Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank you, Mr. Obama, for speaking the truth so eloquently...

I don't think any of us in the pro-life movement could have said it better than you just did:

If only you really meant it.

Praying that you will one day defend the value and life of every innocent child.


  1. This video just sends shivers down my spine. I can't decide if they are good or bad.

    I hope Mr. Obama is listening to the millions of steps that are taken at the March for Life in a couple of weeks. I know I'll be pounding my feet loud enough for him to hear.

  2. Liesl, have you been before? I have never been. My nephew is going for the first time. Since it's the 40th anniversary of this travesty of a law, it's going to be unbelievable. They say that it is dwarfing the Obama inauguration in terms of hotels booked, etc.

    1. And I doubt that it will get ANY coverage on the MSM, per usual. I used to date a "catholic" liberal democrat man who said that the March doesn't receive coverage because it's not a "news story". Oh really?
      I went a few years ago on a bus from NH; it was amazing. I want to go back someday.

  3. I questioned his comments (on my blog) after the Sandy Hook shootings because of his pro-abortion stance. I wish he would explain himself.

  4. I think it's hard to explain yourself, Lena, when he's talking out both sides of his mouth. As sad as things like school shootings are, is it any wonder that this is where we are when we promote child killing? promote social injustice? I could go on and on and on... Politicians, and our president is no different, seem to say whatever it is they think the people they are talking to need to hear at the time. Right now, Americans want to stop the slaughter of innocent children. His next chat to PP will talk about how he's bound and determined to make sure the "mistakes" of the world are corrected with abortion. It all makes me sick.

  5. His speech would have brought me tears of joy, if only he was talking about the babies of abortion.

    I never heard his speech about Sandy Hook, but knew that whatever speech he gave about the injustice of a child's life being taken away, the slaughter, the futures of the children suddenly gone, that it would the eerie shadow of a speech that he would never give for the unborn.

    It is so weird to hear someone speak so pro-life and yet to continue to support the killings of millions of babies just to support choice.

  6. While watching this, I almost thought that it is possible that he could be converted. "I've been reflecting on this the past few days...." I've never really thought to pray for the president for his conversion because it seems impossible. But he is made in God's image too and his heart could be opened and stirred.

  7. It's just so uncanny. His words. They give me chills, as they are so perfectly suited for everything we fight for.

    I've listed to every word at least six times now, and each time I just am more in awe of how perfectly he is saying everything we all want to say in defense of ALL children, including the helpless unborn.

    Yes, we must pray for his conversion. No one is beyond hope and no one is beyond the scope of God's grace.

  8. The only thing that gives me pause about this video is that it has taken his words out of context. How many times do we complain about pro-life politicians or our Church clergy having their speeches and writings taken out of context and used to further the other side's argument? That's what was done here, and it bothers me. Do his words reaffirm what we fight for? Of course they do. But is that what he was talking about? No. We shouldn't really be putting words in his mouth.

  9. Heidi, I hear you, but I don't have that concern. No one edited what he said, and the speech is lengthy. Everyone knows he was talking about the slaughter at Sandy Hook. No one is mistaking him for a pro-life speaker. But his words are truth, no matter how they were spoken or about whom. He was speaking truth. My favorite saints' quote: "Truth comes with graces attached." When we speak about protecting children from violence, we are not comparing apples to oranges when we speak of born and unborn children. Their worth is the same, and so his words cover them, too, even when he himself doesn't realize it. The most interesting thing is how he stresses the word "ALL" children. Yes, all.

  10. In other words, everyone gets that this is irony. How totally ironic that these words would come out of this particular president's mouth. I do believe the irony is understood.

  11. Leila, what saint said that quote? I love that.

  12. BTW, I completely get what Heidi is saying and agree, but we all knew he's talking about the Sandy Hook tragedy. We know this unfortunately, because we know that the President is for abortion.

    As I said, I never heard his speech on the Sandy Hook tragedy, and for a minute as I was watching this video I wondered, "Wait--is he talking about abortion??? No, he's talking about the children who died in the Sandy Hook tragedy."

    Sad to say, that made more sense.

