Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick Takes, including the jarring picture that went viral

1) She was twenty weeks pregnant with twin girls when her picture was taken outside an abortion clinic last week, just moments before she went in to abort them. She already had daughters and didn't want more:

Wednesday is late term abortion day at Orlando Women’s Center 

Kelly Clinger, the young women who posted the picture and wrote about the reality of late-term abortion in America, got a massive response that she did not expect. Some folks accused her of perpetuating a hoax, others understood that actual babies were being killed and didn't care, but most told her that the picture opened their eyes to the realities of abortion in America:

Really, there are no words to describe the sorrow that we should feel as a nation when we see this. We allow this.

It's the banality of evil. Lord, have mercy on us.

2) Like so many others, I was distressed when I learned that Cardinal Dolan had invited Obama to the annual Al Smith dinner. I still wish he hadn't. However, the following picture and story, about the Cardinal's poignant 2010 encounter with Helen Gurley Brown (recently deceased) helped remind me of just who the Cardinal is, and where his heart lies.

photo credit: Cardinal Hayes High School

...Ms. Brown tried to walk forward to greet him, but she started tottering. Archbishop Dolan spotted her and jogged up the steps to help. Meanwhile, the school’s marching band burst into the Cardinal Hayes marching song, inspiring the archbishop to take Ms. Brown in his arms and twirl her around. 
The dancing lasted only for a minute or so, Mr. Meenan said, but he will not soon forget the image of the bearlike archbishop squiring Ms. Brown. He wore his black bishop’s garment and a pink cap; she wore a drop-waist dress, black fur and lace-topped stockings. 
“Everybody’s clapping, everybody’s amazed,” he said….
Read it all, here.

The warm compassion and agape love expressed in the Cardinal's actions -- for a woman who was so misguided, so lost, in so many ways an enemy of the Church, a peddler of so much evil during her own life -- speaks straight to my soul. It reminds me of Jesus' breathtaking encounter with the woman at the well (John 4:7-42; check the seventh recommendation, here), and that the Lord's mercy is without limit.

We don't know Ms. Brown's ultimate fate, nor if she repented before her last breath, but there is something so comforting about Cardinal Dolan's tender outreach to a woman who was known as one of the Architects of the Culture of Death…. It gives me hope for my own wretched soul.

Thank you, Cardinal Dolan.

3) Speaking of "enemies of the Church", I know I am not alone in my mix of emotions about Barack Obama, who is the most aggressively anti-Catholic president we've ever had, his policies endangering our charities, our private businesses, our freedoms, and our souls. It's hard to know what to do and what to think, as it's all come about so quickly. We want to fight his policies (and we must!) but we want to follow the Lord's command to love our enemies, as well. If you are looking for guidance in how to reconcile those tensions, please read this:

It helped me immeasurably.

4) Speaking of the all-important "fighting his policies", my husband and I are eager to see the movie, 2016 -- Obama's America, tonight:

I hope you all would consider seeing it as well, and make it a great opening weekend.

5) Two of the best memes I've seen this week:

I use this to justify my big fat mouth. And, I adore strong women like St. Catherine.

Jesus is the Bridegroom, the Church is His bride. We are the Church. I could drown in this picture. 

6) How's this for a brain twister? All of these guys below are ardently pro-"choice", but there's something basic and objective that they can't seem to reconcile amongst themselves.

First, we have Canadian medical professionals (yes, doctors, who presumably took biology classes!) who put ideology ahead of elementary scientific facts by declaring that babies are not human beings until after birth! Yes, I'm not kidding! How embarrassing! They are men of science and medicine and they are lying about basic biology in order to push abortion rights? Oy, vey, seriously, how are they not humiliated? Where is their integrity? Look for yourselves:

And then we have the world's premiere bioethicist Peter Singer who, although cool with infanticide and bestiality, at least seems to remember Biology 101, unlike the Canadian doctors:

Singer still approves the killing of the unborn, of course, but to his credit he doesn't deny the obvious: that the unborn are, objectively and without scientific dispute, human beings.

