Friday, May 3, 2013

Gosnell is not an anomaly.

I finally had the chance to sit down and watch the 21-minute documentary on Gosnell's House of Horrors abortion clinic, which was produced as Gosnell awaited trial. Pay special attention to the women's testimonies:

Another young victim (just sixteen at the time of her late-term abortion by Gosnell) has a hard story to tell:

Now of course, you all know the narrative. We are supposed to believe that Gosnell's actions and attitudes are a shocking anomaly. However, I fail to see a moral difference between Gosnell and what is revealed in the following Live Action videos.

Bronx, NY:

Washington, DC:

My hometown, Phoenix, AZ:

And of course, the man we elected President of the United States, our highest leader:

Honestly, I can hardly believe we are having this discussion. I cannot believe this is even a debate. When evil itself is right in front of our eyes, and we cannot see it, or we calmly look away, or we justify and condone it, who are we? 

One of the clearest and most cringe-worthy examples of the avenging conscience that I've ever witnessed is this explosive exchange between pro-life Lila Rose and pro-"choice" Tamara Holder: 

I actually felt sorry for Tamara, but her language, anger, and facial expressions confirmed for me that she knows. She knows. 

Lord, have mercy. On Gosnell, on the abortionists and staff in the videos, on Barack Obama, on Tamara Holder, and on all of us.

Holy Innocents, pray for us.



  1. Leila,

    You are right about Tamara knowing and the doctors knowing, the clinic workers know and most of the women going in for an abortion know what is about to happen to the unborn in the clinics is the deliberate and willful killing of an unborn child. I would suspect that the only women that might not know with certainty that what they are carrying in the womb is a child would be the very young girls that have been led to believe through their ignorance that it is really just a blob of tissue and not a child yet. These young teens have allowed 'experts' to sway them into believing that it is not a child despite their doubts and are culpable to a certain extent, but the clinic workers who lie through their teeth to them will have a lot to answer for at the end of their lives.

    Since we know that a fetus is a human being at its very conception as DNA proves, there can be no amount of arguing that can change that fact. A person cannot be anything but a human being though those that are pro-abortion have tried to argue against this and have failed miserably since no test has ever been conducted to determine otherwise since there is no such test. A person that is now in a vegetative state in a coma may no longer be the person that we ONCE knew and can no longer respond as they once did but they are still a person, a human being and would never be called a blob of tissue because they are in a coma and non responsive. A child in the womb is much more responsive than a person in a coma yet they are called a blob of tissue themselves. Using the argument of person-hood is a deception on the part of the pro-abortion crowd because they know everyone has their own opinion as to what makes a human being a person and try to assuage consciences by saying (in their opinion, not fact) that it is not a person

    As with Tamara, the only defense they now have for abortion is that U.S. law allows it and it is their right in spite of the facts presented to them that it is the killing of a child. I've seen this argument played out over and over again in your blog as well as Stacy Trasanco's and invariably they fall back on 'the law says' when they can no longer defend the indefensible. The force of U.S. law makes it okay with these people and no amount of logic or reason will change their view. They will come up with all kinds of scenarios as conception by rape or incest and worm their way into people's emotions deflecting the issue into something other than what it really is; the deliberate killing of a human being.

    As you've said before Leila, the mantra of making abortion safe, legal and rare is a farce. Yes, legal it is, but safe? For the baby? Rare? Over 50 million abortions is not what I would call rare and now the democrats have dropped that little word from their platform. Some would argue that what LIVE ACTION does is also deceptive and I suppose it is to a point but what they have exposed at abortion clinics allows people to know what really happens at these death mills so the attacks on the tactics by Lisa Rose and LIVE ACTION is another deflection to hide what most people know is wrong in their consciences.