  13. Becky, I am not sure!! I heard it years ago! I just love it.

    And Heidi, I sincerely want to ask you more about your feelings here. When you say that the left uses our quotes to further their arguments, what do you mean? I guess I'm looking for an example. I know they used the inelegant or misguided words of Akin or Murdoch to mock and demean us, and make us look like fools, but it was in the making us look like fools (not in the eloquence or beauty of their words) that they used that against the pro-life cause.

    In this case, Obama's words truly are beautiful, profound, true. They are not foolish, and we don't use them to mock his stupidity, but to show that even he can understand these simple truths that all human hearts are made to know. He just has no idea of the truth, goodness and beauty of what he is saying.

    So, please let's continue this discussion. I thank you for bringing it up!

  14. Great vid Leila. I'm sending to everyone. Our culture is sick and yes doctor Gianna we should pray him. I've always hoped for some great Joe Biden type Gaf to show the hypocrisy but this video kind of achieves that.

  15. I was thinking more along the lines of using Ryan's quotes to "prove" the "war on women" or Romney's "binder" comment to "prove" that he is going to force all women into staying at home. it happened MANY times during the election.

    I think the part that bothers me is that this is being used as a promotional video for the March for Life. It's being used as a rallying cry to get more people to support a side, when that was not Obama's intention. Just like out of context quotes were used to rally women to the DNC

  16. To clarify, I'm not bothered by WHAT he is saying - it's the fact that it's being used in this way that bothers me.

  17. Heidi , I understand but really think this is the type of media that grabs the attention of our ADHD populace . As evidenced by the Ryan/Romney ads. I think it plants a great seed for theore shallow thinkers

  18. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of brilliant, eloquent, passionate pro-life speakers - why not use video of one of them speaking this same truth? The only reason this video was chosen was precisely because it was Obama. In the links I have seen posted on FB and the like, it has been accompanied by a mocking, "We caught him!" or "He doesn't even know what he's saying!" (implying that he is unable to see the Truth). How is that not making him look like a fool?

    Why can't we be better than that? Shouldn't we not even take the chance that we will lead someone else into mocking him? (which is what I have seen happen on Facebook - comments about how dumb he is, for example). We KNOW that he was not making a statement on abortion. So why are we taking that statement out of context? Only to rally our own troops and make our point - at his expense. The same thing could have been done with a gifted pro-life speaker, at no risk to our own integrity.

    I guess I just feel that using this video as a promotional tool for something we know Obama is dead-set against is unfair to him and to the tireless pro life soldiers who are trying to act with integrity. I would think we could do better.

    And you know me - I am not at all an Obama supporter. I campaigned hard against him. But we still need to act with integrity, even if those around us are not.

  19. This is what I copied from my blog: One of the things I do not understand is why our president cries over the death of the Sandy Hook children, but allows abortion and newborns to die alone in a hospital.

    And since President Obama is alive and well, perhaps he can explain himself. That's really what I want to know.

    What would be nifty if President Obama could see the above video and recognize the irony. Do any pro-aborts recognize the irony?

    Sure, we can pray for the conversion of our president. Why not? If we believe in an awesome God, then why can't we believe in awesome conversions? Even abortion providers have converted and have seen the Light. There are examples - such as Abby Johnson - of people who have spun around and treasure ALL life.

    Of course we are pro-expecting mothers too.

    Maybe the video was made to show the irony, not to promote Obama as a pro-lifer.

  20. Heidi, I honestly don't see it. It's not like the "binder" comments, because Romney's comments on that were fine, and any normal person could see that. It had nothing to do with oppressing women or putting them in binders, so the whole thing was absurd, and not relevant to any actual oppression of women. By contrast, abortion is the violent killing of children. No getting around that fact. So, that is why Obama's words are so powerful.

    To me, it's a perfect example of natural law. Obama, and every one of us, can see the inherent truth of this statement: We don't not murder innocent human beings. He knows that, which is why he can make this speech that just drips with profundity and truth. We all see it. What the video makers did was to apply what we all know, and nudge the conscience of those who simply cannot see unborn human beings as actual, real, existing human beings. I think it's brilliant.