How do pro-"choicers" reading this reconcile the two contradictory views? And how can anyone with a basic science background not be embarrassed for the Canadian doctors?

7) Without exception, every human being's life is inviolable and precious, these orphans included…

Ivan, sweet Ivan:

Ivan is a bright child, with a favorable prognosis if he gets his surgery in time!

He is a bright-eyed three-year-old boy who is running out of time to get life-saving surgery on his skull. In America, he would have had the surgery long ago and been out of danger. But unless he gets a family soon, his condition will become dire.

Check out how adorable Ivan is in this video (that's him at around 38 seconds, and there's a little longer clip just after the two minute mark):

For my full Orphan Report blog post on Ivan, please go here.


And then there is sweet Marla, who has been overlooked her whole life, for the crime of having cerebral palsy:

Five years old and soon to be transferred to an adult mental institution. :(

Marla is a loving little girl who needs a family to help her blossom! Please read my full Orphan Report on Marla, here, to learn more about her, including ways to help this precious child of God.

Please, please, spread the word to others. I see it all the time: It only takes one person to see one photo, and just like that a life is saved.


I am so thrilled to announce that the facebook auction for Andrew (my Achilles' Heel) is on!! His new family has begun the expensive process to get to him, and our own Brenda has put the entire auction together for them! There are over 134 items so far, and it runs for a week; click here to see all the goods!

Here's just a teeny sampling of the treasures you'll find there:

Made to order! You decide the color and number of eggs in the nest!

Personalized pregnancy loss/infant loss/pro-life rosary. The beads are soft pink (dyed stone) with Swarovski pearl accents. Your choice of other designs if you prefer a different theme.

Beautiful, 3-D wooden Noah's Ark puzzle, made in Morocco!

Swarovski Crystal Covenant Cube Rainbow Bracelet

Plus, gift cards, children's clothing, crafts, home decorations, lip balms and lotions -- and a zillion other things! Go look, now!!

Well, that's all for this Quick Takes! I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I will, as my husband and I are going to a concert, courtesy of our children who got us the most awesome anniversary gift (although I think I am more excited than my hubby):

Yes, Air Supply!! Oh c'mon you ladies of a certain age! You know you're jealous!

Thanks to Jen for hosting!



  1. I glossed over that pic of the woman this week b/c I just didn't want to konw. Now I know. Sickening. Those poor babies.

  2. Air Supply! Fits so well with your wedding photo from a week or so ago! What's up next, REO Speedwagon? Sure brings back college memories.....

  3. St. Catherine's Dialogues is fascinating.

    And I dig the Air Supply pic. High collars, big hair, heartfelt ballads. Who didn't love the 80's? Although, I still recoil at shoulder pads in blazers.

    Enjoy the concert!

  4. Abortion is definitely the most diabolical act. Those poor babies indeed. But I have to say that I respectfully disagree with posting the picture of that woman and I really feel so sorry for her. We don't know her but she is loved by God just as much as those babies- babies who are interceding for her right now in Heaven. What a tragic mistake she has made and if that were me and I saw my picture all over the internet I really don't know what I would do. It is a form of exploitation.
    The biggest lie of abortion is not that the babies aren't human, no matter what those Canadian doctors think lol. The lie is that having an abortion is a way to simply erase a pregnancy. Women are being lied to and led to believe that they will be able to be ok with killing their own child. Of course this isn't true. Many many women regret having abortions and are tormented for the remainder of their lives. I pray that all women who have had an abortion will seek the mercy of our Lord Jesus and be healed. I don't mean any disrespect to the commenter here or the woman whose article you linked. (I didn't even read it or click on it) I just am saddened sometimes by comments, etc that portray women who have abortions as monsters or totally evil. Of course abortion is a grave, evil act and a sin. It can never be undone or fixed like other sins we commit, but I assure you the reason she was at the clinic wasn't simply "she already had daughters"- not in her heart.
    I realize no one is saying that right now but the sentiment exists out there.

  5. I hereby publicly declare that I love your Catholic heart and soul! :) And I hereby nominate your blog for two awards. You can go to should you choose to accept. Blog on for the kingdom and have a great time at the concert!!