    Hearing testimony and seeing videos such as you've posted hopefully will go a long way in making ordinary citizens realize that what they have been led to believe that abortion is simply another safe, medical procedure to save a mother's life and health is really nothing short of murdering an innocent human being and no law can or should allow anyone the right to do this. As for people such as Tamara, nothing short of a St. Paul road to Damascus experience will change their hearts. Intellectually they know what the facts are concerning the unborn, but conversion begins in the heart and only God can touch and change it. Again, well done Leila.

  2. We call ourselves pro-life or pro-choice concerning abortions but that is wrong. Pro-choice is being pro-death. There is no choosing life. You just let it happen. You don't have to do anything once a life is conceived. You do not interfere with it and allow nine months of gestation to occur in order to produce the fruit of life. The only reason to be pro-choice is to allow a person to choose to stop this life in its tracks. The only choice there is to make is a deliberate and willful termination of this life. That is the choice they want.

  3. I couldn't watch the whole video. I just wish some people I know would watch it: those who are so pro-death. I wish and pray...


  4. Ordinary Catholic, you have stated it well. And you are so right on the "personhood" debate. It's not legitimate or objective, it's simply what they use to get a license to kill:

    "It is so clear that someone only questions the personhood of a human she wishes to harm."

    And yes, they know. Look at the statements of abortionists and workers:

    They readily admit what the public advocates will not. In fact, if you listen to the male abortionist in the second Lila Rose video, he says the word "baby" more than once. Whoops. But he knows.

    The thing with Tamara is that it appears that the truth still bothers her. She was flustered, upset, shaken, sooooo emotional. I know others have speculated that she herself must be post-abortive. This may well be true. Considering how cool and collected most advocates of the killings are, especially on TV, I have hope that Tamara will continue to be bothered by this and by her embarrassing performance. It might help her come around. We can pray.

  5. Christ says "The truth will set you free". The corollary to that has to be "Lies will enslave you". This is so obvious in the deliberately obfuscating language of the abortion lobby. In one of the videos the staff refers (repeatedly) to "removing the pregnancy". Huh? Remove a "pregnancy"? Is that even correct English? First a baby was merely a blob of tissue called a fetus. Now he's a "pregnancy" who - whoops, "which" - is "terminated in utero". Not even remotely like killing a living, breathing, moving child. What a godforsaken bunch of evildoers!

  6. Sometimes I have a hope that the testimonies from pro-abortionists like the ones heard in the videos with their constant 'slip-ups' in their speech as to what they are actually doing and to what(him, her, boy, girl, BABY) will be enough to expose the lying and deception that has occurred since Roe v. Wade and condemn the whole abortion industry back to hell from whence it came.

  7. I could stomach watching only part 1 of the debate between Tamara Holder and Lila Rose. Did you ever notice that people - anyone who wants to lie to or otherwise deceive others - NEVER answer a "yes" or "no" questions with a "yes" or a "no," just as Holder did from Hannity's first question on? It's always a matter of the person being questioned responding with something inappropriate to the questions asked to divert attention from the truth. I'll join the speculation about Tamara, given her pathetic performance.

    Also, the "safe" part of the trio of lies that "safe, legal and rare" is (yep, "legal" is a lie - it's illegal to murder someone, so the lie that the baby has no rights, isn't human, etc., is part of the "legal" lie to facilitate this evil) with regards to how dangerous abortion is to the mother must be promoted much more than it is. Any operation - which is what abortion is, as the baby is being removed from its mother internally - has risks from hemorrhaging, infection, anesthesia, no matter where the operation is performed. To think that an underage child can go through a procedure that could kill her, and, though this is not talked about, render her infertile (through scarring and/or infection), without her parents' consent or knowledge, is just...appalling? Stupid? Unbelievable? There's just not a word strong enough to describe such a thing. When it's done WITH her parent(s)' consent, as with Desiree, it's tragedy compounded.

    I think about my friend who had two abortions many years ago, and then was unable to conceive due to endometriosis so bad that she had to have a hysterectomy...I can't help but wonder if her abortions triggered or worsened her endometriosis, or otherwise contributed to her inability to conceive.