    Should people mock Obama for it? I think that is where it might cross the line, although public figures with massive power of life and death over others certainly need to be held up to scrutiny in ways that private citizens do not. So, can we tell a searing truth without mocking the man? Yes, I think we can.

    And as for the passionate pro-life speakers we have…. They are all ignored. Because of media and cultural complicity in the culture of death, the pro-life orators are preaching to the choir. This speech by Obama is a breakthrough gift. It reaches many, many more souls. Hopefully, videos like this will make a lightbulb go off in the mind, or spark a long-dormant conscience.

    Again, no one can mistake Obama for a pro-lifer, but we can use his truly amazing works and lay them on the template of abortion in this land, seeing how perfectly they mesh.

    1. Oh, all my typos today are making me wince!!! It should read, "We do not murder innocent human beings."

      (In the case where killing of innocent human beings is condoned, by the way, it's not that the killers or their advocates deny the natural law understanding, it's that they exempt some human beings from the label of "human", so they still can perceive themselves operating within the natural law. "They are not human like me" is the general line, whether applied to the unborn, or Jewish folks, or black folks, or the elderly, the disabled, etc. But the underlying truth -- "We do not murder innocent human beings" -- really is believed by all who can reason.)

  21. Good thing this is an instance where we don't HAVE to agree, huh? We can agree to disagree and still be friends. ;)

    Just to clarify - I'm not arguing that what he says is not truth, or even that he will be mistaken as pro-life. What I'm saying is that I do not feel - as a general rule - it is honest of us (myself included) to knowingly take what someone says out of context and use it for my own gain, and I feel that this video does that. It takes a speech that he compassionately gave in one context and puts it into a context where we KNOW he did not mean to apply it, with the only reason being to promote an event that he does not side with. Yes, more people probably will look at it because it's Obama. That's true. But - it's not a truthful representation of his words/statements, and it opens the door for mockery and degrading him as a person. Even if I don't agree with him, I need to show him respect and honour his personal dignity, do I not?

    We don't have to agree - and I'm okay with that. I'm just not comfortable with what I'm seeing this video lead to with regards to things like FB posts. I'm not comfortable with what seems to be a general assumption that it's OKAY to take someone's words out of context and use them for political gain (which is really what the March for Life is about - right? Changing political laws and feelings?).

    The ends AND the means must be moral. The ends (sharing Truth) are here - but I don't think the means (using someone's words out of context as a promotional tool and allowing him to become the butt of jokes) aren't very charitable here. I think that that kind of outcome - the mockery I've seen happening - was predictable. I don't think the makers of this video would be surprised by any of the comments I've seen questioning Obama's intelligence or compassion or salvation.

    I merely believe that we can do better, as a movement.

    1. Typo: needs to read that I don't think the means ARE very charitable in this case.

  22. Yes, we are thankfully free to disagree! I don't know if this is a matter of ends/means/intent being immoral, or it wouldn't be a matter of prudential judgment, right? I think responses to it are separate from what was done in making the video.

    I don't see his words taken out of context. They were used to decry the violent killing of the Sandy Hook children, yes. And he mentions the "years and years" of other violent child killings. While he was speaking of gunshot killings, I assume we could apply his words to stabbing victims, etc. (unless he was demagoguing and using this tragedy for his own political gain and anti-gun agenda -- which is possible!). We simply expand it past gun killings, knife killings, beatings, and move it to the violence of abortion as well.

    There is a lot of "gotcha" out there regarding the fact that Obama spoke these truths, because it is so starkly obvious. My very first thought when I saw the video was "hoisted with his own petard!" and that he was indicted by his very words.

    He is a powerful man, and I have no problem at all with folks showing the stark irony of his words, which have great potential for both harm and good.

    Let me ask you this question specifically: If a columnist had done a piece on the irony of Obama's words, showing each sentence of the speech and explaining its application and parallel to abortion in this land, and how eerily similar it is, and how sad that Obama does not (or will not) see it, would that piece seem immoral to you? If folks commented on that column with mocking type comments about Obama's obtuseness or hypocrisy, would you think that the column was out of line, or would just the comments be out of line?