  6. That picture of the pregnant woman makes me so sad.

  7. And just in response to Dina's comment, the picture shows a pregnant woman's body, not her face or her identity. It's just another sad example of what so many women are doing today.

    These women are not monsters, I think most Christians would agree with this. Anyone that truly has the heart of Christ anyway. Just like the famous Bible story of when Jesus stops the mob from stoning the condemned woman, "whoever here has not sinned, cast the first stone."

    A merciful attitude is always needed, as well as merciful words. But it's a corporal act of mercy (correct me here Leila, if I'm wrong!) to correct others when they're doing something morally wrong. We do need to speak up and let them know about it. Of course, it should be done tactfully and mercifully. I do think the picture is fine, because the woman who took the picture did not include her face. She didn't want to "stone" the woman with her act, she wanted to show the sad truth of late term abortions. Sometimes, in order for the truth to be known and believed, it does need to be seen.

    As St.Catherine of Siena has said (a favorite saint of mine), we need to not be silent anymore! Be silent about criticizing each others little faults, but speak out against the mortal sins against each other (abortion.)

  8. Thanks for posting, Leila! I hadn't seen that photo of the woman carrying twins. Your post was the first I heard of it. I posted the story on facebook. People are saddened. It is so sad, but it is important to give a "face" (although anonymous) to abortion. People need to hear the real life stories.

    There are some amazing items in that auction. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love Cardinal Dolan! He is amazing and I am happy he is the head of the Bishops.

    I am partially glad I do nto spend too much time on the internet . . . I had not seen #1 before and I am glad I did not. The things that happen to in our world just sicken me.

  10. Fr. Frank Pavone is known for saying, "America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion."

    The woman's face is not visible, but the lives of her daughters are clearly visible. The woman who wrote the article had her own abortions at that same clinic years ago. She is certainly not insensitive to the plight of women going into those places. And the photo has opened people's eyes. There is an insane number of Americans who actually believe that only early abortions are allowed in this nation. The photo has jarred many out of their ignorance on that. Personally, I will not show that photo to my younger children, even though it depicts a beautiful pregnant lady… and it's normally something they would love to see! It would be too horrifying for them. Can you imagine a child seeing that and then learning what was going to happen next to the twins?

    Anyway, showing the photo is a judgement call, and I stand by my decision. And yes, absolutely, we pray for this poor woman's soul and conversion. It's truly unthinkable what must be going on in her mind and heart. And if she really did abort, as she said, because she already has daughters, then the whole thing is even more unthinkable.

  11. What's up next, REO Speedwagon?

    How did you know??

    Actually, REO Speedwagon, with Pat Benatar opening for them, was a couple of years ago, and it was AWESOME!! We took our oldest daughter who is also a fan, and she and her college roommate went to another REO concert just a few months ago! They had a blast and were the youngest people there, ha ha!

    "godversations" thank you! And, I adore your blog!!! :)

  12. Dina:

    I agree with most of your comment. We need to be kind and charitable to these women. Years ago I would've agreed there was more to the story than she just didn't want more daughters....but not anymore.

    Too many women now see the unborn as not human. Even when I defended abortion rights (Lord, forgive me) I at least acknowledge it was human life. My argument was it was a necessary loss of life much like war or justified homicide. I always believed the "it is a fetus not a baby" argument was stupid and pointless. It was a way to make people feel better about what was going on----- kinda like how US propaganda showed the Germans as sub-humans, ape-like during the World Wars.

    The unborn are commonly compared to parasites! We take pills to get rid of them or prevent them just like we take pills to get rid of viruses which make us sick. Is it any wonder our heads are messed up about this?

    I don't think the women are evil. I think they are doing an evil thing. Honestly, I don't think they've thought enough about it. It is so so so easy to justify what you want to do. So easy. It is so easy to say a selfish act really is the best thing for everyone involved. If you don't have a strong moral compass it is so easy to get lost.

    I'm so sorry if she feels hurt she's all over the net. My heartbreaks if she does feel exploited because....she is a Child of God and no one wants to cause someone pain or see them in pain.