  8. Don't forget Delaware's "meat-market style" abortion clinic, which is under investigation:

    We're SO close to closing down DE's last 2 abortion clinics. We are currently the FIRST state to not have surgical abortions going on since Roe v. Wade (and ironically, Delaware was the FIRST state)!!! Please pray that our little state becomes abortion-free SOON!!!

  9. As A Girl From New York has said, murder is already illegal, so what we have to do is convince the public that abortion is the murder of an innocent human being and treat each abortion case as such and be consistent and provide protection for ALL humans beings born and unborn.

    Seeing how this administration wants all gun owners to register to a national database to make sure criminals cannot buy guns, why not have all women who seek to have an abortion register also to a national database where they will then be given a list of approved, safe abortion clinics to make sure they don't go to disreputable clinics with the risk of being harmed? It is for the safety of the public right? Oh, I know it's their right to get an abortion, but the gun owners have a right to own guns also and their right is actually part of the Constitution.

  10. Desiree is exactly the kind of person these clinics prey on; someone is who is young and scared and uninformed. Like the mother said, this is something they will have to live with the rest of their lives, but are they solely to blame when a society allows it to happen? Thank God they and others have the courage to speak out
    about these unspeakable horrors.

  11. I started sidewalk counseling this past month. The women know...,you can see it written all over their faces. My first 10 minutes on the "job" I was leaning over the car talking to a women about what was going to take place. If her decision was one age was proud of then why were both of us crying?

    The face of choice is anguish and despair. It saddens me to know end that these women feel like they have no other choice.

    The children pay for the sins of their mothers. What a horrible death they pay.

  12. Lila rocked in that debate. Tamara would not even say that infanticide is wrong, even though she wanted to call Gosnell names. I guess it's only wrong if you get caught.

    But I think we have to be careful about saying "they know." Some do, others don't. The info is so available to us and so obvious, that for a long time I thought it was impossible for anyone any more not to know what abortion was. Then I read "Unplanned" by Abby Johnson and found out even she--manager of a PP clinic--believed the lies. When she literally saw what abortion was, she quit and became pro-life. So we have to be careful of judging individuals.

  13. I think it's the way we say "they know"....I'm a married woman and am open to life. The weight of a positive pregnancy test barrels through my soul.

    When a women gets a positive pregnancy I'm sorry I can not make excuses for her and say she does not "know" she is carrying life inside of her.

    Especially a woman who is walking into an abidtion clinic with a 10month old. You know. It's not judging. We all know the truth for it is written on our's whether it not you want to pay attention to it or deny it.

  14. Totally random, but did it bother anyone else that Tamara INSISTED on calling Lila "Leela"? She was corrected multiple times and she still kept doing it. Drove me bonkers.

  15. Connie, I totally agree that we cannot judge her soul, you are right. But I'm pretty confident in saying that no one (esp. someone who is on TV routinely) acts that way unless they are incredibly freaked out and uncomfortable.

    If I sit for a debate with the PETA folks and say I don't mind eating meat because I think it's okay to kill animals for meat, I am not going to act in a bizarre manner like that. Something very serious was going on with Tamara. We know it when we see it in our children, and sometimes we see it on the TV screen. It was hard to watch…. Could I be wrong? Yes.

  16. Wrongdoers do know right from wrong. St Paul confirms it:

    "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools ..." (Romans 1: 18-32)

    Especially in this "information age" (albeit a godless one) one would be truly stretching it to claim "invincible ignorance" about something so plain and stark as the cold blooded slaughter ("termination") of children. And that too by the very people who are constantly beating their drums about any number of (so called) "human rights"! Fools, yes. Ignorant? No. Bah, humbug.

  17. Connie, I think you are right that Abby believed the lies (I loved that book!!). But the lie she believed was that abortion was a service to women (and contraception and all the rest). She believed that Planned Parenthood was helping women. But I remember (correct me if I am wrong) that she was always uncomfortable with the abortion part of it, not liking it, but sort of viewing it as a necessary evil so that women could live free and happy and healthy lies. It's almost like she was avoiding and ignoring the actual awfulness of the actual abortions (even her own, which she still saw as means to a good end), until of course she saw the child die in front of her eyes and could avoid the truth no longer.