    In my opinion, this video is as much an editorial as would be the printed word. It's a different medium of course, but used very effectively, and not at all deceptively. Everyone gets the message conveyed in this video editorial.

  23. I should have said: I don't know if this is a matter of ends/means/intent being inherently immoral.

  24. Some context for my support of the video. Our single older eighbor is extremely liberal. We are on good terms and she loves our kids. The day after the shootings , or whenever Obama made this speech, she made a special visit to my wife Because she was thinking about our kids. She couldn't stop talking about this speech and insisted we watch it knowing full well we can't stand him. We hadn't seen it because we were on a fast from all politics to let our ulcers heal from the election. My wife ended up giving her bold prolife witness that just stunned her. My wife said she knew a connection was made that out neighbor had never considered.
    I think many poeple fail to put their natural , God given compassion, and reason to the test in regards to abortion. I think this example plants seeds

  25. Chris, that's a great story! And, wow, I can relate to the post-election ulcers and fasting from all politics…

  26. "If a columnist had done a piece on the irony of Obama's words, showing each sentence of the speech and explaining its application and parallel to abortion in this land, and how eerily similar it is, and how sad that Obama does not (or will not) see it, would that piece seem immoral to you? If folks commented on that column with mocking type comments about Obama's obtuseness or hypocrisy, would you think that the column was out of line, or would just the comments be out of line? "

    I think it boils down to intent. The intent of this video was to promote an event, and one that Obama himself would not promote. (He might promote the ability to HOLD such an event, but I very much doubt that he would be out there promoting attendance at this event). There's no commentary within the video - it's very "tongue-in-cheek." There's no attempt to reach out to Obama and start a discussion, no questions asked of him to explain how/why this truth does not apply to abortion in his eyes. The ONLY commentary that I've seen in relation to the speech/video has been mocking Obama himself. The intent does NOT appear (and I admit that I could be wrong here, but I have not yet seen any evidence to prove otherwise) to start a conversation - and as a result, it's led to promotional use of a speech that was taken out of context and mockery (some of which could be seen as slander, when it comes to things about his personal character and salvation).

    If it was an editorial, taking it line by line and dissecting it and its relation to the pro-life movement, I would have to say it would probably depend on the manner in which it was done. If it was tongue-in-cheek, I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same way. If it was a serious attempt to start a conversation - compassionately written, asking questions of Obama (or pro-choicers in general) to explain how the words could apply to Sandy Hook and not abortion (which is what I'm assuming the conversation Chris is relaying was more like), I would be less bothered by it. That wouldn't be taking the speech out of context. That would be giving it within the original context (If it was a truly compassionate attempt, they would identify it as the Sandy Hook speech), and asking why it does not apply to another context. That would be starting a conversation. It's not the speech that I have a problem with - nor do I have a problem with raising the question of WHY do pro-choicers not apply these same words to the unborn. Conversation is good - that's how the Holy Spirit works to change hearts, a lot of the time. Would there still be comments that mock one side or the other? Probably. But I don't think it would be as wide-spread or as foreseeable. Trolls WILL always be there - but there are ways of minimizing their ability to attack. An editorial like that - identifying it and asking questions - would be more likely to result in arguing about ABORTION in the combox, not degrading Obama. This video does not appear to have a goal of starting a conversation - it's ONLY goal is to promote an event by highlighting what you call irony (what a lot of other people are calling hypocrisy - and hypocrisy of the MAN speaking, not the CONTENT of his speech).

    The problem I have is what I stated earlier - it's taking words spoken out of context for a promotional gain, and has opened the door to mocking Obama as a person, and we should be better than that. We HAVE to tools to promote our cause (since it is the Truth, after all), without taking one of the other side's guys out of context. We HAVE the talent to portray the truth without making Obama the butt of our jokes. We HAVE the ability to promote Truth without promoting the slander of the opposition.

  27. Okay, I think I understand your grievance better now (even though I still don't agree). You think that this video is personal. You think (I'm guessing) that the makers wanted it to invite attacks or mocking on Obama.

