Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Whereas a seventeen-year-old sums up Truth. Thank you, Anthony Skikos!

In light of our ongoing discussion about Truth, I was blown away to read this poem, written just days ago by my son Paul's lifelong friend, Anthony Skikos. This poem on Truth ("Veritas") was written in one night, before a school competition. Yes, he quickly whipped up this glorious verse, which speaks of a Truth outside of ourselves, to be sought and found and received, like a lover. Gives me hope for our future and joy for the Church who can raise up such incredible young souls. Enjoy!

Lux Aeterna

by Anthony Skikos, age 17

I stand and stare out o'er the sea
And wonder how I might find thee
Thou lie outside the darkest cave
And free man from his living grave
Thou dost stand steadfast, glist'ning star
Though shadows flicker, near and far
Eternal lasts thy fiery light
Though thou art hidden in the night
And though thy light, oft hard to bear,
May not seem pleasing, soft, or fair
'Tis greater, far, to know thy face
Than live with darkness in thy place
And so, O Goddess, beautiful
Do seek thee I with all my soul
And know now as I stare across
'Tis thee I love O Veritas 


  1. High fives all around. Kudos to this young man! Love it!

  2. That's wonderful, simple, and deep. Totally Holy Spirit moment. :-)

  3. Just Brilliant! " O Goddess, beautiful....tis thee I love o Veritas" ok, shut the front door, that is gorgeous.

  4. Had to make one correction! He didn't write it "on the spot", he was given the prompt and wrote it the night before. Still astounding!

  5. Yeaaaaah, I can't write that even now... much less at 17! Amazing!


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