  18. Leila wrote: "a necessary evil so that women could live free and happy and healthy lies".
    Useful typo.
    "Until, of course, avenging Truth hits them square between their averted eyes..."

  19. Francis, wow, ha ha! Yes, what a Freudian typo!

    In my mind I keep coming back to the fact that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, the woman who put her organization under the banner of: "no gods, no masters". Her words. I believe that is also the motto of Satan, who said he would not serve the Master. And Satan, of course, is the Father of Lies.

  20. When I was a kid, the Prefect of my school was a Belgian Jesuit who'd lived in Germany during Hitler's reign. He was over for dinner at our house one night and I queried him how the Holocaust could happen in a predominantly Christian country such as Germany. To this day I remember how he tensed at the question, shifted uncomfortably, and admitted that the populace did know (or suspect) what Hitler and his SS minions were up to, but largely decided, for one reason or other, to turn a blind eye. One reason was that the initial information (about the goings on in the camps) was sketchy (rumors, mostly, although persistent) and the other reason was, when Hitler delivered his public speeches they were compelling, swaying. "Hypnotic" was the word he used. Remind you of a fork-tongued orator with the "gift of the gab" currently in office in your country? Of course, once the horrors were fully revealed (after 6 million Jews and millions of others had lost their lives) General Eisenhower ordered that photographs be taken of the concentration camps so that the world could see, and ensure that such atrocities "never again" happened anywhere in the world. Well, so much for his noble efforts. What we're witnessing again today, as in the self-centered Germany of old, is the same old selective blindness, as far more millions than the great wars ever killed, are butchered, and just as hideously. All sins old are new again.

  21. I think this is the video where the girl says they cremate the ashes and spread them over the desert?

    If they don't think they are human enough to live, why do they then give them a "proper" burial? Kind of horrific too....Thinking murdered babies ashes spread in the desert. In AZ, don't yall live in the desert?

    Could you imagine being the investigator? Someone would have to peel me off the floor.

  22. Leila, I'll have to look at "Unplanned" again. I picked it up while staying at my in-laws and couldn't put it down, so this will have to wait for my next trip to the Twin Cities.

    Yes, Francis, in general, we know right from wrong, but if everyone always knew what was right and wrong, we wouldn't have the concept of people not being fully culpable for their sins. As people come closer to God, their sins become clearer to them. There are certainly some areas in my own life where I have had revelations--though not about something that seems so clear as abortion, I admit.

    Again, people who are not actively pro-life like us don't have ready access to all the information we do. We've been saying for weeks that the media are ignoring Gosnell, right? Only pro-life sources are going to publicize the truth. PP et. al., are constantly telling the public lies. It begins with sex-ed classes in elementary school.

    So, do lots of people know abortion is killing and do it anyway? Sure. But let's leave it up to God to determine which ones do and which ones don't. I really say this "for my own safety's sake" to quote Thomas More out of context. God will judge me as I judge others, so I have to be careful. Especially since I have had a tendency towards rash judgment in the past.

    And I'm not judging any of you and saying you're guilty of being judgmental either! :)

  23. Ha ha, got it Connie! We are not far apart. I do admit to judging her body language, and it doesn't take much to see that she is very uncomfortable with her own position (a speech and debate judge could know as much), but never on earth could I judge someone's actual soul. In fact, I always told my students (and I tell my kids) that we cannot even know if Hitler or Judas are in hell. We simply cannot ever know the heart of a man, or if repentance happened at the last second, etc. So on that, I completely agree. I would never condemn the woman. I only know that she knows her position is untenable. Beyond that…. I cannot say.

  24. Excellent post, Leila!! Thank you so much.
    I actually feel kind of sorry for Tamara; such anger in her! wow. It is so easy to see the rage and discomfort in her....


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