    I see it very differently. I think the video is very serious, and not tongue-in-cheek at all. I think it's as serious as a heart attack, and while it is not intended to start a dialogue with Obama personally (I believe we can very much call out a politician or decry his policies without starting a dialogue with him, right?), it is definitely intended to start dialogue, generally. Also, I am not worried that Obama is ignorant of the pro-life positions. He's been a political insider and player for a long time. He could spout our talking points all day long, I am sure, just as we can spout their side's talking points.

    As for the promotion of March for Life, I don't think anyone at all would ever think Obama was promoting it, of course. Would I use the words and policies of a pro-abortion politician to promote a pro-life event? Yes, of course! They use the words of our side to promote their events, and I think that is fair to do.

    As for Obama's salvation (and people's speculations): We cannot know. We can only know that his soul is in grave danger, as he is not just a passive supporter of abortion rights, but he is a mover and shaker, doing everything in his considerable power to make abortions happen, using any means necessary, and at any stage. He is a true believer. He is intelligent and savvy, so even ignorance seems a weak defense. Should we worry about his salvation more than say, Mother Angelica's? I think it would not be out of line to say, yes! We need to pray for him, speak of the danger to his soul (and anyone who is that complicit in abortion), and not pretend that all is well with him spiritually.

    I admit I am not privy to what people are saying about his salvation. If they are damning him to hell, then they have crossed a line that we cannot cross, and I would agree with you, it's wrong. But to say that his soul is in grave danger because of his public actions regarding the promotion of intrinsic evil? I think we are safe saying that. (But I don't want to concede even one soul to the devil, and even the gravest sinner can become a great saint.)

    I don't know if we will agree on this, but it's a good discussion to have, to clarify our own thoughts.

  28. The intent does NOT appear (and I admit that I could be wrong here, but I have not yet seen any evidence to prove otherwise) to start a conversation

    It seems to me that if the intent was not to start a conversation, they failed miserably! I'm guessing that the video has started many conversations. The brilliance of it is that no one has to dig for the meaning. It's very, very clear what the message of the video is: There is no difference between the slaughter of born children and the slaughter of unborn children. All child killing is wrong, wrong, wrong. It just slices right to the heart of it, no long explanations or discussions necessary. Brilliant.

  29. I actually know the one of the makers of the video. I don't believe he was mocking our president. He was simply producing an excellent promotion for the March for Life. After I saw the video, I reposted to share with all those planning to attend, attending or praying for someone attending the March. I know that my two daughters will be there.

  30. I received a couple " wish I could be there" responses to the video. Seeing all those shiny young faces marching in the video really really gives me hope. Can you say " Lean Forward"

  31. Debbie, thanks!

    Heidi, I wrote this earlier this morning when I posted this link on the Catholic Bloggers page on facebook:

    "The power of these words will leave you wanting to cheer. The irony is that they are from Mr. Obama. But God gets His message out in mysterious ways, no?"

    I think that sums it up for me. God used Obama's own lips to get out the most beautiful pro-life message. Rather than taking his words out of context, I think the filmmakers put his words in true context, to beautiful effect.

    I think of certain folks in the Bible who were not exactly on God's side, but who ironically spoke words of truth nonetheless, even unbeknownst to them. But we who have the truth can see the words in God's context. (Note Caiaphas' words in John 11:49-52)

    I pray that hearts are changed and consciences sparked by the truth that Obama has uttered, placed in God's context.

  32. Chris, it's going to be a big year, given the 40-year milestone. I cannot wait to hear reports of it (not in the mainstream media, of course. They will pretend it didn't happen, or ignore half a million peaceful, smiling young people for the sixteen counter-protestors that will get full profiles, ha ha).

    There will be a huge contingent in San Francisco, too, at the West Coast March for Life. Praise God.

  33. Exactly, the msm will grab every picture of poeple over 70 and tons of pictures of priests.

  34. That was a great video. With the gun rights debate raging, I was telling my husband this morning that liberals want desperately to repeal the Second Amendment but will work or pay lip service to keep abortion legal. So, they want to get rid of guns to keep some people alive but are totally willing to allow unborn children to be killed. Very strange.