    But it isn't about her.

    It is about those two darling girls who will never grow up.

  13. In regards to the picture I realize that her identity is hidden- my comment was referring to how she would feel viewing the picture.

    I understand that pictures are powerful but I do believe there should be limits.

    I also think like I stated before that the reason (because she already has daughters) is probably not THE reason. Abortion is unthinkable no matter what - I know we agree on that :)

  14. I hadn't heard of or seen the photo of the woman pregnant with twins.

    So, pro-aborts/choice people will tell the world that they LOVE women, and we anti-aborts and pro-lifers HATE them. So why are the pro-aborts supporting the murder of two girls, especially when *gulp* they weren't wanted because they were girls, when there would be families who would have adopted and loved those babies? That woman could have gone another 20 weeks and given them up for adoption. 20 weeks. Not forever. What a travesty.

    I'm cleaning out my CDs and have an Air Supply one that is yours if you want it.

    Not to make you jealous, but I saw a triple bill of REO Speedwagon, Kansas AND Journey about eight years ago. It was pretty good!

  15. Dina, I think you're a kind soul. :-)

  16. The thought of voluntarily "getting rid of " twins just makes me cry. 3 years ago, I went in for my 20-week ultrasound where were found out I was carrying twins, but that both were gone. Those were the worst days of our lives to go from amazing joy at finding out we were going to have twin boys to heartwrenching agony at having to deliver my stillborn boys. Bless her soul if not her actions.

  17. Thanks for sharing #2. Beautiful reminder that really spoke to me today.

  18. #1-my soul words. I just can not stop crying.

  19. I had a secret Air Supply tape in high school (not allowed to listen to secular music) !

  20. Leila, I'm a bit jealous of the Air Supply concert but much more jealous of a husband who would go with you. Of course I'm wondering how old the members of Air Supply must be? Must go goggle that now.

  21. Becky, brace yourself for the current photo of the Air Supply singers! :)

  22. That painting of Christ and the Church... wow...

    Love the way you said you could "drown in it." Amen.

  23. This isn't related to your post but I thought this might interest some of you writers.

  24. The woman aborting her twin girls is all out of love.

    I don't know what to say about the Canadian Medical Association. They must have a different kind of science up there.

    I saw Air Supply back in the day, and REO more recently. Did your husband fall asleep during the concert?

    1. Lol@husbabd falling asleep at concert!!!! Loo

  25. I wish I could have seen that poor woman, held her hand, and told her, "I will help you. Give them to me. I'll find a way." :(

  26. Christie, they did. They tried and she would have none of it. In the mind of most women entering those horrible places, the child is already "dead" to them psychically. :(

    Lena and Sew, he falls asleep a lot of places, but not usually concerts! ha ha!

  27. I don't think I'm "of a certain age" yet :) and I'm still jealous. Yes, I'm a 30 y/o unashamed fan of such music as Air Supply, Lobo, and Neil Diamond. My peers never did know what to make of me. ;) A good light note for an ending, as the beginning of your post had me in tears. How long? How long can our society ignore and cover up the truth of abortion, to preserve the idol of "choice"?

  28. Oh, and for the doctors in Canada who don't believe it's human until it's born--send a sample of fetal tissue to a lab for testing, and see how fast they inform you that tissue sample came from a HUMAN! Not only is it human, it has its own unique genetic profile, from the moment it is conceived. Not human?! In a pig's eye.

  29. When I heard that Cardinal Dolan had invited Obama to the Al Smith dinner, I was actually quite pleased, so I was surprised at all the reactions to it that followed. I instantly saw it as a chance for the Cardinal to love the sinner, and especially one such influential sinner as Obama. I am not naive enough believe that anything Dolan might say to Obama will make a difference, but in my life I've often learned that when I face the enemy, it's not as easy to hate them, and vice versa. Just the fact that Obama accepted is a step in the right direction. If Obama has any kind of respect for Cardinal Dolan, perhaps along the road a small action might reflect this. We have no way of knowing how God will work this, but I have a feeling the Cardinal prayed long and hard before inviting Obama to dinner.


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