said. And he counseled against doing the same unless one is of very strong constitution. Is it the same in the US?

  26. Sebastian, I'll speak from my experience in the midwest, it's about 1/3 support, 1/3 indifference, and 1/3 disgust from passerbyers as we prayed the rosary and carrying an image of either Our Lady of Guadalupe or the Divine Mercy;

    About 20yrs ago, Father Groeschel and a Bishop were arrested when they peacefully protested in the driveway of an abortion clinic in New York (others correct me if needed). Sometimes, clinics have a bubble area that's supposed to be free of protest.

    Abby Johnson, (former PP director), in her book, said: "What workers seemed to dislike the most, says Johnson, was when priests or religious sisters were out in front on the sidewalk protesting and praying. She observed that there "unquestionably" was something about the ordained that lent an "inexplicable" presence, this time a good one -- one that even caused a supervisor to shed tears as she stared outside at them one day, saying, "I wish they weren't here."
    more here:

  27. Thank you Maggie, that's very interesting!

  28. Just a few flipped birds and yelling. Usually young males who think it's funny. They say something brilliant like " nazis".

    1. Chris, had you no delicious cookies made with blessed salt to offer the opposition as you 'turned the other cheek'?!

    2. Right! haha. I do wish I had one of Nubbys hockey pucks with one car. I keep it all Francis though.

    3. U's a good man, bro. A good man.

  29. Maggie, I wonder what happens when The Blessed Sacrament is brought, as I have heard is sometimes done by holy priests. We have several perpetual adoration chapels where I live, and I know they played a part in why our lone PP clinic doesn't do abortions, and the other women's "clinic" had to move to a more obscure location several years ago. Electrical problems practically burned the place down, so they moved again. Now a "doctor' has to commute and the killing is limited to a few days/week. We keep praying to be abortion-free. I live in Louisiana where Giv Jindal has been an awesome pro-life governor, and strong leader .

    Anyway, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is so powerful! Wish there could be a chapel next to every abortion mill!


  30. Patricia, Yes, no doubt that plays a major role; there's several you tube videos of priests doing processions/ minor exorcisms around the abortuaries,
    and even if they aren't shut down, I'm sure the peaceful/prayerful protest will move some hearts and babies are saved here and there who will greet us as we enter heaven some day.
    So carry on; encourage confirmation candidates to witness there and college kids on weekends would be a powerful statement; ask your campus/parish priest to join your group and take him out to lunch afterwards :)

  31. Sebastian- I've protested in both Canada and the US. The difference (so far) has been dramatic. Most in Canada ignore you, yell at you, flip you off, or avoid you altogether. The pro-lifers there are a small (but mighty!) group. In the US because there are higher numbers of pro-lifers there is more support even from people who are pro-life but would rather avoid protests, rallies, and whatnot. Canada has more restrictions against pro-lifers protesting and less restrictions against abortion. It's the opposite in the US. I think another difference is the area in which you live. If there's a stronger number of people who attend church or tend to be more conservative, then people are more friendly to protesters. I imagine if I was protesting in say New York City I would be met with more vitriol than say upper New York State.


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