    Reading the NYTimes these days is challenging. I was posting a comment about a great way to store guns in a home with or without kids, a gun safe. But, my virtue of buying it, transporting it home, and bolting it to the garage floor was worthless because I was asked, "Why do I need guns?" I do my part but the liberals don't care! AGHH!

  35. I'm okay with not agreeing. We can still be friends. :)

    I'm not saying I'm absolutely right and you have to be wrong - ultimately, this really comes down to a personal decision, right? There's no need to make it absolutely right or wrong. I'm just not 100% comfortable with the use of this video. The great part is that I don't have to be. :)

  36. airing the chapel, I agree with you. It is very strange indeed. By the way, watching the exchange between Piers Morgan and Ben Shapiro was enjoyable:

  37. Wow. Keeping out of all the above debate, I thought this was very moving.

    I am not sure if I have already done this, but there is a young blogger (18yo) who reminds me of you. I have known her since she was little and think she is just amazing. I just thought you might be interested in "meeting" her. For some reason, every time I click to go to her site, I get a "malware" warning. I promise it's not!!

    Her blog is-

    Her facebook is-

    Speaking of young faces that give hope!

  38. Liberals do not want to overturn the second amendment. Nothing good comes from distorting/exaggerating liberals' positions.

  39. Laurie, she is wonderful! Makes me so hopeful for the future! :)

    Johanne, are you talking about the Piers Morgan/Ben Shapiro debate? I'm not sure who said that liberals wanted to overturn the 2nd Amendment? I might have missed or forgotten a comment made here, but I don't think that was said.

  40. I was hesitant to watch the video since listening to our president generally gives me a good case of indigestion. But, this video was brilliant!

  41. This video is great. I agree with Donna, I usually avoid listening to the President, it gets my blood pressure up. But this was an exception. I love the irony of the President's words speaking Truth, even though he did not intend them to.

    I am going to the march in DC for the first time. I am SO excited!

  42. @Leila--Sorry I forgot to quote the person I was answering.

    It's "airing the chapel" who said "I was telling my husband this morning that liberals want desperately to repeal the Second Amendment

    Just not true.

  43. Johanne, thanks! I don't want to speak for her, so I will let her answer if she is still there.

  44. If anyone doesn't YET understand how fake this man's "compassion" is for children being murdered, they should listen to him arguing (link to the video below) on three occasions as a senator for the killing of children BORN of partial abortion. These are children who somehow survive an abortion procedure and are born kicking and alive. This "compassionate" man, shedding so many dramatic tears on national TV for 20 murdered children - this very same man - argues adamantly and repeatedly that THOSE kids should be thrown on a table without medical assistance or nourishment to DIE.

    I'm a "big" man and consider myself mentally as "tough" as most, but hearing this particular debate sent chills down my spine like few things have ever done in all my life. All I could think was that it must take a particularly intense type of evil to inspire anyone to launch a blood curdling argument such as this.!

    So please, let's not pussyfoot around reality anymore.

    (If anyone is interested, I can also provide a link to a very clear explanatory article about the traits and tricks of the antichrist. Not that I believe he's appeared yet, but just like Christ did, the devil also has his precursors.)

  45. Transcript of a speech of President Obama after the murder of 20 children in Sandy Hook School.

    They had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. This is our first test, caring for our children, our first job. If we don’t get that right, we don’t have anything right.
    That’s how as a society we wlll be judged, by that measure. Can we honestly say we are doing enough to keep our children all of them safe from harm, to give them a chance to live their lives? I have been reflecting on this the past few days and if we are honest with outselves, the answer is no. These tragedies must end and to end them we must change. We will be told the causes of such tragedies are complex and that is true. No single law, no set of laws can prevent evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society but that cannot be an excuse for inaction. Surely we can do better than this. If there is even one step we can take to save another child surely we have an obligation to try. Are we really prepared to say we are powerless in the face of such carnage, that the politics are too hard? Are we prepared to say that such violence perpetrated on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?


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